What food is better NutriSystem or Nutrisystem?

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First off, What food is better NutriSystem or Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: So....

The woman that I'm dating has put on a little bit of weight over the last 3 months that we've been seeing her. During that time, I had been looking at plans for the new year, modifying my eating habits and setting my mind for the fight ahead..

She came over last night and made Rotell, Brownies, Cupcakes, Dr. Pepper... and half a dozen things that at the moment are a point of weakness..

I managed to eat moderately, which is a good thing - and I'm not really planning on starting until 1/4 when my food is scheduled to arrive... but the question is - do any of you face similar challenges?.

Thoughts or suggestions appreciated..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Dwane, this will be a great opportunity to see what both of you are made of. At some point, you will have to let her know that you are going to stay on plan regardless of what others are doing. Your determination and persistence will show her how important this is to you as well as what kind of man you are. She can show her affections in others ways that don't involve baking and high-calorie sodas. If she refuses to assist you, tries to dissuade you or even tries to sabotage you, that will give you a clear indication of what kind of person she is. As a note, her trying to sabotage you would likely be out of fear that you'll be "too good for her", will no longer find her attractive or that she will now have to step up her game to stay at your level.

Just like letting all of your Facebook friends know what you are doing, this whole journey will be a great opportunity for you to see who truly supports you and cares for you...

Comment #2

As a woman, I suggest events that don't involve food. Go to a hockey game, go to the public pool for a swim, sign up for guided walking tours in your city or those nearby..

Invite her over for dinner and serve up Nutrisystem entrees. Go for a lovely picnic after slaving away to make the Nutrisystem Chicken Salad lunch topper. Don't mention they are your diet foods and just enjoy the night..

However, if she is one of those people who can eat a lot of junk and not gain, it's not your place to tell her to stop because it adversely affects you...

Comment #3

Her dress does not make her look fat. I repeat, her dress does NOT make her look fat..

You have to nip this in the bud. It's new years and you made a resolution. Ask her to help you by not cooking junk any more. You are a team. Challenge her to cook healthy for you..

Getting her to join you is a whole nuther challenge. See above...

Comment #4

I disagree. At least ask her not to do it in front of you...

Comment #5

^ That was great!.

3 months is long enough to tell her no without hurting her feelings or chasing her off...she wants her man as hot as you want to make yourself so just tell her your working on your six pack.

And save the desserts for the bedroom....or maybe leave off that last part depending on her sense of humor..

Comment #6

I can see asking not to do it in his home, but when dining out you can order what you want. I'm vegetarian but I wouldn't dream of asking my husband or meat-eating friends not to enjoy that in front of me. Same goes for sweets. When I buy groceries I avoid buying certain trigger foods but if my husband picks them up, that is his choice...

Comment #7

It was just a little weird to me... I'm glad to know that this isn't an isolated thing that's just happened to me..

I have my eyes set on doing this for me... not for anyone else..

You're either going to help me or get the heck outta my way!..

Comment #8

I spent years being fat to avoid making someone else uncomfortable. I gave that nonsense up and my wife is making great strides because of it. She's lost nearly 200 pounds now...

Comment #9

Very well said. Women use food to show love (often). They also get insecure/jealous when you improve yourself, especially if she isn't. I even find myself feeling that way as DH is losing much faster on Nutrisystem than I am (of course), but that's not an excuse to sabotage your progress. You need to let her know what you're doing, why you're doing it, and ask for her support. If she continues to attempt to sabotage you, then you need to really look at the type of person she is and the health of the relationship..

She can eat what she wants, but to purposefully bring it to you and try to get you to eat it isn't right, supportive, or loving. Nip this in the bud now, otherwise you're bound to have lots more problems down the line...

Comment #10

I'll split the difference on these opinions. In my own weight loss I made it a point to tell all my friends about my diet goals and almost overwhelmingly they've been supportive. That said I don't ask them to change what they're doing. If they invite me over to dinner I bring a nutrisystem meal. If we go out to eat I order a salad. If we go out to a bar I sit their and enjoy their company with a glass of water or a diet soda.

No matter what other people are doing you still have to have the will power and resolve to meet your own goals...

Comment #11

Michael Mike, hey idiot! Love that one!.

You certainly have the right attitude as well as all previously posting. Massive weight loss I'm seeing..

My DH who I've been with since we're teens was a fat kid, lost it, due to his mom cooking right for him and has been my greatest supporter all these years. He's deserves a medal and I'm going to give him something better... a new me...

Comment #12

I'm very fortunate too to have such a supportive spouse. He always notices when I've lost, tells me I look great, etc. He also chops all my veggies, goes shopping for me, and encourages me all the way. He is not dieting, and he sometimes feels uncomfortable eating snacks and so forth around me...but like the previous poster said, what the people around me eat and drink does not affect me in the least. I tell them it's fine, and just do whatever they do...I still just do my Nutrisystem thing regardless. I don't expect friends and family to alter their lifestyle because of my diet...

Comment #13

Note that Dwane was talking about her bringing over food that was tempting to.


He appeared to be looking for thoughts on how to handle her exposing him to foods that clearly won't contribute to his reaching his goals, not to controlling what she eats. However, he states she has been putting on weight over the last 3 months. If he cares about her and their relationship has any substance, there would be, and should be, nothing wrong with his expressing concern over the deleterious effects those kind of "foods" may be having on her...

Comment #14

I'm with Michael. This will be a great opportunity to see how supportive she is and a very real sign for the future. Like Princess Melody, I'm VERY fortunate to be married to my soul-mate. We're on Nutrisystem together and I've lost a LOT faster than she, but she's never failed to celebrate my successes and support me 100% at all times. I try to reciprocate and support/encourage her every way I can. That's the kind of person you'll want to spend your life with..


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