What iPage web host and domain provider you use?

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First of all What iPage web host and domain provider you use? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Hi to everyone!!!.

So this is my first post(in this board) and a though(?) question right at the start..

I am currently trying to create an webpage which has an high-speed option with quite an graphic-intense startpage(topframe)whose graphics i'd like to preload before showing the site. As these graphics (1xavi;17xjgp) are over one megabyte big, i'll need to show an progress bar so that people who don't have an highspeed internet-access and are loading this page won't think that it's hanging..

So far so good. There a many preloadscripts on the net you can find but all i've found have one serious disadvantage: the progress bar is actualized only once after every file is preloaded. As I have one big and many small files to preload this means for my page:.

As it starts to preload the progress bar is showing nothing for quite a long time, then jumps to ~80%(after the avi is loaded) and then actualizes every 1% up to 100%..

Thats of course not much better than having no preload script at all..

So my question is how to create an preload(w bar) which also uses the filesizes to actualize the bar..

I really hope someone can give me a hint for my problem (and if it's just an direction and not a solution)..

P.s. i'prefer an java solution but asp,php,... would do it also.

P.p.s. I hope you understood my english.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I think this is a bad idea all around. Preloading an avi clip? add in some imaes to equal 1meg? No way. You are going to lose major traffic! At the very least, display the pics as soon as possible while loading the avi..

When I hit a iPage site I want to see something in less than 15seconds. Trying to preload 1meg of video/ pics just isn't surfer friendly...

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Well perhaps I haven`t explained it enough:.

Theree will be two version of the iPage site which the user can choose from :.

1. for dial-up users (ISDN or slower).

Size of the startpage: ~60kb.

Time to load on ISDN: ~10 sec.

2. for highspeed-users (cable or faster).

Size of the startpage: ~1mb.

Time to load on ADSL(768kps): <20 sec..

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Only if you get rid of a 2nd phone line to get the line. I have to keep the second line, so it would be like 20 dollars more per month. Sometime soon, though...

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Originally posted by prodeveloping.

It would be like 20 dollars more per month..

I dont know prices in the US but for Germany an TDSL-Flatrate(768kpbs-down/128kbps-up) costs 20$per month(all inclusive)..

An dial-up flatrate costs at least 50$ a month..

(only problem is that everyone wants the TDSL flatrate so that german-telekom cannt keep up with the installations so you have wait times of up to 6 months after order).


Originally posted by prodeveloping.

Only if you get rid of a 2nd phone line to get the line..

What do you mean by "get rid of a 2nd phone line to get the line"?.

Most highspeed internet accesses won`t block an phoneline, actually I dont know one that does..

The DSL-technology for example uses your phoneline but wont block it as it uses frequencies that arent used by phone calls..

So you can be online and phone at the same time even if you have only one line..

I think this should be the same in the US as DSL is an worldwide standard(i think)...

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