What if I start the Medifast Diet in Phase 2?

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Got a question... What if I start the Medifast Diet in Phase 2? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstinence from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

We accept anyone who follows the Medifast plan 100% as written, but not limited to, the Quick Start Guide. We recommend participating on the team for 1 week prior to requesting the Tough Love Banner to ensure that compliance to our bylaws is do-able for you..

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Morning Penny thanks for getting us rolling!!!.

My youngest had a successful play date at a friends house. He's sort of socially awkward but this young man has a lot in common with him (plus has 7 siblings so mom is used to all kids). I am so happy. We have almost no children in our neighborhood and the one his age that is a boy is not my favorite..

I've got to drop my Mom off at church so she can go see a show in Myrtle Beach and I'm going to do continue doing my laundry. Fun times..

Comment #2






I can hear that coffee brewing. Thanks, Penny. I need it this morning, boy. Gosh, Anna, I'm gonna sound like a broken record from yesterday in a minute, but we're in a similar situation with our DS. We live on a small quit dead end road, and he's the ONLY child. The next in line are our next door neighbors kids...their youngest is 20! Needless to say, Patrick really enjoys the heck out of school!..

Comment #3

Morning! Off to hug and the coffee pot and watch the eagles to see if anything hatches today..

Nice I can turn the sound off and just have it run in the background. Then as work allows I can take a peek and see if any little fuzz balls have chipped their way out of an egg. Very exciting. The weather won't be with these babies though. Supposedly their location is getting cold rains and snow showers...

Comment #4

Morning gals- thanks for the coffee.


, but I'm gonna need another pot..


, from your question while I was sleepin', the answer is yes, I can answer chicken questions and point you toward good online resources..



, hi.



Thanks to you TLers, I'm looking forward to a work luncheon today instead of dreading it because you guys have given me the skills I need to stay on plan out there...

Comment #5

I'll be watching for the hatchlings, too, MT!.

Anna & Keri, when Emma was smaller, I was worried because she was the only kid on our block. The neighbors' kid and her family live on the next block, but there are some rough kids down there, too. The summer that Emma started in public school (moving from the Montessori Primary program), a family moved in on our block with a girl the same age. Another girl, a year older, moved into an apartment across the street. While neither of them is as ncie a young lady as my girl (LOL!) I'm glad she has someone to wait for the bus with and hang out with. There haven't been any play dates or summer time activities since their moms are home and Emma goes to the Y during the day in the summer.

I have a terrible craving for a real version of a sludge food, not the blueberry, maple and brown sugar, peach, apple cinnamon one that Medifast offers. While I love the Medifast version. Talk me down, kids! I am going to bring a blueberry packet to work and hope it helps. I already had a chai latte for breakfast..

I am going to beat this sickness and stay one step ahead if it kills me. I'm burning up then i'm freezing. It would be so nice to go back to bed. But I have to be a contributing member of society and scan some documents, file some other stuff, compile our final Offering Plan for the townhouse development and hope for the best...

Comment #6

Good Morning.


I've been so happy since I started waking up each day to this thread and the smell of a wonderful variety of coffees! (Yes, I know it's all in my head, but I can still enjoy it.).





, and.




, add me to the list of folks excited about the hatchlings too!.

Don't know how much watching I'll be able to do. Have much going on in the basement today. Hopefully we will make some real progress. I feel like it has been too much of the "hurry up" and "wait"..

Be back later to check in...

Comment #7

THanks for the coffee. One cup #2..

Penny have some hot tea! I love tea when I'm not feeling well. Actually I love holding the hot cup and smelling it! EArl Grey. Yum!.

The fur babies want put of their cage this morning. They are wild little critters when its' this early in the am..

Lots to do today before we get hit with another snowstorm. First I'm going back to bed for an hour to sleep off 2cups of coffee..

Happy Thursday!..

Comment #8

Morning Zoe, MT and Pittie! Little guy is out the door and on his way to higher learning. OK, so I know that we have a range in age of Tough Lovelies in here, so I'm not sure if anyone can empathize or has gone through a similar issue, but, I'm just looking for some feedback..

So in one of our threads, I had indicated that I was on high daily doses of Prednisone (60 mg daily for over a year) and daily oral chemo drugsI was diagnosed rather quickly and luckily with a (docs say rare) autoimmune disease (Wegeners Granulomatosis or WG). So anyways there's the background. So all these life saving chemicals played some havoc with my system whilst saving me. Out of control carb cravings etc. (Which is part of the reason I'm here with you TLovelies). And it damaged my girlie wiring bits into believing it might be time for menopause for me.(Here comes the TMI part) So needless to say my TOM comes and goes as it pleases, in all it's bloating/headachey etc.

With all it's salt and sweet craving glory and weepies and crankies and water gain blah blah blah..

So all that said, besides staying OP 100% (which is my only plan) any advise from those that have journeyed towards their weight loss while their body was attempting to start and stop "The Change"... LOL In WW, I had asked, and the answer I got was everything was a pamphlet that amounted to "Try Harder". LOL.

I know that I could throw this one out on the health questions board, but I feel comfortable enough with you folks here to do so, and not comfortable enough to throw myself to the pack of wolves that awaits. Sorry this is so long...

Comment #9

Ohhhh. Looked out the window just now and 6 deer grazing in my yard.....

Comment #10

Congratulations, keep up the good work! Today is my first day...

Comment #11

Hellloooooo......(echo echo echo) Is anybody here...? (echo echo echo) Where are all my Lovelies this morning? *sigh* Well fine. I'm going to get ready for work, and I'll read you busy bees later...(can't post from work, but I can view when I have a minute)..

Have a super day all my Tough Lovelies. (.


, Love Love Love the new banner.


Made for you)..

Comment #12

Good morning all!.


, woman, take care of yourself!!.


