What happened to my old web pages?

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Got a quick question: What happened to my old web pages? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Hi Guys where would I find this file?.



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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A new install but was ok until I dropped a new template over the top......

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The template must be an older version of 2.2..

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On your pc, it is where your server software is...

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Ok.... please can you be a little more specific... I have loaded my osc iPage site to my iPage domain so I dont host this on my system..

Therefore where, which file should I find php.ini?.

I've searched for the file but it isn't found!..

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Cumon guys someone must know where this file is... PLease?..

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If you host in-house you can run a search for the file itself and alter it in a text editor..

If you use an off-site host, you need to go into your control panel. (the SITE's control panel, NOT the osc admin panel).

Look for an area with a name something like [CGI and Scripted Language Support] ... [Enhanced Script Library] ... that sort of thing. Although several hosts use either vDeck or cPanel there are just as many out there that use other control panel applications..

Once you find this section, go to the PHP sub-section. Depending on what control panel app your host uses, you.

Either can or can't edit.

Your php.ini from the PHP section. If you.


See that option to edit your php.ini RIGHT THERE, and you can't find any more accurate instructions in the control panel HELP section ... you need to call the tech support line for your host and ask them to edit it for you..

First thing I would personally do? Check with.

The template creator.

To find out if they are working on a 2.2 version of the template! Turning on register_globals shouldn't be done unless you absolutely need it..

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: 14 July 2008, 01:24..

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Php.ini and php5.ini (if you use PHP 5) is usually located in your /etc/php.d/ folder and/or /var/www/ or /var/www/html/.

Or if you don't have access to those folders, try putting it in your root www folder - where your index.html is located..

And if you don't see it, just make a text file php.ini and php5.ini with notepad (plain text editor, NOT like MS Word) and upload it using ASCII mode to the above folder(s)..


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: 14 July 2008, 04:16..

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Or even better, just download the first "fix" on this page:.


Which gives you a cut and paste walkthough to fix it. It'll take 15 minutes out of your life... It works, just did it myself and finished literally 2 minutes ago....


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Hi Guys where would I find this file?.



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On your server, not in your shop..

There is a register globals fix in the add ons area..

Did this just happen or is it a new install?..

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