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First question I have is WHAT HAPPENED TO KIRSTIE ALLEY AS Nutrisystem SPOKESPERSON? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... Are there any truck drivers here?.

Hi, MY name is Sparticus. I am new to the system. In fact I have made my 1st order but have yet to receive it. I will have it by the 1st of next week. (can't wait to get started) If you are or have been a truck driver you know how hard it is to eat healthy while on the road. At my age (51) it is even harder.

I also suffer from lack of energy, something that I never had before. It is time to get this under control..

If any of this sounds familiar to you, Please feel free to post here. Maybe we can share our journey..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Welcome! The only real problem that I have ever heard that truckers have is drinking enough water since constantly stopping to piss is out of the question. If you are lucky you can always hang it out the window or recycle those water bottles and throw them at signs. Other than that, most truck-stops, gas stations etc. have free hot water (thermos) from the coffee machine. Some even have microwave ovens that most ppl will let you use if you ask nice. So you will have to coordinate meal times with fill-ups.

You know your schedule the best. This plan is highly adaptable to any life style. Good luck, Keep it between the ditches...

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The pre-packaged, ready to eat stuff travels very well. Just add some apples, bananas, carrots, a loaf of whole grain bread (I like the Arnolds double-protein) and you're ready to roll! I love the breakfast pastries and lunch bars - no heating needed. Just open the pack and eat. The dinner entre's work best with a microwave, but many of them can be eaten cold too. No refrigeration necessary. Yeah - lack of energy, etc., I think most of us losers can identify! Welcome to the zoo.


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Oh and we got 'yer back dude. If you feel like giving up come on over here and we'll gang up on you until you're back on track...

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Hey Guys, Thanks for the replys and the words of encouragement! I spent a long time putting on the weight so I know it can take a long time to get it off. I am prepared for this journey..

As I mentioned before, I am a team driver with my wife and she two will be taking the Nutrisystem journey with me..

As far as food and preparation, We have a Refrigerator / Freezer and a Microwave Oven in the truck. We only stop for fuel and every now and then to kick the water out of the tires. (huh, that could be the reason we are here!).

We travel from East, Texas to The North West and back. Every week. We leave Tuesday night and return home Saturday night...

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Looks like you got all you need on board to be successful with the eating. Frig and Micro will do the trick. You may have a little trouble working in a little exercise, but hey, you gotta do the best you can with what you got.... right?.

Good luck to you both on the plan, you certainly will feel better eating right, I know I feel 100% better after a month of not craming garbage down my throat......

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Hey S_Cowboy, Yes exercise is hard to get. But We are home 3 days a week and we can get out and walk some. When I didn't worry about loosing weight, I could aways come up with some good reasons why I can't exercise now I will focus on how I can do it. We are up for the challenge. I am sure it won't be easy but it seems there are a lot of good people here for support..

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I got my food and I just started my journey. I am really looking forward to the trip!..

Comment #8

It's like travelling through the NC mountains. A lot of up and downs, but in the end it was beautiful and worth it!..

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Hi Sparticus,.

I used to drive for JB Hunt long haul! It has been about 5 yrs back..

Just stay out of those buffets, ok!.

If you set your cell phone alarms to let you know when it is time for your next.

Meal or snack it goes pretty quick. I remember all the temptations in those truck stops too.

I used to walk around the perimeter of the TS when I would stop for the day..

Good exercise "Just hold yer nose, because that is were most the drivers throw their fulls, if you catch my drift.


Mywife and I are also on Nutrisystem together. It is really nice to have a friend so close..

Use these forums They really do help keep you motived..

Comment #10

Welcome to Nutrisystem Sparticus57!.

You'll find all the support and helpful tips you need here in our community. Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.....Nutrisystem is a great place to start!.

Questions? We're here to help too! You can contact us at.


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I did it driving a truck. I'm home every day, so my situation is a little different..

A 12 volt cooler or fridge if your company allows for your fresh veggies and such. All the food is microwaveable, plenty of microwaves at trucks stops. You can also pick up one of those food warmers that kinda look like a lunch box to warm up your meal...

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Hey Guy's, Thanks for the replies and the words of encouragement. We got our Nutrisystem food last week and began our journey. Wow! 1st weigh in shows weight loss of 5.6lbs.

I hope this is typical! The food, to my surprise is good (compared to a truck stop) some are better than others but , for the most part Good. The main thing I need to work on is exercise. Exercise is hard to get when you are a team driver. The truck never stops long. Although we are home 3 days a week we will work on an exercise program..

My wife and I started the program together. It sure make it easier with some help and companionship on this journey. Plus, as with anything, it is always more fun to play with others than to play with yourself..

I started with food selected by NS, Already I have my eye on some changes. If you have some favorites or some suggestions I want to hear them. I have not ventured from the program and I am scared to go to restaurant, Not from fear of eating everything but not knowing what to order..

(pizza and 1/4 pounders with cheese still sound good!).

Subway is at most of our fuel stops so hopefully I can find something there from time to time, For a change..

I will keep you posted!..

Comment #13

The Garden Fresh Veggie Delite Salad (no meat or cheese) at Subway is good for 2 reasons. The amount of salad (volume) for the price (value). I also like lots of different components to my salad and Subway gets an A++ for having fresh spinach along with all the other stuff..

Also check out Waldens Calorie free, fat free, cholesr free,.

Everything free except the price dressing. Click here ->.


Comment #14

Hey Damon, Thanks for the input. Yes, I will have to give Subway a try,.

Also Walenfarms looks interesting I will check them out..


Ps: I see we are from the same state. huh,.

Small world..

Comment #15

Well I completed another week on the road with a 4 lbs weight loss. Starting to get used to the Nutrisystem way. Exercise is still an issue but I am trying to get out and walk more. (I need to start an exercise program) I have noticed that my energy level is starting to come back. (as I can now walk all the way past the Fast Food stores.) At times I do want to stop but my drive to meet my goal has been stronger..

I am getting used to the food and it isn't bad. I was a little disapointed at the size of the portions but I am full most of the time..

I have noticed my chocolate has been trying to melt,,, But I.

Eat it anyway.

And just be happy I have it.

I don't post often, I tend to be a lurker! But I do try to read the Men's Forum daily and I do appreciate the fact that I am not out here alone..


Comment #16

Great start Sparticus. Keep it up and victory is yours!..

Comment #17

Happy #52 Birthday, Sparticus..

(it was on the 'Forum' main page at the bottom below all those names.)..

Comment #18

I made it through week 3! 4.8 lbs lost last week (Yee Haw!) Life on Nutrisystem is working for me so far. I am pleased with the results so far. Looking back I sure wish I had started the program earlier. I highly recommend the program to anybody But, I really like it for truck drivers. Truck stop food sure does cause negative effects to our figures..

At first I was a little disappointed with the serving size..

I thought.

I was going to starve to death..

Now I am finding myself filling up when I eat. ( I would have never believed it.


I don't get to computer very often but, I really appreciate and look forward to checking out the forum when I can. I like reading the posts. Your successes Give me the drive and to meet my personal weight loss goals..



Damon, Thanks for the Birthday wish!..

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