, I can't help much with the menopause stuff. I do think I am in perimenopause because mine have just started to get irregular. They are also heavier, last longer and I have worse cramps. It can be really tough staying OP at those times, but it would be so much worse to cheat. Take it one packet at a time. Have a really satisfying L & G and maybe even split it into two. Drink lots of water and keep the ibuprofen handy if you can take that...

Comment #13

Morning, TLers! Yet another day at home, and I'm loving it! who ever knew that sleeping in your own bed and eating at your own table would be such a luxury!.

I dreamed last night that we bought a house with a yard and stream. Sheesh...

Comment #14

I snorted raspberry tea yesterday. For real. That was an interesting way to absorb it. The packet got punctured and spilled on my nasal spray..

Yesterday was so busy that I feel completely out of touch, but today should be quieter. I have a baby shower to attend right after work and it will be a sludgefest. It's being held in the library and people are already dropping off sludge for the shower. Mercifully, I don't feel the least bit tempted. Hope that lasts!..

Comment #15

Snorting raspberry tea.... Is that like Medifast crack?.

Penny - Enjoy your bb oatmeal. Maybe spice it up with a tish of cinnamon or a couple broken up raw almonds. I love my oatmeal; I have it every day.

MT - I need to get your eagle link so I can watch at work... Cuz there's nothing else to do there... lol.

The little one is already awake. Today is "bunny picture day". Wahoo.... Big ta-doo at daycare. He is very excited..

It's supposed to be up to 90 here today. I'd be happy if it stayed 84 every day... all year long..

Have a great day. I'll check in later...

Comment #16


, you are not going to eat sludge. No way, no how. Don't make us bully you..

Hope you feel better!..

Comment #17

HAHAHA Read your post and just snorted! (with laughter!).

Thanks for the input,.


, perimenopause is where I'm at too. *know* that I'm going to reach my goal, but I have a feeling that my first week, with my fantastic loss, will probably be my biggest loss. I know that I'm going to be a slow loser because of my girlie issue. But just so long as I'm a loser. I don't care. With my WW program, it was Week one: On plan 100%, lose 3 pounds.

I NEVER made it over the 10 pounds lost and kept off mark. lost and gained the same ten fricken pounds. Frustrated the heck out of me when "it was, I looked at your meals, you did fine, try harder, here's a pamphlet. "..

Comment #18

Good morning Tough Loves!.


We DO NOT go off plan here, REMEMBER??? Grit your teeth and just get through this - THIS TOO WILL PASS!!!!! And I really hope you feel better soon. Many thanks for the dark roast - it's divine!.

Good morning.

Anna, Keri, MT, Zoe, PK, Carolyn, Corbie and Cheri.


Keri, I wrote you a PM, please read it..

Dreary day here - rain and yuck. It's just miserable out. The good news is I'm OP and my boss is taking the day off. So I can play all day! Well, ok, sort of..

People are starting to notice my weight loss. Mostly good comments. Some of course want to know what I'm doing. I tell them and walk away. I'm not into what they think of it. I don't do defense.

And while you're losing and regaining the same three pounds, I'll be over here losing weight. :-).

Ok Tough Loves, it's Thursday, WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!.

Waving big hello to all I missed!.


Comment #19

I think the first week is everyone's biggest loss. Tough to measure up to that, but you are right, any loss is a loss and we should celebrate that..

I never had much luck with WW either because sludge was allowable and I could never eat it in moderation...

Comment #20

Good Morning All I see the coffee pot is still warm, so I'm up for 2 [i]measured[i] cups !.

Down 2.5 this week, yay ! that body bugg is pushing me to do more plus the weather is at least sunny but still cool, nice to be outside finally..


The banner is very nice, has a softly strong feel to it. Off to the dr for a shingles vaccine injection,.


, hopefully you won't tell me I shouldn't have..

Make it a great day !..

Comment #21

Keri: HELLOOOOOOooo! Yes, I'm here right now..

Are you still on those strong meds? If yes, are they a permanent part of your life?.

I am so glad you got prompt attention and the correct diagnosis..

I had my total hysterectomy in 1994. Before that I called myself a Klingon, because I usually only had 2 periods per year, but was premenstrual the rest for the time! Yet, miracle of miracles, my DH still loves me. I'm glad our life has been so much more pleasant minus ovaries..

Is there a website for your condition? I am going to search this AM. If there is a support group, you'll get more honest answers there, I'd hope..

DH already had his colon-oscopy and we're back home. I took 2 Nuvigil at 5:45AM just to make sure I had the energy to drive there and back. What a great experience! Back in the dark ages we were told nothing. Now we get a print out, complete with color pictures and a diagram of where each of the shots was snapped. Amazing..

I hope I have energy to do some sorting of things to discard today. Lots of CDs, tapes etc. and my computer are my storage centers now. Same for books..

DH is off until Sun-Mon when he has his Residents again. They are always surprised at how much they learn and what a good experience it is to take care of prisoners. The jail staff people are remarkable. Our jails and prsions have taken over the health care needs of the mentally ill, since some idiots in the 60s decided their rights were being usurped. Living on the street has been so much better. Okay.

DH is great. He experienced such dry mouth from the light anesthesia and wondered if this is what his clinic patients (in another small town) describe and why they drink so much Dr.Pepper etc. He usually has to persuade them not to drink 10 liters of the stuff daily before he prescribes any anti-anxiety meds. They've over caffeinated themselves to a perilous degree without realizing it. Plus the sugar!.

I love being more alert. I usually crawl around. I'm in bed as I write this, but do feel hopeful. Even 5 minute bursts of activity are wonderful to experience. I was so happy at the Outpatient center because I was with other human beings..

I read in the newspaper this week about kids getting depressed from being on-line. I totally understand that. My first week here, and a few times since, I've been slammed and criticized but good. Because I have no other social outlet (have been looking for more), this was terribly painful to me. I have been devastated by some PMs I've received. Be thankful you have a life, interact with people regularly, and treasure your ability to be healthy enough to do so.

