What does this mean: "The page is parked free with 123"?

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Got a question... What does this mean: "The page is parked free with 123"? Looking forward for any answer. Another question I got... Edit: This may be resolved, check.

This post.

For an update..

A while back, during the Registerfly > 123 reg merge, all of my domains from registerfly were switched to godaddy. I logged in the other day to find those domains gone from my 123 reg account, and the whois information changed back to registerfly's whois info, but the registrar is still GoDaddy..

I contacted godaddy, they told me to submit a change of /img/avatar7.jpgship request... I did so, and they denied it saying that ' is the legal /img/avatar7.jpg of these HostGator names.' That's bullshit, because these domains were always in my posession up until the point where 123 reg basically "lost" them..

Obviously, RegisterFly wouldn't own HostGator names which were registered at GoDaddy... especially with the registerfly fiasco that's been going on..

So, where do I go from here? 123 reg is insisting that Registerfly owns these domains, they are still pointed to my nameservers, but I have no control over them. These domains produce tens of thousands of dollars a year in revenue, and are my only source of revenue. Now, 123 reg is basically telling me that I'm ****ed and there's nothing I can do about it besides suing registerfly..

Any advice?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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I am the original person to register these domains, they were registered with registerfly about 2 years ago..

I don't have any confirmation emails, etc that I know of... but they do still show in my registerfly account, so I guess I could use that as proof somewhat. I'm also signing up for domain-tools and will print out all of the whois history for these domains..

I called ICANN and was told to call back tomorrow, they may be able to help..

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Its a pretty pathetic situation. I would recommend getting in touch with the Office of the President - I believe you can reach them by emailing.

They are the highest level of support that 123 reg offers, some good people should help you...

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This is quite scary to me! I just had a slight problem as paid $12,000.00 for a HostGator and it was from a registry in Singapore. Some fly-by-night company. I wouldn't release the money from escrow till it got transferred to 123 reg and the seller wasn't happy! We finally got it done but now do we all have to worry about 123 reg protecting our lease on HostGator names???.

If so, that will be a real problem! Are you listening Godaddy? Get him his HostGator names back! Fight for him! He is your customer! Geesh!.

You will probably have a problem getting them back when/if they expire if they have traffic as people will bid on them..

Let us know how it turns out...

Comment #4

In my experience here and with Godaddy, I can honestly say this is probably an issue that occured with the registerfly transfers. The situation was already bad, and is getting better, regardless of some issues..

I am confident this issue will be resolved, the people at 123 reg are capable of resolving it. You need to approach the problem from the right angle, dealing with customer service is not the right department to handle an issue like this..


Comment #5

Money trail.....

How did you pay ??.

It should show on your statement....

Match dates on statement and to RegFly.

With dates of original Reg. in whois history trail....

I've been with 123 reg for year and years and never had a problem....

But I was not in the RegFly fiasco... so no advice there....

Good Luck....

~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

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There is no way that registerfly took names from your 123 reg account UNLESS they were listed as admin or registrant from the git-go when you had them at regfly..simple as that.

If the names were transfered to 123 reg with YOUR contact info as Registrant and Admin..then the ONLY way for regly to be listed as registrant/admin is that they broke into your account...

If on the other hand you had regfly listed as registrant and or Admin ..then you are SOL .. because in that situation you gave them legal control over the domain...

Try initiating a transfer of the names..maybe you'll get lucky..

Comment #7

You say the domains expire in two months. I was part of a forum where the name expired while the owner was away on personal business. The registrar allowed another forum member to renew the domain, without affecting ownership. So it may be possible to pay to renew them to prevent the domains from dropping while you work out the ownership, although if you were to lose your ownership claim you would probably lose the renewal costs..

If you let them drop you might not get them back...

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The issue here is quite common: the HostGator had whois info that was completely screwed up in the first place, like many registerfly domains..

I have seen a lot of domains including a few of mine where the whois info had reverted to the 'default' registerfly profile (one bug among others)..

Now it has been transfered to 123 reg 'as-is'. So only the person named in the whois (rf) can gain access to the HostGator using the admin E-mail address listed..

I don't believe you are going to get your domains back without cooperation from registerfly. I think you need to hire a lawyer right now..

In the meantime take screenshots, gather as much evidence as you can in order to rebuild the ownership trail. If you would like I can look up HostGator history at domaintools for you, then PM me the name..

The problem with a registrar-centric model like .com is that the registrars are responsible for maintaining whois data. If they are negligent or dishonest then you are screwed..

As a result of the rf fiasco Icann is working on some kind of data escrow..

For the same reason I do not advise using whois privacy on valuable domains...

Comment #9

As a former 123 reg Employee - I assure you they will not allow this. There were many issues we would not allow payment from a non-account holder, and the bottom line is due to Godaddys verification process, payment is used as a means to gain access to accounts. It saves them a lot of grief, I promise...

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Throwedoff, when you were with registerfly, did you register these domains for privacy? If yes, then the whois information would have shown Registerfly as registrant. And so when the transfer to 123 reg occurred, the whois registrant is Registerfly. (P/S: Someone please correct me if I'm wrong because I've never used a privacy before)...

