What if I used some Medifast recipes from another restaurant?

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My 1st question is: What if I used some Medifast recipes from another restaurant? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hello Everyone,.

I finally have a.


Date of November 29. I am so excited but really nervous too!!.

I told a few more people today and I was surprised how supportive most of them were. My Pastor was especially supportive. He said his mom and aunt both had it done and had wonderful results from it. So I'm thrilled I will finally be able to talk to someone who isn't telling me horror stories about it..

A few of them were annoying asking me why I would do that when I don't need it. I told them it's because "I'm FAT! DUH!!" I am tired of people trying to convince me I'm not fat. I am morbidly obese for the love of Pete!! I am 5'2 and weigh 245 lbs! That is NOT normal by any means!!!!!!! ARGH!!! I am just tired of skinny peeps telling me how easy it is to.

Lose weight.

Or they tell me I'm fine the way I am. I am not fine. I have horrible problems with my circulation, borderline high blood pressure, and I'm pre-diabetic, if I don't do something about this now, I am going to be in DEEP trouble in a few years! I DO NOT want diabetes!!!.

I did weigh 318 at my heaviest, but I've been working at losing it and actually did lose 100 lbs at one point but then gained 50 of it back and am now working on taking the fifty I gained back off) I hate yo-yoing all the time!.

But anyway I am glad I made this decision and I am going to go for it and do it well. :).

I am scared to tell people though because I do not want a bunch of negativity thrown at me when I am trying to do this..

Did you tell a lot of people before you had the.


? Or did you wait until after it was over with to tell people? Or did you not say anything? I know I have to tell my work, but I really don't want to tell my boss because he would totally not understand. So I am have to go talk to HR on Monday and see if I have to tell him specifics or if I can bypass him and just go through HR and just tell him I'll be off sick for two weeks...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Everyone is different in how and who they choose to tell. I am naturally talkative and an extrovert. I didn't want people.


About me behind my back, so I chose to tell everyone. I figured they would be.


About me and I wanted them at least be saying the truth and not making up stuff. Like I had cancer or some horrible debilitating wasting illness. I heard the usual "why don't you just Medifast diet and.


?" and "you are taking the easy way out." But I chose not to listen to those folks. I'd say "thanks for your concern, but I am doing this for me and my health. If you can't be supportive at least don't say anything at all." And most people didn't (at least to my face). I know I was the topic more than once at the lunchroom table conversation, and I am ok with that. I simply choose to ignore bad behavior..

One of my favorite quotes from Elanor Roosevelt is "Great Minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." I think this sums it up nicely!.

I am 20 months out now and I am thrilled with my results and most people are supportive of me and were throughout the ordeal. I had family and friends whose opinion I respected and who I knew were praying with me and for me. Those were the people I listened to and who I called when I had doubts or needed encouragement..

I journalled my progress for my family and friends on facebook with photos along the way. I now am willing to tell anyone (and I do) my story. When I get patients into my lab (I am a cath lab nurse) for cardiac clearance preop, I wait until they hear that their coronary arteries are clean and they are ok for.


Then I share my story to give them a bit of encouragement. And my colleagues know they can say "one of our staff had it done............" If someone mentions they are thinking about it to one of our staff, they will come find me and I will talk to them and answer questions and give a bit of encouragement..

Tuesday night I am sharing my journey with the preop support group in our area. Complete with before and after photos!.

Everyone is different in how much and when they share and who they share their stories with. In the end you just need to be comfortable with whatever you decide to do!.

Good Luck!.


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One reason people have horror stories to tell is because successful many people don't share their victories..

I say don't put your light under a bushel..

Telling others means you are accountable all the time. They're going to know you had.


, and people will talk negatively about you withholding it!.

Give them something positive to talk about and don't tolerate negative comments. Stop them before they start..

We hid our disease and snuck around, thinking no one would notice..

Open the windows and air out the stale smell of dishonesty! Be who you are today and to Hell with any naysayers!..

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Hey kris4370 - I am also 5'2 but about 50lbs more :( and have a.


Date on 11/30!.