I'm also not made of glass. I have learned since last Oct. not to ask questions of some bloggers. It was not my intention, nor has it been my place to interfere with their growth process. I realized painfully that I was trespassing. Mea Culpa.

I hope you all have successful days OP and enjoy using each and every one of your muscles..


Comment #22

Morning to all of you that showed up while I was at the grocery store.


Step away from the SLUDGE!!!.

I just realized I had an oil change appt that I forgot about earlier this am. I'll have to do it next week..


How often does it get that warm out there?..

Comment #23


, I am so sorry you got hurt so much. People can be really cruel. As someone who works with teenagers, I'm well aware of the effect of cyber-bullying and it can hurt anyone, regardless of their age...

Comment #24

Hello everyone! Good morning..

From yesterday: Jennifer, I am sooo sorry and I hope your daughter is OK..

Don't know if I should have coffee or not since drinking it makes me want to smoke more than anything, but I'm gonna have some anyway! Haven't had any cigarettes. It's only been a little over an hour but I'm proud! I didn't even stay up late last night to smoke lol! Went to bed before 9:30! I almost always go to bed early. Woke up several times during the night with Seth, and didn't smoke any of the times (I normally would have), even though I knew it could be my last chance! I have told myself that if I mess up, I will try immediately again, but if I can't stay 100% on my not smoking plan, do I even belong here?..

Comment #25


, I have it on good authority from the FDA that all other packets of sludge besides Medifast packets are crawling with roaches...

Comment #26

But Carolyn, I have it in a big container from buying it in bulk (pre-MF)! I'm sure there's more than roaches crawling around in the huge hoppers that fill those boxes, too. I can't throw it out because DH and DD eat it... sometimes. I'm at work now so it's not bothering me. Maybe I'll bake something nice and sludgey for them with it. It totally won't bother me then..

Melissa, I love your attitude toward coworkers. Everyone here knows that I'm doing Medifast because they know I'm a coach. A few of them have tried it, but would rather do WW. They're talking about having an "at work" program here for it even. Like you said: Do what you want to do. I'll be over here losing weight! (Love that!).

Mia, I love me some Earl Grey. I have some loose Earl Grey that I think I will treat myself with when I go home... which is looking to be shortly...

Comment #27


Going to be a hot one today. Too danged early for these temps..

Keri - I say EMBRACE the change! lol. But then again, I had a total hysterectomy 18 years ago. While I (knock wood) have never had to have chemo in any form, I have topped the scale for the amount of radiation it's safe for a human to have in a lifetime. What I suggest you do is contact your doctor and have this discussion. When your body has been pumped full of chemicals, I'm not sure that there's ever anything you can do to reverse the effects. But, your Dr.

Penny - I like how you managed the first post. Perfect! Oh, and 164/8/09..

That's all I can manage right now. bbl..

Comment #28

Good Morning TL'ers!!.

The coffee is.


This morning!!.


- Ohh no! I'm sorry you're still not feeling better. I'm a fan of the tea idea and good thing you're out of the house. When all else fails, brush your teeth! I never want to eat anything when I do. Last night, my inner brat was.


At me for some extra protein but I put her to bed. She wasn't too thrilled, but I'm happier for it now. Is it the sore throat still?.


- Umm the baby eagles! I passed the link to my co-worker and she's now OBSESSED. So thank you! Haha we actually went online and learned some very interesting (and scary) tidbits about Bald Eagles. Apparently, sometimes the babies eat one another.

!! And the mom/dad birds don't stop them... circle of life I guess. I just hope if that happens, they turn off the cameras LOL. I'm squeemish. For someone who asked, here's the link:.


Hopefully they hatch today or tomorrow - it's so exciting!.


- I won't be much help because I'm not going through peri/menopause, but in terms of slow losses, I can understand completely. You will slow down and even if you have smaller numbers than most others, the point is you're still losing, right? The scale is moving DOWN not UP! So just plug away and stay strong that you're following the program, you WILL get to goal and maintain!.


- Love it! You've now crossed over to the home owner mentality. Who knows maybe your house will have a nice yard, porch and stream! The skies the limit!.


- How the heck do you drink that raspberry tea?!! Do you want mine? I have extras - free to an insane person's home LOL. I wonder if I have a defective batch, even trying to make it into a frozen drink in the magic bullet it tastes gross AND it won't mix up right. I don't care about the $ of those packets anymore... they will not be passing these lips! Question - if you snort it, is it like that gross childhood candy that kids used to eat out of the tube? LOL.


- Good for you! I walk away too. I had one co-worker who keeps asking me, why I look so different and if I've figured out what's changed about me! LMAO! I just say "Hmm.. well I am a year older than when you last saw me!".


- I'm so sorry you experienced bullying. That's awful! People can be cruel sometimes, but some generally don't think they are - it's just their nature. Stay safe and warm in this coccoon.

Ok - this is a LONG post - sorry! Update for me: Feeling better than yesterday AND had 0.2lb loss for the week!.

Slowly getting there... last week was down 0.2 and this week 0.2, apparently that's how my body wants to do it at the moment, that's fine by me. Goal is only 8.8lbs away and I've lost 58lbs so far!.



Comment #29

Good morning lovelies!.

Yawn. So tired today. My mom came to Portland for a Dr appointment and stayed the night with me, so we're headed out to breakfast in a few. I've found breakfast is on the of the hardest meals for me to eat out. Any ideas as to what to order? I'm thinking a side order of eggs and a side order of veggies..

Penny, step away from the sludge! Take a look at the before/now pics you posted the other day. Hopefully the hotness that you've become will motivate you..

Comment #30

Dangit! I switched screens without copying my replies. I don't know who I've missed now. I had lots of witty replies typed up for everyone..

I tried to recreate everything. Please forgive me if I've missed anyone..


, I don't mind bullying you a bit. Do NOT eat that carp. It will make you feel like CARP..


