What iPage web hosting site do you suggest?

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First question I have is What iPage web hosting site do you suggest? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... You see here.


Under the description area, I have pasted some html. I used an image from.


, but it won't appear. The image exists, but it won't show. what should I do?????????..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Could it be that you are logging in to geocities (and have a cookie on your computer) so it is ok when you view it, but when others view it, they are not allowed in because they have not 'logged in' ? .

Even it is your own geocities account they don't like you hotlinking to it, because they want your visitors to go to the page (and see the advertisement) instead of the image being served up another place...

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Geocities is so cheap. I need a better free host..

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That my friend is an Oxymoron. a free better host..

You get what you pay for..

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Yeah dude, dont diss geocities. they are the bomb. if you want a better host then get some money and buy some webspace, instead of dissing the free host...

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Yeah...... dude what your doing is called bandwidth stealing.... you can get in major trouble for that.....

Geocities is great!!!!!!!!!!!!.

(although the annoying banner on the left makes it alittle bad).

I know of a free better host... but I dont know if I should give it to u... u'll never nice to other people when you review their sites....if you change, i'll maybe tell you of it, but until then, you must prove it...

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NEVER! How about changing the way you view me instead of changing the way I review???????..

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Until you make a iPage site that is 10 times better than the iPage site your reviewing, you cant be REALLY REALLY critical.. you almost have to look up to the iPage site and say: "Wow! your iPage site is ten times better than mine. I wish you made my iPage site for me!".

Lol. you seem like more of a teacher who grades, then the student who learns..

Its best to be the student and alittle bit of the teacher...

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Ok guys, this is not the place for this discussion, lets get back on topic or I will be forced to close this thread..

RJ did you get the answer you were looking for?..

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