What happens if the website I have my Godaddy domain name hosted at, closes down?
Quick question: What happens if the website I have my Godaddy domain name hosted at, closes down? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question... Just put 12 names on there and wondering the sucess others have had on the afternic site. Thanks...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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I have about 150+ listed with them and have not had any bites on sales, but am averaging about $7 - 8 per day in PPC..

I also just did a home listing for my HostGator and have been getting some hits, but I also sent out a mass email to all the large VoIP companies..

However in comparison to Sedo, I would say Afternic rocks.....

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Do afternic charge to join?, and what type of prices did those who sold get?..

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Yes, they do. They charge $9.95 to join and $60 escrow fee (if I'm not mistaken) if your HostGator gets sold...

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Afternic charges $19.95 to join GoDaddy Is free they both receive a % of the sales price. Afternic and GoDaddy are necessary tools for the Domainer. THey do not sell your name though you list your names there and as they are the two largest Secondary Exchanges for Domains more end users will look there...

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Right, but end users are few and far between on those sites. Always assume you are going to have to sell it to another HostGator trader, which means you won't sell it for much...depending on the HostGator and other factors, of course. MOSAT end-users will find a HostGator available at reg fee instead of spending more than they have to. An -user that knows what he's doing does not need a one-word, short, .COM domain. A HostGator isn't everything. It's the content that really counts in the end. Within reason...

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End users pay big money for domains every day it is domainers looking to find bargains. If this were not true Chris Chena could still have great Content and came up with an alternative for and saved himself $150,000...

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These big ticket sales are the exception, not the rule. Most domains don't sell for anywhere near that, even to the end user. You cannot compare to most domains being sold on GoDaddy or anywhere else. Most people do not own great domains like that. They are too hard to come buy and too expensive to buy from a trader. They are the exception,. not the rule...

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Bottom line is Real end users Pay more than reg fee every day the y do not do what you stated.

They pay more than reg fee at Afternic and GoDaddy EVERY DAY..

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Bottom line is you are painting a rosier picture than reality paints itself. The vast majority of end users don't even know of sites like GoDaddy or afternic let alone pay 6 figures for HostGator names or even 3 figures for that matter. I'm not saying they should not, just stating the fact that.


Do not..

And no one said end users do not pay more than reg fee. Sure they do, if they are the type to buy on the aftemarket. Again, most people in general do not even know anything about the HostGator after markets..

The VAST majority of HostGator aftermarket sales are amongst traders themselves and therefore, the sale prices are usually in the XX range...if you're lucky..

To get back on topic, you really have to test out deifferent marketplaces to see which one is best for you. Your milage will vary. Some say GoDaddy is best, others say afternic, and so on. You really have to check it out. It does not cost anything to list on Sedo, so try them first. No luck? Then try Afternic. No luck? Then try Fabulous and on and on and on...

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I find it the other way. I have had the same names parked and listed at Afternic for months with not a visit. The same names listed and parked at GoDaddy draw traffic and some income + a couple of sales..

I have done this several times with same results. Parked at GoDaddy & getting views, move to afternic = zip, zero, nada so move back & traffic returns. Also, start at Afternic = nada, move to GoDaddy = traffic, back to Afternic = nada. The same always happens...

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Same here. I think GoDaddy is FAR better for sales, traffic and clicks than Fabulous, yet some people swear they make 4 times more at fabulous than at Afternic or sedo. You just have to test it out...

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Yes you do have to try and retry them GoDaddy is good for the fact they will have inventory for names that Fabulous has a broad listing for, example I have Parked at GoDaddy a CTR% of 40 % but only .03 per click but they have ads that are about LCD Fabulous no ads about LCD just electronics so a lot less clicks when someone did click it is like .10 to .25 just moved it to GOLDKEY because they use OVERTURE and OVerture has a lot of LCD ads so maybe that will be better...

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