, enjoy the luncheon today. Glad you are well-equipped to make it through on plan..

Good morning,.


! So glad your little one had a good playdate..


MT & Mia.

! *waving*.


, good luck on the basement project today..


, I can't help you with the menopause stuff, but I think I'm dabbling in perimenopause. I haven't have a regular period in over 10 years thanks to my fantastic Mirena IUD..


, that's a little more house than you were bargaining for, eh?.


, I hope little one has a fantastic time with the bunnies today. Fun times!.





, I'm sorry you had such bad experiences here in the beginning. I hope you feel energetic enough to do some of the things you want to do today..


, Great job so far!! You can do this. I just *know* you can..



Good to see you this morning..


, you're moving in the right direction, girlie! And look how close you are! Wooo!!.



! I like a good eggbeater, mushroom and spinach omelet when I'm out for breakfast. At Denny's, they have one that is served with healthy sludge as a side, but I have them sub in extra spinach instead. Or you could just have a calorie free beverage of choice while your mom eats..



, that cockroaches comment reminded me of a technique my best friend uses. She is grossed out by hair, so she tells herself the sludge has hair all over it. If it's particularly alluring sludge, she'll tell herself those hairs are probably pubes. (Sorry, I know it's early for such crass intonations, but we do what we haveta').

My 5'7" 120 pound sister gave birth yesterday to a 10 lb 3 oz baby girl. It was a very fast and unplanned home birth, but everyone is doing great! She lives just over an hour from me, so I headed over there around 6:30 and didn't get home until after midnight, then was up again at 5 to get ready just in case I got a call to sub. *yawn*. I'm so glad the full ketogenic effect of Medifast has kicked in today because in a former life, I'd have turned to sludge as a pick-me-up when I'm this tired. Today I'm feeling strong. Also.

I'm off today and have to get this project for DH done. Guess I should get started. Hope everyone has a faboo OP day!!..

Comment #31

Well, this is actually a bit early to be 90. It's supposed to drop to the high 70's and low 80's by the weekend. That's more like it..

The spring is usually in the 70's. June and July in the 80's and 90's. August through October, 90's and 100's..

Of course you'll be closer to the coast than I am, so it will be a good 5 - 10 degrees cooler for you depending on where you move. Oceanside is cooler. Temecula is a little warmer...

Comment #32 is a wonderful site. I really like the members who post there. I'm sure you already know about it, but just thought I'd give the site a big thumbs up..

Penny: I hope you feel better as the day goes on. If not, get in bed and stay there all weekend. Down time is what this YUCK needs, besides kleenex, fluids, etc..

Thanks, Lisa. I don't think it was bullying at all. I was just wrong and I was the bully. This is a common story for any of us here. We are the Bad Guys. Thanks for your kind words.

I visited the blogs after I posted earlier. No common sense, just all wrapped up in their fat cocoons complete with blinders. Folks (out there) do you think your perceptions might be just a tad skewed from years of wearing a fat suit and viewing EVERYTHING through that filter?.

Wow! Am I insensitive today..

Love to you all..


Comment #33

Guys - Really on the eagle? I get that it might be fun to watch eggs hatch, but really? Watching an eagle sit in a nest and look around? BORING! Kind of like hanging out in the yard watching grass grow. I think we need to get lives..

I'm seriously grumpy today. Love my DH, but did not know he had today off. Had a girlie afternoon playing in the dirt all planned that did not include him being here. Waking up with yet another headache isn't helping. Stewpid changing weather! Lately every time CC and I try to plan some quality girl time, some male intrudes! Ugh!..

Comment #34

Kris, you are home. You are doing 2 very important and very hard things all at once. I think ThinHope stopped smoking after a few months of the program. Then she gave up diet Coke, only to embrace it again. Fine..

I am proud of ThinHope, I am proud of you..

If you could stop one program right now, which would it be?.

If I asked you the same question after you were well rested (not up several times like last night) what would your answer be then?.

Give yourself a break..

We are not Superwomen, though we do have capes etc, we're just putting one foot in front of the other as we make this Medifast Journey..

You probably don't have to make that choice at all, just get some good sleep so you feel as capable and motivated as you really are..

Kris, you CAN do this..

Enjoy your weekend OP..


Comment #35

That is freaking hysterical!.

Congrats on your new niece...

Comment #36

My DH has the day off today as well. Seriously, for Cesar Chavez day? He is planning a day of yardwork..

I've been having headaches at night and when I wake up as well. I think it is the change in weather. Cold, rainy, warm, hot, cold, hot, rainy,...... sheesh..

I hope you manage to get some girly time in..

And the pube hair comment cracked me up. I have a thing about hair in food too. Even if it's my own it grosses me out. Now I will have to think about pube hair too... lol..

Comment #37

I am home, safe and warm, ladies, with my hot tea and a warm ginger tabby. He loves when it's just the two of us here. He's definitely a grown up boy..

I got my important stuff done and asked the boss if I could leave. There's one confirmed case of strep in the office, so I'm trying to get in to see my doctor. They had an opening at 2, but that didn't work for me. They want me to call back first thing in the morning and also put me on a list for today in case someone cancels..

Kris, be strong. I've never quit with Chantix, but it has a great success rate. When you want one, take a good deep breath. Each time you do, you'll be able to breathe even deeper and it will feel awesome..

No worries on the sludge, kids. The craving has passed. Not sure exactly what does that to me. Could be hormones..

De, sorry you were intruded upon. Don'tcha hate that? I would feel the same way. My hubby is my hero right now. We've been ultra-strapped for money the last month or so. We've gone from eating out 3 or 4 times a week to eating at home every night. My little one has her monthly social function at the YMCA this Saturday and that's usually our date night.

But the other day, Marc said he signed her up. I was okay with it, thinking there's no sense in her missing out just because we can't have our date. I just came home to find an email from Open Table, an online restaurant reservation service we use, saying we have a reservation at our favorite place this Saturday. :-).