I actually work in HR for a department of about 300 people so I am very visible and dreading going through this so publicly. I don't mind anyone knowing, I just tend to be a private person and don't want to talk about it constantly. Only four people know about it going in (my boss, my two closest coworkers and a coworker in another area). We've devised a plan whereby when I go out in December, they are allowed to tell everyone and anyone but then say "but she doesn't want to talk about it." I'm hoping that will spread and fix the problem before I ever get back. :).

I was fairly amazed though - as I started getting very serious about having this.


I became super tuned in to people's comments. I was once going through a pool of candidates with a hiring manager, and he had an applicant who'd previously worked in our department before my time. When I asked if he knew her all he could tell me was that she was really huge but then went away and had.


And lost a bunch of weight. She'd worked there YEARS and that's all he had! Then, another employee of ours had the banding done, and I've actually had people comment to me about what they've seen her eat in a very judgemental way. It's just all so wrong...

My only caution to you is think carefully about if NOT sharing with your boss is the wisest course of action... while others are right that you don't legally have to go in to details (if absence is covered by FMLA), you also want their support after the.


For any problems you may have where you need some leniancy at work. They may not understand, but at least if you do share it with them there's no resentment that you kept something from them (or that they found out from other sources). I've been in HR a long time, and managers can come to resent employees they feel aren't being honest with them (even if it's none of their business to begin with)!.

I feel so fortunate - my boss right now is my Assc VP (our Director is vacant) and he recently said something about this.


That made me look at him funny, like "and how do you know THAT?" He said "what? when someone I am fond of is going through something like this I am going to.


It!" That was an "awww" moment. Just as many great people in the world as douche bags...

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I'm having the.


On 19 November, and I've told everyone basically. The fact that I'm obese certainly isn't a secret, and the weight loss will be noticeable. I'd rather have people asking me how I am rather than asking me how Im losing weight. Just me. I manage a department of 38, and I felt that being open was better than having the rumor mil going. People will talk, let them at least be knowledgeable..

I've found only one colleague who doesn't get it (thinks that The Biggest Loser's way is actually doable for everyone!). Most people have been very supportive. I mentioned to a co-worker that I was looking into alternatives to pasta, and two days later, she brought me a grocery bag containing several types of shirataki noodles!.

I'd have had this.


Five years ago if I had known then about the positive health improvements I would get from it, but no one spoke of it to menot even my PCP. It wasn't until January 2010 that a medical doctor recommended that I consider it. I immediately started to.


It and was sold. I personally think that more of us should talk about it, it has certainly brought a lot of.


And positive energy into my world, and I plan to share it...

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For me... I'm not telling people about it. My husband, my kids, 1 of my brothers, 2 of my closest friends and my most trusted co-worker know whats going on. Not even my boss does. He just knows I'll be having to go in for.


Before too long for "female problems" but my insurance is through my hubbys work not my work.. In my opinion, other than those close to me and in my immediate support group, it's not anybodys business. After the weight is gone, I might be more apt to share my story with people, but for not, it's a very personal thing and people are on a need to know basis... and most just don't need to know...

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As others have said, to tell or not to tell is a totally individual decision. I tried to get by without tell many people. I have still not told two of my sisters, but that is so I can surprise them when I see them at Thanksgiving..

I had.


On 8-30 and am starting to show the weight loss of 50 pounds to the point where people are noticing. So..I've started to announce it. I have yet to have one negative comment. I don't know if it is because I work in a hospital or if they are just keeping the negative to themselves..

After sharing with a member of the HR staff, I was asked if I would consider participating in a wellness program and be interviewed.


For an article. I will be more than happy to participate as I had the procedure for my health. I have never felt that my weight kept me from having a full life. There are things that I would have liked to do, but I never stopped.


, I have a great job, I've remained active with.


Ect. I had the procedure to help my Diabetes (no meds since one week from.


! and Blood pressure.. (No meds since last week!) I'm glad I told as I've been asked by a number of people if they could have a family member or friend call me. Wow... sorry, guess I got carried away!.

Back on point. it is your decision whether to share or not..


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Congratulations, I know how excited you are I got my date for 11-22-10I didn't tell alot of people yet because I only wanted POSITIVE energy around me. The decision is personal to tell or not, but unfortunately some people want us to stay FAT..


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