What does the Medifast Diet consist of? what are the guidelines?

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My 1st question is: What does the Medifast Diet consist of? what are the guidelines? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' Wondering Wednesday SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.


For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..





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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good morning slores!.

I, for one, certainly do not want to see this become a weekly thread (even though I'm not here as much as you all..). It would just be a shame..

Today is kinda busy.....

Oh-if anyone knows where I put my extra car key.....let me know!.

Hope everyone has a great day!!..

Comment #2

Hey Erin... thanks for starting us off. I agree. I know I'm not always here too, but I need my fellow shammies and I hope you guys need me. the support, the accountability, the advice, the whole shabang.....

Ok, that said... good morning all..

Erin... hope you find your key... I hate that. going to catch up and be right back!..

Comment #3

Erin and Andi - it's great to see you here this am....

Erin - I agree and thanks for getting us going....

I know Ang, Lauri, and Jo are going through some sh!zz right now - I miss them and wish they could be here more. and Darlene and Barb are dealing with sick loved ones... and big holidays suck the sassy right out of Capt....

MF Shammies UNITE to get support to our lovelies!!!.

And if you need support too...Speak up before you fall down - we gotz ya!..

Comment #4

Good morning again all....

Ang... so sorry about the drama in your life right now. hang in there....

Lara... hate leaving stuff. id be lost without my phone and debit card. glad it was recovered. hope work goes ok. thanks for the props about my loss.

You have accomplished so much already. my co-worker reminds me that life (weight loss, marriage.. anything long term) is a marathon, not a sprint. even moving slowly is still moving..

Hi barb... love you keepin in touch. hope DH is doing well today..

Lori... I hear your frustration. hope it helps to hear what an awsome capt you are and that without you, and these peeps, we wouldnt be rockin this program..

Darlene... ugh. wating on med people. what a pain. glad you like my ticker and hope you have a great day today..

Andi... does your hubby know about your relationship with the TM? you guys are close!!! only joking... I need some of that motivation to fall in love with some execrcise..

Sandy... thanks so much for all your challnage calculations. so smart to pre-order food. WTG. hope today is a more relaxing, good day...

Comment #5

I heart this! I super duper ditto this! (if you dont mind me stealing your phrase?!?)..

Comment #6

Andi - iit's a fight most days... but rather fight with TM than hubbie and definitely more than fighting the extra ###..

Comment #7

So in the spirit of hearts and dittos and motivation -.

100oz and 50 wall push-ups / humpies and what about 25 crunches for good measure -.

Raise you hand and report back tonight.....

****hand up and waving ****..

Comment #8

In support of my same named pal, I'm in. **** hand up waving**** I better start drinking NOW..

Forgot to say hi to Patrick.... hey and hope you have a great day!..

Comment #9

Oh... many praises to Medifast company and the UPS guy. my shipment came yesterday and now I can eat my puffs as I was meant to. chilli puffs and world peace.... 2 great gifts idea this year!..

Comment #10

Morning everyone and thanks Andi for that motivational speech. I know I'm not the poster child for this program but truthfully, if you work at it, it works terrific. Some of it is a mind game and THAT we can control and work thru our doubts. I know I have to do better but I tell you this: without this sham site to keep me going, I would just be a mess and use the I don't get a damn attitude so like I said last night, cmon shams, keep letting us know what you're up to and let's help each other tackle this devil called "weight gain". BTWI thought I mentioned it last night Andi but DH is doing great. Surgery went really well and I just talked to him and he's doing good.

Sis just called and she and hubby are stopping by the hospital too. I'll try to catch back up with you guys later...

Comment #11

Hi barb and ang....

Glad to hear hubby is ok too!..

Comment #12

ACK! Today is proving to be a long one. Baby got me up at 4:25./..

Comment #13

HUmpies for hump day? OK I'll ****wave****.

Haircuts today for Tim and I. Cleaning house and getting ready for DD to come and watch Tim for us on Sat night, all the while not sure when I will get the call that the authorization is in for UCLA and the surgeon..

I will be back later to fill you in on what I am looking forward to on Sat night. way fun.

Hugs and great day for everyone..

Comment #14

Morning all,.

Barb - glad DH is doing great..

Andi - thanks for the support and encouragement..

Hope everyone has a good day with water, exercise,.....

I got my golf responsibilities done this morning. Today is mani/pedi for me. DH is playing golf and has a dinner party as part of the event so I have some time to myself. I did not get my piano practice in yesterday so need to practice twice today. Still have cards to get in the mail. It is a busy time of the year. We can rock this...

Comment #15


Didn't feel well last night..

Upset stomach..

Couldn't sleep anyway..

Dog whining..

He had upset stomach, too..

Computer issues at home this morning..

Super busy at work..

Check back later..


Comment #16

LOL! I think you left your key here in California. Darn! You will just have to come here to visit me and then get your key! What an excuse to travel, right?.

Great to see you here starting us off this morning. I miss you chica!..

Comment #17

Andrea - I totally second that. I try to be here often and you know I am going to be burning up these pages like Lauri would when I am on vacation because I am bound to be bored a few of those days..

BTW - I am so proud of you. Every time I see your ticker, I smile..