Gotta. Feel. Better...

Comment #38



, strep just hit my office, and with my funky immune system, it is only a matter of time before I've got it. I had a dream last night that every time someone came to see me, I immediately asked them "Are you sick?" and if they said "Yes," I just yelled "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!".

Now I'm considering making the dream a reality...

Comment #39

Morning everyone. Thanks for the coffee Penny (and, again, the banner.

). Wow, you guys get started at 4am my time. Yawn..


, do you think you craved the sludge version of the packets because you aren't feeling well? Hopefully the packet will fix ya. I know I'm weird, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of cooking meals I can't eat. I always make them healthy and serve people proper portions (which was my problem before mf..too portions because I like the taste of good food), but somehow, it soothes my soul of any cravings I might have. I can't explain it and probably it isn't the case for everyone. Thanksgiving was really fun for me because I got to cook wonderful sludge from scratch for 15 people. Loved every second of it..


, I am in the peri phase, closing in on the full blown. Here's what I have found and I hope it works with you..MF has just about cured the symptoms. In fact, I was on hormones and my doc said "another 6 month prescription?" and I said "No thanks". All that soy..there's a positive to the soy..


, check your PM. Give me a minute first though because I haven't sent it yet..


, I always love your posts. Full of intelligence and insight. I am sorry you were bullied. It's rough out there sometimes. And they call us bullys. Sheesh..

To anyone I forgot...have an OP sludge free day...

Comment #40

I have the dream of just yelling at everyone to get out of my office... period. Maybe it would sound nicer if I asked them if they were sick or something..

Nah, I just want them to get out of my office..

Penny - Enjoy your day. Yay for your husband's good deed...

Comment #41


, bummer on the unexpected hubby appearance. I know you were looking forward to digging in the dirt with DGD. Note to self..don't invite De over to watch the grass grow...

Comment #42

Susan, I do sometimes crave sludge when I'm not feeling well. That's always been the case with me. Carby, stick-to-the-ribs (and everything else) sludge. I can't explain why, but it must be what happened. I suppose now that I've just succumbed to feeling like doodoo, I've psyched myself into no more craving..

Jasmine, I don't even like carp. Too many bones. :-)..

Comment #43


, I'm sort of in your camp with the birds. Maybe because I grew up around livestock, birds, etc. Seems kinda boring to sit and watch paint dry, but maybe that's just my ADD talking. I also hate it when DH is off and I have a girly or alone-time day planned. I love to just be by myself, get a pedi if I want, go shopping if I want, take a nap if I want, do the laundry in peace, etc. When he's around either I feel like I need to interact/engage with him the whole time.


, if you do try it, please set up a small video camera so we can enjoy the antics..


, your hubby rawks!.


, I LOLed at your yelling comment..


(is it Susan? I'm learning...or trying to) - good to see you this morning. By the time I have a minute to check in, this place is usually rocking so hard I can't catch up. I wish I found enjoyment in just cooking the sludge for people. It doesn't bother me to cook most of it, but I don't get any satisfaction out of it..

Clearly I am not getting the project done. It's time for another feeding, so it will be a few more minutes before I can get started. Darn...

Comment #44

Good Morning EVERYONE!.

I just got to work and I am praying it's a slow day. I have a ton to get done..

Yesterday, DH and I spent the day in town picking up much needed supplies, groceries, and taking him back (for the third time) to the doctor. He just cant seem to kick this sinus infection and strep throat. They gave him a shot, more antibiotics, an inhaler, and nasal spray this time. He is typically never sick, so this has me in a knot. I am praying the shot helped..

While running around yesterday, I stopped by my favorite bottle manufacter. DH and I are ordering these to have our logo applied to them and sell them at our gift shop on the ranch. Anyway, the other day someone was asking about the best bottles to keep food cold. I happen to be in love with my.


They are 100 stainless steel (they will never get a funky smell or taste), double wall insulated keeping cold products cold for 24 hours and hot products hot for 12+. If you put boiling water it you will have extremely hot water (obviously not boiling, but close) hours later. Currently on their website they only have a few sizes listed, but they are going to be adding more in the next few days. I picked up a 48oz yesterday. They also have a 64 oz. It's huge and awesome..

Anway, I just thought I would give you a quick product review because I love them so much...

Comment #45

Well my tough of this morning I am down 2 lbs. It took two weeks and I hid my scale in storage for two weeks, but nice to see it continue to creep the right direction. Wow..I haven't been 140 in a VERY long time..


, yes, I am susan...

Comment #46

Hey!!! Where did my weight go? The 140 disappeared. Zoink!!..

Comment #47

I nearly forgot that I stopped at Home Depot before work this morning to look at some short lengths of steel pipe to use as mandrels (forms) for my jewelry. They are just too expensive if you buy actual "made-for-jewelry" ones. Seven dollars later I have a beautiful set of 4 that will last a lifetime..

I'm trying to feel excited and motivated to do some jewelry, but I don't think it's gonna happen unless I take a nap. If I fade away for awhile, that's what happened...

Comment #48

Oh Penny, I love the Conga-Rats..they seem like a swell couple...

Comment #49

Notice I am sporting the original banner...nice Bad Azzes up my Lovely one...

Comment #50


... when you get so close to goal your weight no longer show up!!!.

My son was sick 2 weeks ago and the urgent care just got the results of his strep test and indeed he had strep (they did the quick one and it was negative). I hate that he's been exposing other kids for so long. The meds come today, he feels fine and has since the next day but strep can do nasty things to you if you leave it. I need to go to the pharmacy now..

Our weather is still cool (for us,most of you would be in heaven) and dreary...

Comment #51

Great loss Susan!.

Penny - The conga rats cracked me up!.

Also, regarding yesterday's conversation about hair loss and biotin. I went home and checked my biotin... it's only 1,000 mg. No wonder I wasn't having great success with it. Today I took 5 pills to equal 5,000 mg...

