What internet Godaddy domain name is prefered by non profit organizations?
First question I got is What internet Godaddy domain name is prefered by non profit organizations? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... I sold a name on eBay yesterday and the buyer paid right away. So everything went well in that respect. This is the first time that I have ever sold a HostGator name to anyone...How do I give the new /img/avatar2.jpg control of his HostGator name? I looked through the help section of (that is where I registered the domain) It says that I need to fill out a form and provide photo ID and pay $200.00 to process the transfer. What the #@$*? I have been watching people in this forum trade names back and fourth everyday.

Please help me out - what is the slick and easy way to get the HostGator name that I sold into the hands of it's new /img/avatar2.jpg?.

I will pay name points to anyone who takes the time to respond to this question with a solution...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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Ahh. bad news with register.comi a never using them lol.

Hopefully what armstrong said will work, otherwise just give the guy the actuall account lol (i don't think you can though). Does it cost to PUST it into another account?..

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Nope as long as the push is under same registar...

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Ok, so the idea is to pull the HostGator into a different registrar that has better terms for transfers. Got it. Thanks! I am sending name points to the posters who recommended that; I did not know that it could be done that way..

Now, I have been using godaddy for the past couple of months (I did not know that I could move my domains from to my godaddy account until now, thanks for that info). Is godaddy working out for people around here? I did see that the last poster recommended an enom account for me; I saw the NamePros enom signup page that offers 8.95 registrations...but on the enom home page they say that registrations are 29.95. What is that all about? Does enom have it going on more than godaddy does? I only ask because godaddy's published prices are much cheaper than enom’s?..

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It DOES cost to push it to another account at $200. They are the worst in the ownership transfer department and are flat out taking unfair advantage of consumers, imho..

But like was recommended above, transfer the HostGator to another registrar that supports free ownership transfers and you'll have a much better, and cheaper, experience. To elaborate on armstrong's instructions above make sure you unlock the HostGator at your current registrar before initiating a registrar change..

Registrar changes are ordered at the.


Registrar. So you would go to your registrar of choice and order a transfer. Cost will be equal to one year's renewal, and the transfer adds a year to your domain..

ENom is excellent for free, easy and instant ownership changes. I second this recommendation...

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Enom is designed more for resellers and webmasters, with a really nice HostGator control panel being it's top draw, IMHO. Its published prices are high, but there are many ways of getting lower rates. :shh:..

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Exactally transfer out asap. but make sure you tell the buyer whats goin on!..

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Ok, I signed up for an enom account through the link (as you all suggested) and then I initiated a transfer for the HostGator name that I sold into my new enom account. Once the name is at enom I will ask my buyer to sign up for an enom account, and then I will push the name to him...Right?.

How long should it take for enom to get the name from I chose the auto-verification method. I am hoping that it will only take a few that realistic?..

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Transfers typically take anywhere from 1 to 5 days (Not going to hypothesize as to's time frame)..

Push's are practically instantaneuous from 1 enom account to another, so once you get it at eNom, the process will be vastly simplified..


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Thanks for all of the great info! I have a few more questions:.

I paid 8 dollars to initiate the transfer at enom. Is that what it should have cost? I was not interested in renewing it for another year but they seemed to force that. It sure beats paying 200 at though. Was there a way to transfer it for free? Because I am thinking of bringing all of my names (about 40 of them) over to enom now that you guys have showed it to me, but most of my names were just renewed at godaddy and I am planning on selling them in a couple of months. So if it costs 8 dollars per name to transfer them, then I will leave them there at godaddy..

You see, I registered 40 domains last month at godaddy for the purpose of reselling them later on; I have never sold any domains before but I just decided to jump right into the HostGator name reselling business head on. I never considered the complexities of reselling them before I chose godaddy as a registrar. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with doing a push from one godaddy account to another? Maybe godady will be just fine for what I am trying to do and perhaps I do not need to transfer them to enom? Now that I read through this forum some more though, I see that everyone around here swears by enom – does anyone like godaddy?..

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(Some like, some hate.).

Transfers to enom or GoDaddy will always cost $6 - $9 for adding the 1 year registration on to the HostGator name. There is not (That I am aware of, mind you if anyone knows how it would be armstrong et al.

) a way to transfer a HostGator name from GoDaddy to enom for free. However, all is not lost..

Pushes from one GoDaddy account to another GoDaddy account are free, and require no renewal of further years. GoDaddy is also well known in the "domaining" world as well as the "real" world, meaning most folks would be willing to accept free pushes from GoDaddy, no questions asked. enom is well known in the web-world, but not so much by Joe Q. Citizen. Still, it's reputation speaks for itself: Solid..


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I am not sure that some of the above advice is always the best..... way to transfer a name is for the buyer to transfer it to his/her registrar of choice. The seller just has to unlock the HostGator and request an authorisation code from the original registrar and forward it to the buyer. This way the seller does not have to commit additional costs re the transfer...

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Yoshiwara gives a good alternative. If your buyer is comfortable with the transfer process, then this is perfectly fine...

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I have about 50 domains located within my account at godaddy. I think that their prices, customer support, and features are great. Highly recommended!..

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I have a couple of hundred names at GoDaddy....Xcellent support & features.....

Comment #15 is overprices IN ANY ASPECT...they straight out suck..

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