Comment #11

Yes, they were whois protected. This is where the problem came from..

Speaking with the office of the president at GoDaddy, I was basically told that this could have caused the problem, but was basically told that I'm ****ed because this was not a "widespread problem"...

Comment #12

I had some names at Registerfly and 123 reg sent out a few emails when they changed hands, if you can find those then you can use them as proof. I would try ICANN, send a letter to them, then try BBB...

Comment #13

... thats the reason why I never use privacy..

Comment #14

I never even got these from GoDaddy..

I spoke with ICANN and am currently emailing them all of my documentation (I can still access my RF account, and it still shows the domains as being in it... I can also pull up all of my purchase receipts on it)..

I'm also contacting the AG and BBB in 123 reg and Registerfly's states and seeing what they can do..

Unfortunately, hiring an attorney right now is not a financially viable option for me. I'm in contact with the attorneys who are building the RegisterFly class action..

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, these domains expire in mid october. A lawsuit wouldn't help me by then. I guess all I can hope to do is sue for lost income..

Thanks for the offer to do the history lookup, but I signed up for the HostGator tools free trial yesterday and used that...

Comment #15

If I am correct, when you register for privacy, you'd be automatically setup with a user account with the privacy service provider. Maybe you can login to this service provider and take screenshots. Maybe you could also email the service provider to support your claims when you liaise with ICANN or GoDaddy...

Comment #16

You had whose privacy. Registerfly or GoDaddy? I can see why it might be a problem if you still had Registerfly's privacy when the domains were at GoDaddy. I think you might want to ask 123 reg who requested the transfer? how it was requested? who gave the authorisation for the transfer? and why the owner of the account they were in was never notified beforehand?.

So Registerfly still have a long reach and are still f*cking over their customers, and now their former customers as well. When is this going to end?.

Oh. And I don't believe GoDaddy's hands are as tied as they say they are. They took them from you. They can take them back. As others have said. Evidence is required.

If the domains after the transfer were in your account. Who the hell does 123 reg think owned them at Registerfly...

Comment #17

You should know that enom has also made themselves the legal owner.

Of HostGator names that are registered with them. Which is the.

Reason I no longer have any HostGator names at enom. I protested.

This repeatedly before finally transfering my names to Godaddy..

I can see from this thread that I was right to do so..

Registerfly, which used to be a enom client, probabily got this.

Practice from enom..

It isn't easy to see this is happening because enom would show.

You as the legal owner on the enom web site, but if you checked.

On, you would see that enom was the owner of.

Your HostGator name. And when I transferred the HostGator names.

To Godaddy, enom was still shown as the owner. Since the.

Names were transfered to my 123 reg account, I could easily correct.

This problem. Unfortunately for throwedoff, he needs to prove.

The names are really his. I suggest that he uses receipts for.

Payment of registration fees to prove this to Godaddy...

Comment #18

123 reg sent out an email referring you to

For those customers with privacy on their domains at registerfly..

Did you get any of those ones?.

Different account number than your current one..

If you didn't, email support and ask if they have an account.

Setup in your name at domainsbyproxy and see if you can.

Gain access that way. they had to assign them to someone....

They got mine done in a few days, but that was when it.

First happened and was fresh in all their minds..

Comment #19

Sure didn't, but I also didn't get an e-mail from 123 reg when the migration happened with my new account information to claim my HostGator names. If I remember correctly, I had to have a rep set it all up for me. When you say e-mail support, do you mean e-mail 123 reg support or DomainsByProxy support?.

Well, RegisterFly's whois privacy was 'ProtectFly' which was handled directly through the RegisterFly website...

Comment #20

I did it through 123 reg support at the time..

But maybe try the contact of Domainsbyproxy support,.

They must have the domains sitting there with the privacy.

On them if they were transferred over..

You might have more luck dealing directly with them...

Comment #21

Throwedoff, is it problem for you, to give us, as example one of your domains in question?.

Maybe there is another way, if you still have this problem...

Comment #22

Good news!.

I just personally got a call from RegisterFly's new Vice President who was a former RegisterFly employee. He said about 15 days ago, the company basically changed hands. He talked with me for about 15 minutes and said he will personally see to it that I get my domains back, and has a contact at 123 reg who he will speak with himself..

He said that they are trying to turn the company around and make a new name for theirselves (which I don't know if it will happen, but if it does, he is a very good businessman), and was very pleasnt to speak with. According to him, something should be done about this by Monday or Tuesday..

If anyone here has this same problem that I had, please contact me. I may be able to help you out...

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In which case, they should throw out their entire 123 reg website at the first opportunity. They will never know what backdoors have been left behind..


Great news..

Comment #24

In the interest of public safety, could you disclose the new name of the company when you know it's name?..

Comment #25

Interesting, considering there's a lawsuit that doesn't appear to be updated...

Comment #26

They're not changing names, I didn't mean that in a literal sense. I just meant that they are trying to rebuild the reputation of the registerfly name..

I'm not sure if the lawsuit would definitely be updated, I would think that the case would be against the old owners...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.