Comment #52

Beth, I would give up medifast if I had to choose. Hate to say it, but I want to quit smoking more than I want to lose the weight. Thank God I don't have to make that choice! I can be healthy in both ways, weight wise and lung wise. Honestly, I don't think I would have tried to quit smoking unless I had started medifast. I'm not sure exactly why, I guess it's because if I need to do one, then I need to do the other. I mean, what's the point of being thin if I'm still not healthy and smoking my life away? Plus, it made me realize that health is the most important thing.

I would hate to have to come here and admit to smoking. It's one of the many things right now that are keeping me going! THANK YOU!..

Comment #53

Good morning all - got clients in today so i'll be out most of the day. also have a big presentation at noon - wish me luck. i'll tell you the losses i've had already have helped with my confidence. gonna be gorgeous in the city today - 75 and sunny. woot! baseball season officially starts - anyone else a baseball widow? go a's?!.

Penny - get some rest. something nasty is going around - people around here - getting walking pnuemonia so be careful if it gets in your lungs..

Cheri - bunny photo?! dying - I used to be a hard *** but my kid has softened me up some and i'm sighing about bunny photo -how cute! and my hubby gets chavez day off too -lol it kills me. i'm like WHAT??? he also gets "indidgenious people day" but we are in berkeley so what can I say..

Junebug - grats on the loss! keep it up..

Lisa - I love your attitude, grats on the loss. I wanna be like you!.

Sassy - I love an egg white scramble...b/c yolks gross me out. I haven't actually ordered on out since I started Medifast but it's something i've ordered in the past with bell pepper, mushroom and green onion..

Jasmine - congrats on your new family member -.

Slw/susan - so glad I know your name now.

- grats on the loss. amazing!.

I hope everyone has a great on plan day..



Comment #54

Morning tough lovelies! (I love that phrase!) Thanks for all the sweet thoughts about DD and her guinea pig. We're still reeling a bit this morning but doing much better. She's off to school now and the rest of us home schoolers are taking the day off...sinus pressure headaches all around, plus the stress of yesterday still wearing off. DD has been looking online for a new friend for her surviving guinea pig (Molly...Casey was the one killed) and we may have found a rescue piggie from not too far away from here. Piggies do best in pairs, so we don't want to see Molly go downhill after losing her buddy. We don't want to start over with a baby cavy as Molly is a bit older, so a rescue would be good.

We'll be ok..

Head is throbbing so no chopped tofu but I'm thinking about you all and did read through the thread to see how everyone is doing. I've wanted sludge all morning...I'm an emotional eater, after all, and my appetite is back! Knowing I'd have to confess here has made it easier to stay away, so thanks for being there!.

Back after the headache lifts...

Comment #55


Carolyn.'s weird to be 5 from goal. In a way it means everything, in a way it means nothing. Hmmm...deep Susan..

Hard to explain..

LOL..I just realized today is 3/31. I wasn't supposed to weigh until 4/1. Oops..oh well, Thursday is my regular WI day, so I guess my habit took over my deal with myself. Pittie has to smack my inner brat again. She's hiding right now. Gonna see if I can squeeze into my size 6 jeans hanging on my bedroom door. Before and after pics as soon as they fit comfortably...

Comment #56

Okay, Tough Lovelies... I have a question and you are the perfect group to answer it....

Tomorrow is April Fools day. I want to play a fun April Fools joke on my DH. Any ideas?..

Comment #57

Susan, your weight disappears on your ticker when you get too close to goal for it to have room to write it. It's a great day for you!!!.

No chopped tofu. Send me good thoughts. Today sucks at work. Lots...

Comment #58

Sorry today sucks,.



Good thoughts headed your way - hope it's over soon and the suck doesn't follow you home...

Comment #59

Hi everyone!.

I'm very late (for me) in checking in on the site. Babysitting grands (3 of them) and the morning schedule has been messed up. Hope things straighten out soon or I'll....I have no idea what, LOL..

I have been guzzling water to the tune of 12 & 13 cups for the past couple of days. Yesterday had 1 infusor (in 3 cups water) and then tried a Crystal Light (1 single serve packet in 7 cups of water). The rest was 'plain' (thanks De for the reminder to avoid the infusors in the afternoon). Scale dropped a little bit but not enough that I feel I'm out of the stall. Maybe soon..

The grandbaby loves my nacho puffs! Whatssup with that?! I tried to give him some of his baby puffs, but he tasted it and then threw it to the ground. Stood at my knee, mouth open like a little bird, wanting one of my puffs. Sugars but it is hard to share my supplements. I want *every* bite for myself..

Better get off the 'puter. Congratulations to Susan on the loss and also hooray on the pink slip being recended (sp?). Horrible about the guinea pig and I'm going to stop at that (the baby is saying "milk, milk, milk" and nodding his head yes.....LOL, I need to go do my grandmotherly duty and open the refrigerator for him..

My best to all!..

Comment #60

Oh My!!! DD just picked up some butter rum exctract at Whole Foods for me. No I grabbed my first packet ever of french vanilla shake and put a tiny bit of that and a tiny bit of coconut extract in I in the tropics? On a beach? SO good. I'm in heaven...

Comment #61

Hmmm...was I given a pink slip?? Or did I miss someone's post? LOL..whoever it is, I'm also glad it was rescinded...

Comment #62

De - i'm going there tomorrow. need my butter rum..

Cheri - this sounds kind of stupid i'm sure but I saw it online yesterday and i'm doing it b/c it's EASY. putting a raisin in the toothpaste so when it comes out you are like "what!?" that is my stupid husband prank...

Comment #63

Repost of eagle cam for those who missed it:.


Comment #64

Good one Teri. That is the kind of thing I am looking for. Easy and harmless... lol..

Comment #65

Cheri, where in So Cal are you? I live in El Cajon and work in Poway...I wanna cut work and go play in the sun!..

