What is a better program weight watchers or Nutrisystem?

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First of all What is a better program weight watchers or Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... Did you know that according to any modern BMI calculator, Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered obese at the peak of his physical condition?.

I am 6 foot 2 inches tall..

In order for me to not be considered obese, I need to way less than 234 pounds.

For goodness sakes when I hit my goal weight of 225 pounds I will still be considered overweight???.

The BMI calculators all agree I need to weigh 194 pounds before I am considered a normal weight.

Im offended! LOL.

Seriously though, I could never in a million years maintain a weight of less than 200 pounds. Never in my adult life even at my most fit have I ever weighed less than 200 pounds, my bone structure just wouldnt allow it..

I dont know why these calculators dont take into consideration build. I know I know it sounds like a chubby person excuse to say you are big boned, but I think that is a pretty legit consideration, some people are just built bigger...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Very true Cignut. I seriously doubt with my frame I'll ever see sub 200. I'll give it my best effort but I doubt I'll ever see it...

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Really one of the best demonstrations against BMI was on Showtimes Penn and Tellers BS (season 5 entitled Obesity). You can watch a short version of it at the showtime link below.

Http:// 318882561.

Just tell everyone you're a fatass like Michael Jordan...

Comment #3

All the calculations are just baselines. The mirror doesn't lie...

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If you want your 'real' BMI, you probably need to get tested. The BMI calculations you get from just age, height and weight are only general approximations..

Comment #5

By the way, muscle does not weigh more than fat. 16 ounces is 16 ounces, whether it's muscle or fat. Muscle IS bigger than fat...

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Actually, muscle is smaller. Muscle has a specific gravity <1, fat >1, so for the same weight, muscle will occupy a smaller volume..


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That must be the reason Nutrisystem turds settle on the bottom and BK turds float. In other words, I think BMI is crap...

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Right on, Cingnut! BMI is virtually worthless as a target for many, if not most of us. It is based on "average" frame with "average" muscle (read thin bones with NO muscle bulk). I also blow it out of the water..

There have been lots of discussion on how, exactly, to determine final goal weight. Unless you can find a fitness research center that has a dunk tank you really can't know your body fat%. You may want to approach it the way I am. I hit my Goal(1) weight of 200 lbs. Now, I'm keeping going until I can see the layer of fat remaining under my skin go away before I really try "maintenance" (whatever the heck that is!.

). Depending on how much muscle I bulk up, I could end up anyhere between 185 and 200. A good way to check is to measure around your hips and again around your waist. The idea is to get the waist<hips..

I had another indicator today at work. I was in the locker room and remarked to a coworker that I'm in 34's now (I was 46 in work pants). Turns out that we are the same height, wear the same 34x32 pants and he weighs 165 lbs. I've got 30+ lbs on him, and I can guarantee you it's not fat!.


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You are correct except for the actual numbers. An SG of 1 = water; anything denser (like muscle) has a specific gravity greater than 1, anything less dense has a specific gravity less than 1. SG is technically unitless, but equates to weight / unit volume (or gm/cc) at STP...

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Would yo be so kind as to hand me a tissue so I can clean the coffee off my screen?..

Comment #11

I thought my problem was big bones too ... then my doc said he's never seen a fat skeleton...

Comment #12

I hate rude doctors... I am not saying they should lie to me and tell me I am healthy when I am not... but dont be mean...

Comment #13

My trainer has told me to ignore BMI, since it doesn't take muscularity into consideration...

Comment #14

I told my doctor: "Look, I quit smokin, stopped drinking and lost all this weight, now I'll probably go out and get hit by a bus!.

And he said, without losing a beat: "yes, but just think about how much less damage you'll do to the bus".


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Totally agree! BMI does not consider muscle mass or frame (bone size)..

However, even then... I have a small frame and not much muscle.

And a BMI of normal puts me at a range of 105 to 130 lbs. OMG!.

I'm around 130 now, and I admit I could lose 5 or 10 lbs... but TWENTY FIVE? I'm a size 2/4 now - I'd be shopping at Gap Kids! (not to mention be nothing but skin & bones).



Edited to add: I'm watching how I LOOK - and also estimating my body fat % using my scale (electrical impulse from footpads) - I KNOW the scale is not particularly accurate on measuing my body fat, and a true measurement would have to be done via submersion but it's good enough and gives me something besides just POUNDS to go by (which also treat fat and muscle the same way)..

According to my scale, I'm now under 24% body fat.

(pre-NS I was over 40%)..

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As I near my goal of 170 (1.5 pounds to go) I am surprised. My BMI is below 24. My original response to the BMI suggested weight for me was that I could never get that low but the more I look at myself the more I realize I've got quite a bit of fat (as evidenced by hanging skin - subcutaneous fat) that needs to get gone. I'm concentrating on resistance training to see if I can make at least some of that go away...

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