Comment #18

Morning Andi!!!.

My new west coast buddy and constant Medifast inspiration!..

Comment #19

Ditto!!! We don't want any Shammies fallin' so please let us know what we can do to help!..

Comment #20

Oh so true. You are such a wise one Andi! I would much rather fight everything else but the extra pounds...

Comment #21

Morning... Drive by from work....

And Dance Break!!.


Comment #22

****Waving my hand frantically****.

I am so in. I got the 100 oz of water in yesterday no problem but didn't exercise at all formally which made me feel kind of Blah. But...the extra hour of sleep helped a lot too. So, I will get another day in maybe on Saturday or Sunday. Definitely going to the gym today. Will get in a good amount of abs in to get my number for my personal challenge to over 100 today. Get my humpies in today too...

Comment #23

Oh yeah, I forgot I saw him on here last night again. Hey Patrick! Missed ya baby! Hope your Friday weigh in is EPIC!!!..

Comment #24


BTW, I have been stalking ebay lately trying to find some more of the older pretzels because I miss them so much. Hope that it will pay off soon...

Comment #25

Hey Ang!.

Sorry all this crapola is happening for you. The bully situation is getting real serious. Hope you and the school can figure out a way to make Olivia feel safe and that she can get the education she deserves. Then on top of that all the other drama and problems. You are a super strong chica so I know you can deal but it is a lot at this time of year. Lots of hugs, thoughts, and prayers coming your way girlie!..

Comment #26

Glad to hear hubby is doing well..

Yes, Barb, this plan totally works if you work it correctly. We love seeing you here everyday. We need to stick together, especially when our numbers dwindle, because they will be back up...well, because we are the greatest group out there. Fo'Sho'!..

Comment #27

Oh, honey, you and your family need a break...

Comment #28

Hope the call will come soon. Can't wait to hear what you are up to on Saturday...

Comment #29

Love your daily schedule. Congrats on the installation for golf group also. Glad you thought ahead and pre-ordered your meal. That is part of making Medifast work, planning!.

Thanks for helping us rock this crazy part of the year!..

Comment #30

Hope you and Sparky feel better. It is always hard to feel well when your doggie is not feeling well. Hope work isn't too bad today...

Comment #31

Hey Jill!!!!!.

I love this song!.

Bruno Mars is such a little cutie!..

Comment #32

Kids have assemblies all morning today so they are coming and going. So no real work is getting done. The ones left in the class are cleaning out our class library while I am playing on here.

Then it is an early release day. WooHoo!!!!.

So yesterday was a wonderful sister and I had a great time..


Hanging out...check.

Slept in a bit...check.


Dinner out with family...check.

Will take a pic of my haircut and put it up ASAP. It is super short for me. But...I am totally loving it..

Had my weigh in today and it was much better than my Sunday challenge weigh in. I almost made it to the 130 pounds lost for my 1 year Medifast anniversary tomorrow. But I am so super proud of how far I have come since last year. I will try and dig up my before pic and a pic of now to post tonight..

Alright...guess I will go and check on the kiddos now..

Mucho love Shammies..

Peace out...

Comment #33

Kori... you totally rock out loud.. ONE YEAR... you have accomplished so much. you seriously are a rockstar!.

Hey erin and jill and lori and ang... hope everyone's day goes quick..

Darlene... fill us in on saturday. I have my cookie exchange that day. feel like making 7 dozen cookies for me?.

Hi barb... I love having you here too..

Sandy... enjoy that mani/pedi. color??..

Comment #34

Just thought we needed to be reminded of why we are all so.

Freakin' FABULOUS!!!..

Comment #35

Oh Sandy! I just tried the Golden French Toast coffee from the Holiday Keurig Sampler pack. Mmmmm Yummy! I put a couple spoons of a chocolate mint soft serve in both the holiday blend and the french toast today for my coffee instead of anything else. It was yummy! It tasted like a peppermint mocha. Still have enough of the chocolate mint soft serve for 1 more cup of coffee. Didn't have to use any condiments for splenda today either since I used the soft serve! YAY!..

Comment #36

If we lived closer, I would have so done this for you. My sister and I had our cookie exchange last Saturday and I baked about 6 dozen of 4 different kinds of cookies. So like 24 dozen cookies. The house smelled divine. That was all I needed though, just the smell. What kind are you thinking of? Maybe I can give you some quick ideas...

Comment #37

Need to go and check on a few things and then hunt up some recipes for my baked goods exchange which is tomorrow. Since I am hosting, I will make a few different things. The only rules are: no cookies. These are what I am thinking of so far:.

Pumpkin cranberry chocolate chip muffins.

Mini chocolate chip banana muffins.

Peanut butter and jelly muffins.

Cupcakes with Snowmen on them.

Peanut butter fudge.

Any holiday baked goods that you just can't do without that I might be able to make for the exchange tomorrow? Ideas are welcome!.


Comment #38

Kori... you are a baking queen! holy moley! I'm making saltine cookies for the party. never actually made them, but had them last year. super yummy. it's saltines, butter and sugar in middle, melt choc on top with nuts. loaded with sugar and carbs, but thats what makes a cookie good.