Comment #66

You know what drives me batty about men's online dating profiles? When they list that they want a women who is athletic and toned or slim, but then also list they want a woman who enjoys good food and wine...

Comment #67

Oh Sassy, dating...ugh..and men and their laundry lists..double ugh. However, I have a couple of friends who don't have an extra oz of fat on them and they LOVE food and wine and can partake in both on a regular basis without gaining a MG. I secretly want to slap them both...

Comment #68

Oh I wanted to lick some sludge! No time for it. On ward to another appointment...

Comment #69

Good morning!.

Beth, I'm sure you weren't being a bully... maybe just hadn't figured out how things work. To me, being a bully is a mindset of wanting to hurt someone else..

Jennifer... sorry about the guinea pig, I'm glad she's doing better!.

Carolyn... that's funny about the roaches. (The hair thing? ewwww).

Susan, congrats on no longer being able to see your weight on your ticker! That's HUGE!.

Freya, hugs on the sucky day. I hope it improves!.

I don't know if it is the Chantix or the knowing he's down to almost his last cigarette or knowing he can no longer go hang out at the bar (they smoke in bars here and he thinks it will be too hard) or WHAT... but DH is being a pain in the ****....

Alison is home, splinted arm and all. In a week we find out if she needs it casted. She hates the immobility! She's practicing writing with her left hand. Sadly, her handwriting seems BETTER... Poor Joseph... he's doing all of his own chores plus trying to be an extra set of hands for his sister (for those things the little ones can't be extra hands for) while I study.

Studied pediatric orthopedic and spinal cord injuries, other immobility issues (muscular dystrophy, etc.) yesterday. Today pediatric endocrinology and burn. If I do good I'll get through respiratory, too...

Comment #70

Oh no.


, sorry about DH. I've cyber-slapped him for you. Hope it helps..

The baby shower sludge is piling up!! It's nasty how there are boogers all over everything!..

Comment #71

My inner brat says some carb-sludge will make it all go away. I'm leaving the house so she can't get a hold of anything!.

Slap her for me while I'm gone, will you?..

Comment #72

Hi all! I'm on my lunch, haven't had time to check in because this is the week from h*ll at work. Today is all overtime and I don't even care because I am so tired. Somehow managed to stay OP, which is why I love the packets. Makes life so much easier!.

I'm getting a little nervous because I'm approaching maintenance. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it..

Have a great day everyone!.

No chopped tofu because I didn't catch up on anything yet!.


Comment #73

I live in Upland, but work in Redlands. Inland Empire. I so want to leave and go play in the sun. I have Friday's off, so I can play tomorrow..

Comment #74

Ella - Sorry about crabby husband. Smack him..

Sassy - Dating sometimes sucks. Sometimes it's fun though. But weeding through the weirdos and losers is not fun..

Tara - How close are you to maintenance? I just started 2 weeks ago. It's not bad or scarey there. Honest. Start visiting the T & M board up there.. It's helpful..

Jennifer - Consider your inner brat slapped..

Carolyn - Blech. Sludge. Dirty, rotten, slimey sludge...

Comment #75

Run by hi. <<<<<wave hi>>>>>.

Will catch up later so no chopped tofu..

But while you all are oohhhing and ahhhing over the baby eagles, I just scooped a dead rat out of the pool. yes. DEAD WATER LOGGED RAT..

So yuck.

Ok, spending the glorious day outside..

Hugs and OP to all!!!..

Comment #76


, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!.


Jedi Cheryl.

, yep it's gross sludge! My L & G was soooo much better...

Comment #77

Susan, those girls who can eat anything and still be skinny should be slapped.

I think most women have to work to be thin, but apparently single men often don't realize that!..

Comment #78

Erg. There was more oil in my restaurant lunch than I would use at home (I barely ever eat oil), and now my stomach is flip-flopping. I grossly overestimated everything in my tracker because I can't be sure what the restaurant actually fed me, but I'm still on plan for the day - had 2 bites and pork, several bites of beef and chicken, and a bunch of tiny shrimp, accompanied by broccoli, mushrooms, and cauliflower. It was good, but the oil on the pork and chicken left me just a bit queasy. I'm getting good at guesstimating lean weights, I guess then weigh at home to see how close I've come, so I feel good about the quantity eaten. And, I didn't come back stuffed, sleepy, and miserable.

And we had a sludge CONTEST in my office today. I went, told people their stuff looked great, inhaled deeply, and came back to my desk and drank a huge bottle of water...

Comment #79

Sassy, I am sure you are right. Men have no idea. Although, think of it this maintenance, a delish L/G and a glass of sludge is perfectly okay. It's so easy to go to nice restaurants and have a perfectly op meal even on 5/1. I think when they say that, they are referring to the women who do it oddly and "oh, I'll just have a green salad" rather than eating OP the way we do. Not that just having a green salad is off kilter, but you know what I mean...

Comment #80

Totally Susan! I do have to admit to trying to find a meat and veggie rather than a salad on a date so I don't look like one of 'those' girls who orders a salad and then eats her date's fried sludge..

Zoe, that happened to me to today. I ordered a veggie omelette and a side of veggies and stayed on plan with the amount of eggs and veggies. However, the waitress said the side veggie would be steamed and it actually came back grilled in oil. Next time I need to request no oil or fat, because restaurants tend to use way more oils than I would to cook, even if I wasn't on MF...

Comment #81

Susan, the congrats for the 2# was for you and the 'no pink slip' was for someone else (name escapes me and that is embarrassing, my apologies to her)..

Baby is down for a nap so I had my puffs without having to share..

The grandchildren love the eagle cam, I had to turn off the computer to get them to go play. The eagle stood up twice, while they were watching, so they saw the three eggs. They wanted to keep watching for them to hatch. I told them it might be a very long time before it happened. They were willing to wait. Cute..

