What free ad-free iPage web host should I use?

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Got a quick question: What free ad-free iPage web host should I use? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... I've just checked our iPage site in Netscape 7 (I've not seen it in lower NS) and see some small problems with tables or cells overlapping or wrong sizing. The iPage site looks fine in IE 5 the Doctype is Transitional, and the HTML code is 100% valid. I'd be grateful if anyone could pinpoint the problem and suggest a fix..

Have a look at the sidebar, box quotes, and other tables on these pages in Netscape and you'll see what I mean. They all look fine in IE and Konqueror..






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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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So that means you are developing on a 640x480 resolution when 95% of the people use 800x600. just bump up your resolution and you will see the same as everybody else. doesn't matter the size of the moniotor but the resolution the user has...

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Thanks Scoutt!.

A large part of our visitors are from Asia where the commonest monitor is 14"-15", set to the smaller resolution..

I'd like them to be able to see using Netscape what IE5 users see through the same kind of monitor..

Any ideas how I could get NS7 to display the pages properly?.


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Well without setting my resolution to 640 I can only guess as to what it will take to fix it. it might be that NS doesn't have enough room to show the document the way IE does. the reason is all browsers display differently, hence the NS is more cramped..

Edit: well I changed my resolution and I still don't see what is wrong. it looks just like it did at 800. can you show me a screen shot?..

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I'm on the move in Asia using public computers so I can't give you a screen shot..

What you see using NS7 on the bikers page is the tract images overlapping the side bar box considerably..

Don't worry Scoutt, somebody else will have an idea..

Thanks for your time..


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That makes sense but I can't fix something that isn't broken to me..

Also I have teken the time to spread out the code after you coded it all on 1 line. then after looking at the code and the css I don't see why it would do it. you are using tables and the tables can't over lap if it is just plain vanilla tables. you didn't use any margins or make the tables postition relative. I made my screen as small as I can and didn't see anything over lap..

I also believe that anybody else on here will see the samething as I, nothing wrong...

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Don't worry Scoutt, it's not broken for you, but it *IS* broken for our Asian Netscape 7 users. I'm using NS7.0 fresh download, with default settings too..

I've spotted other bugs with the new browser since posting here, such as, type a url without the www and you get a DNS error. Even IE5 can cope with that..

I'll contact Netscape directly to see if they can debug it..

Thanx Again!.


PS. Yes, we code on one line to speed up loading. Makes a remarkable difference. Try it...

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Ok I understand but I have 2 issues still..

1) how can they over lap if they are tables and not positioned to overlap??? you are not using top:xxx left: xxx which would make it overlap. again I don't see how the code can do it. can you send a screenshot, if not then I have to disbelieve you. Asia is no diferent than anywhere else. a browser is a browser and nobody can make it happen then it isn't broke. have you tried to hard refresh as the cache might be messed up..

2) coding on one line.

Does not.

Improve the speed of the loading. it may make the page load faster as the file maybe a bit smaller but coding in one line is very bad programming and the browser still reads it normally. also doiing it one one line is VERY bad to decode..

With that said, and in my opinion, I bid thee good day...

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