What iPage web hosting site does google use?

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Got a quick question: What iPage web hosting site does google use? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hi, I have been into programming with C++ and pascal for a while, and now want to move on to creating my own website..

I want to know what I should now be learning. I dont want it to be in pure html, with just pictures and text, I want to use something, that will be moving, ie. an intro, (some quick animation).

Any help for a newbie would be appreciated..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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A lot of good advice has been given above, but let me give mine here:.

- html is the building block. a good understanding is required.

- dhtml makes html elements dynamic (well doh !!.

) and can provide for a very nice interaction with the user. dhtml is really nothing more than being able to manipulate existing elements (objects) in html using a client side script (usually javascript)..

Based on this I would say html followed by javascript. By personal preference is two books by danny goodman:.

'the javascript bible' and 'the dhtml reference'..

For graphics intensive display with lots of movements then flash is the way to go. Flash is like creating frame-by-frame movies even just for smaller effects. I suggest you consider this option also as it does expand the user interface, but be preparred for some learning curve (it is not as simple as html and javascript)..

Finally, once you are up and running you will probably soon find out that offering static pages (w/ or without flash) will soon be a nightmare to update, maintain and besides the differences in browsers makes it much easier if you can serve some pre-determined html via a server side language. here your options are perl, php, asp etc. A good place to start would be perl or php with a mysql database. perl is really the most usefull, but php is somehow intuatively easier to understand (with your programming background, maybe perl is the way to go)..

If you have html/javascript/(dhtml)/flash and perl+mysql knowledge you can go far....

My recommodation is to get a good html/javascript book to fast take you through the concept of html elements, object oriented language scripting and how to manipulate elements using client side scripting. Then move on to perl/php to and finally introduce flash if you still is interested..

Good luck...

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Perl is excellent, I use it for backend administration tasks (although I am no where near as proficient as the resident guru, Kevin). However, to say Perl is the most useful is quite an interesting statement. I cannot actually think of anything Perl can do that PHP cannot. I don't want to start a Perl versus PHP war as I am a supporter of both. But, to be honest, I think if you are just starting out then you could just learn PHP and accomplish anything you want to (with regards to serverside processing). The need to learn both is probably diminished...

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I was just trying to think of which language a C++/pascal programmer would find easiest, and my assumption was perl. I do agree php is quite good...

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