I tossed the last 8 oz or so of the green tea infusorcould not make myself choke it down. Now having some Crystal Light, it doesn't take much to flavor the bottle of water, so 1 serving goes a long way..

Hope the day is going well for all...

Comment #82

Tal, I figured the pink slip was meant for someone else..

It is fun to watch those cams when they actually get up and move around. Love it...

Comment #83


- WOOO! Great job on the 2 pound loss..

Who wants to come to my house and cook dinner tonight? I don't wanna...

Comment #84

Hi everyone, Just doing a fly by - very crazy at work because I don't work on Fridays so it's let's see how much we can get Melissa to do on a Thursday afternoon..

Just two chopped tofu - I'll be back tonight to really say hi..


Thank you so much for the link to HydroFlask - they look amazing and I will order one tonight..


SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! Way to go on the 2#s!!!!!.

I'm swamped, I'll be back later!!!!.

(Frantically waving hi to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!).


Comment #85

Well, I'm off to the baby shower. Then to CrossFit..



, hope your day ended up better than you expected. Neglected to compliment you on the picture from the other night. Hawt!.

Gratz again,.


, you are soclosetogoal!..

Comment #86

LOL! I get the impression this wasn't an inner-brat-slip-up, but rather a matter of human error. If you think the mistake was the inner brat's fault, well then I'll be happy to oblige! I'm just so happy to hear you have lost 2 lbs and are so close to goal!.


I don't know where you get all the crazy pics you post...but I love the conga rats!.

I've already forgotten what else I was gonna back later!..

Comment #87

My mantra: "no oil, no butter, no sauce." Seems to cover things pretty well...

Comment #88

Ugh - a contest? lol crazy. who wins what's worse for you?! lol.

Carolyn - have fun at baby shower..

Finished my new biz meeting - I think I did pretty dang good. fingers crossed for a new client..

When I left my office to go to my meeting I got "do you want us to order lunch for you?" I said clearly - "no thanks" then after my new biz meeting the possible new client said "lets go to lunch" I said "sorry - gotta get back" - I was feeling good, 2 no's no problem...handling my Medifast bizniss.

Get back to my office and there is a huge pile of sludge in a box waiting for me with my name on it. ugh. made my chicken noodle soup and am moving on. You can't tell i've lost any weight so I just don't want to talk about Medifast with anyone here. kind of annoying though..

I will say that everything I thought tasted gross on Medifast now i'm like hmmm this is pretty good..

Comment #89

Hey Jasmine! Sorry, can't cook dinner for you, I don't even really like to cook for myself! You're on your own, babe!.

Carolyn, good luck with the shower sludge....

I am going to a company dinner tomorrow - luckily I can get out of it by doing a fast hello/good-bye and leaving. Waaaay too much sludge all over the place there for me to stay. I'm just doing what I have to do. Even the give aways are all sludge..

Wow, the hot cocoa really does the trick when you're cold. YUMMY!!!!.

Hi Beth! I'm sorry people are such idiots at times. Know it's really not about you. People who want to win listen to winners, everyone else fights. I came here to TL because here I found winners - and I want that - I have nothing left to argue about, you know? But I'm 55 and I've been up and down the proverbial scale with my emotional eating - it's very much over for me, but for those who think they can somehow get away with something, they'll keep at it and it will never be their fault that they can't lose weight!.

Susan, so very proud of you! Great job, really. It must feel wonderful..

Sassy/Tonimarie - I ordered the 18 oz hydroflask - and the other one I ordered has already shipped, so I will be able to do a side by side comparison. I'm really looking forward to being able to bring my drinks into work this way!.

Freya, I hope your day gets better!!!!.

Hi De, how are the muscles doing these days? I am exactly like you on the dh intrusion - I LOVE my own company and cherish it, so when dh is around unexpectedly I get downright pouty - especially if I have things planned. I can entertain him for a bit, but then I gotta go!.

Penny, I hope you're feeling better!!!! Please buck up, ok? We NEED our jewelry!!!!! Just kidding! Glad to hear the sludge call was momentary..

I have to admit that I'm not attracted to sludge right now... everynow and then I get really hungry and that's just about making it to the next meal - so some sort of entertaining tea or such will usually get me through the moment - or coming here and writing. Then it's time to eat and I'm fine..

Keri - I hope you're doing ok - you have taken a lot and it sounds like you're ok with it... one minute at a time, you know? Do what ever you have to to get through it. Walk, talk, write, shop... whatever helps!.

Hi PK! Hope your basement is slowly recovering! What a mess. I feel for you! We had ours flooded out a few years back - that was not fun - but what you're going through is so much worse! Hang in there!!!!.

Ok, I know I've missed 800 people. I'm sorry, I love you all, I'm just completely burned out from this stupid day..

Going for some night HOT herbal tea!.


Comment #90

I couldn't tell you that without specifically knowing your medical history. However, I am *generally* not pro-many-vaxxes, especially the number we give kids these days and especially how many in one office visit...

Comment #91

HI!!!!!!!!! (yelling it out so all can hear).

Lately, I have no time, but I've tried to catch up on a few things from the past few days:.

1. I'm the rogue banner gal. I love TL but it lacks vulgar language. So, I prefer to use use my banner because I'm like that. And, it apparently has the side effect of offending others..

2. MediFATS made me laugh on and off for the past 30 minutes. Medifats. Tee hee..

3. Jennifer...the guinea pig episode is horrifying and I think it's awesome that you are adopting a buddy for Molly..

4. Steph...a water-logged rat...How fun and exciting..

5. Freya - smoking hot photo. Love the toilet-motif in the background..

6. The pastor's wife who jumps on people also made me laugh. Just the image alone. "I'm not touching her, I swear!" just adds that extra something to the whole episode..

That's as far as I can remember. To the rest of ya'll - hello and welcome if you're new. I'm ConnorPonnor, a dirty grrl. But Freya made me that way, so blame her...

Comment #92

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.