What includes in iPage web hosting service from a iPage web hosting service providers?

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First question I have is What includes in iPage web hosting service from a iPage web hosting service providers? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... Folks:.

I am building my own iPage website from scratch and am coding everything by hand. I am probably not as experienced as I think I am, so forgive me if these are silly issues..

My iPage site is at.


I was quite happy with the results till I looked at my page in Netscape ver 4.75. Here are the problems:.

- I am using frames, the index.html file has a frameset with the following.

<FRAMESET framespacing="0" frameborder="NO" ROWS="11%,85%">.

<FRAME NAME="MENUPAGE" SRC="menupage.html">.

<FRAME NAME="BODYPAGE" SRC="startpage.html">.

IE does fine, Netscapes shows a clear separation bar and puts in a scroll bar as well. I can get rid of the scroll bar, but the separator remains..

- I have defined the font face, body font and other characteristics in a style sheet. IE works fine, Netscape seems to ignore everything and makes the page look terrible..

Short of starting off with Dreamweaver, any help is appreciated..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Netscape 4.X does not do CSS. Well, that's not entirely true. It tries to do CSS but then fails miserabley. My advice? Don't bother trying to code for it. Focus on making the iPage site available in Opera, IE, Netscape 7, and Mozilla..

If you put everthing in style sheets, then reference them using:.

Then Netscape 4.x just doesn't do any styling at all. It just shows the text and pictures. It isn't the prettiest, but the iPage site is then legible. To see what I mean, view.

My site.

In both IE and Netscape 4.x..

Doog Xela..

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<FRAMESET framespacing="0" frameborder="0".



Also don't have 2 percentages as you will create problems there too. always use 1 as a percentage and a * so ti take up whatever the first one didn't...

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Uhh, since when did nn not work with css?..

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NS 4.xx runs almost nothing under the CSS2 standards, it does run a fair bit, but not all, of CSS1..

NS 7 does MUCH better, although surprisingly still has some flaws. Admittedly they're minor unless of course you desperately need to incorporate the failed bit of CSS in your page..


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If you want to see how even the simplest bit of.


CSS can mess up in Netscape 4.x, then compare the view of.

This site.

In Mozilla, IE, Opera, Netscape 6 or 7 and how it looks in NN 4.x instead...

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The border=0 worked!! How come it is not listed in most reference sites I checked? Guess I need to do more research here..

Now only if you could fix the text color and face problem - I have defined them in the style sheet and NN4.x seems to ignore them all......



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Did you do know this or are you only using this as an example?.

Maybe a better alternative for this iPage website would have been first, define a serious of classes in your style sheet eg.

.MainText {font-family:Arial; color:yellow; font-size:13}.

.MenuLink {font-family:Arial; color:blue; font-size:11}.

Then use <p class="MainText"> or <span class="MainText"> ... </span> for your main yellow text in the body and <a class="MenuLink" href=....></a> for your menus..

Works in all versions of Netscape as well as the other ones I believe (haven't actually tried this particular example, but a similar approach in another iPage website worked OK for me - see.


In IE and then NS 4, 4.5 etc), but I'm sure the real pros here can come up with even better fixes using CSS that are more cross-compatible..

Also, if they have a background pic of stars against the black of space, why have the background color an intense shade of blue? It's quite jarring to see "the blue screen of death" for a second before the background pic loads. <body bgcolor="#000000"> or it's CSS equivalent is better.....and I'd also suggest a clean, clear GIF of stars rather than a badly compressed and very blurry JPEG...

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Actually an even better (or at least expanded) solution and one I use often is at.


The solution means that at least you have some minimalist styles that will work in NN 4.xx available to it..


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No that isn't my site, just one that I picked as an example...

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