Soft serve in coffee... great idea. I added the coffee soft serve to my pancake muffins and it was yummy but a little too dense...

Comment #39

Bye all... getting ready to leave work and head to BF house. feeling stinky so hope he has some TLC ready to go...

Comment #40

Kori - thanks for the coffee ideas..

Andrea- have fun tonight..

Kori - almond loaf. Not sure where I have the recipe...

Comment #41

Mmmmm...sounds like carby, yummy goodness. Which I wouldn't partake in them either. I made a peanut butter pretzel cookie that had that sweet and salty, crunchy thing going this year and they smelled heavenly but I didn't eat them..

My 1 soft serve packet sweetened 3 cups of coffee today. Was really yummy and felt good to have a peppermint mocha type drink without all the calories...

Comment #42

Have fun at BF's house. I am sure he has some TLC ready for you. Don't guys always??..

Comment #43

Mmmmm. Sounds yummy. If you find the recipe, please post it. Thanks Sandy. Did you get your piano practicing in twice today?..

Comment #44

Skipping out of work early to go to the grocery store. Need to pick up some stuff for baking. Then home to bake some things. Then I will get to the gym tonight since I didn't go yesterday as I had planned..

Love you hookahs mucho, mucho, mucho!..

Comment #45

Just back from the gym..


Gotta get dinner for the zoo and then me..


Comment #46

Nice to see a little more action here today. Hubby's doing really well and should be home tomorrow. My sis and her husband came by as well as my dtr. so he had lots of company. Dogs really miss himhe's such an animal lover and they seem to know it. Kori, way to rock the lbs.

Andrea, have fun at BF's. Hope everyone has a great night and I'll catch all of you tomorrow...

Comment #47

Barb - thanks for letting us know how things are going..

Lori - YAY on exercise..

Kori - brittle and bark. Red velvet cheesecake. Ok, I am done with bakery suggestions..

Got one piano practice in so should be able to get the other one in tonight...

Comment #48

Almond Butter Cake.

1 1/2 C white sugar.

3/4 C butter, softened (no substitutes).

2 eggs.

1 1/2 t vanilla extract.

1 t almond extract.

1 1/2 C flour.

1/2 t salt.

Sugar and almond slices or slivers for garnish.

Blend sugar and butter. Beat in eggs and add extracts. Mix in flour and salt. Spread batter in greased, floured 8-9 inch round pan/pieplate. Sprinkle with sugar and almonds. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

When cooled, slice in wedges. It's great with breakfast, brunch or dessert..

We had this a book club and everyone liked it. Hope you guys do not mind me posting this for Kori. It is not OP!..

Comment #49

Ok I did a quick catch up from today. I had to skip the talk of cookies and baked goods because those are my downfall..

Kori- I am so proud of what you have accomplished in a year! YOU ROCK!!.

Andi- I am proud of you for doing so well with your recommitment..

Andrea- Goal is within site- you will be there so soon and I cannot wait to cheer you on at the finish line..

Barb- We know how to do this- lets buckle down and do it..

Darlene- More hugs and prayers for Timmy.

Sandy- your motivation and commitment are awesome..

AFM- I feel like I've been saying this alot, but I'm am falling apart again. I have said this before- food is like an addiction for me and I feel out of control. I need to do 5/1 but do not have enough food to do and this time of year not enough money to order. I need to have some accountability and I have not been able to do it myself. Would anyone be willing to be my accountability partner? so that I can report daily? give me support but kick my behind when I need it? The last few days have just been a distaster- and I don't want that. Thanks..

Comment #50

Double Ditto - frozen hot cocoa and dark chocolate shake cakes make the world go around..

Comment #51

What SHE said!!!.

(and I'm glad hubbie is well...)..

Comment #52

Didn't even think of it but now that you mention it - I'm amused....

How do you like your hair?..

Comment #53

Oooo and I have Pineapple Kona Pop tea brewing for me... and it smells SSSOOOOO good!..

Comment #54

I have an amazing and Super Simple Fudge recipe and for 7-layer bars...also called angel bars by some... yours if you want but TOTALLY OFF plan so I would PM.....

Comment #55

MIL calls those cookies "pig-out" cookies.

Will miss them and not miss them this year.....

Comment #56

I'm here. Did this last year with Mel and it helped. I would come looking for you the next day if you want... I get needing/wanting accountability. It helps me too. and learning my triggers has been helpful. I know now I will be carb controlled/carb aware (with minor vacations) for the rest of my life.....

Comment #57

Andi - thanks for the support to Lara. I would do it but I am going to be out to touch for one and half weeks coming up. I have my niece and grand niece surprise visit for Mom and then we head to Colorado to spend time with grandkiddos for Christmas..

Lara - I will support you when I am in touch. Thanks for reaching out. We will learn together...

Comment #58

Andi - I should have PMed the recipe. Thanks for your response. I will do better next time...

Comment #59

You were very clear that it is OFF plan... and I have already copied it.

Thanks for sending it..

Comment #60

OK - so this is me after 100oz water and almost 90oz of tea..

Well - it WAS me... I'm better now..

Comment #61

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.