What I need to be make my own iPage web hosting server?

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Question I have... What I need to be make my own iPage web hosting server? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: Hi All,.

How can I change the name that appears on the submit button on my form?.

I have used this code <INPUT TYPE="submit"> but the button on the form page shows 'submit query'. I would like it to just say 'submit'...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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OnClick="submit();" will submit the form without firing a.


Event - it's not the same as the submit() method of the form object. Also: using '<input type=image' will send an extra pair of name/value pairs along to the server (the x/y coordinates of the click on the image). And 'name=submit' is a bad idea as well....

Otherwise, great advice.....

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Great advice when it apparently is all wrong.

Thanks for correcting me _mrkite, but how would it be for an image? if you don't mind, just to set me straight...

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<form name="thisForm" .........


<a href="javascript:document.thisForm.submit()"><img border="0" src=".

Image url.



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Thanks guys, that cleared a few things up..

So if I'ed included the form name it would have worked? correct..

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Scoutt -.

When you give a form a name (or an image, Netscape 4 Layer, some other elements) an additional reference (pointer) to the form object that represents that form is exposed (made available for scripting purposes). Since you can also get references to.


Forms in the page via the.


Collection - an array - this additional reference is provided as a convenience, so you won't need to use.


, e.g., to find the fourth form in the source code..


Is a lot easier to follow (you can also use.




Or - in Internet Explorer -.




(the last by also setting an.


) or - well, you get the picture. First - find the object (that represents the element), the do something with it..

If you know this already, apologies....


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Thanks _mrkite, that was very informational. I knew some of it but not in that way. you the man thanks....

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Err....there is such a tag as <button> but I'm not sure what browsers and browser versions support it, although IE seems to support it at least as early as version 4..

Its pretty cool in that you can insert HTML code into a button that is not possible with the regular submit, reset buttons..

<button type=submit>.

<font color=red size=7>this is a big button</font>.


<button type=reset>.

<img src="reset.gif" ALIGN=middle><font color=red size=3>Reset</font>.


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I was gonna say that myself Kevin.. as I'd seen that in action..

What I'm wondering ccan change the font color, but what about the actual button color?..

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To change the color of a button use CSS:.

<input type=submit style="background:blue;">.

There are many more style attributes you can use to change the appearance of buttons..


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