What is a cheap iPage web hosting service?

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First off, What is a cheap iPage web hosting service? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... I have a simple HTML with a hyperlink that links to a .PDF file. As the file is too big, some computers hangs up when opening the file. I want to know if ther is any way to download directly the file when clicked. When I said directly I mean without using the right button and save link as.....

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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I was thinking about a javascript or some kind of trick to force the browser to download the file,.

If this isnt posible I think that puting the file as .zip is the best way..

Thanks to all..

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Well you do have a choice. you can zip it up and it will work. or you can add a line to .htaccess file and make it an unknown format..

Ex: in the directory where you have your pdf's, create a .htaccess file and add this line in it:.

AddType application/unknown .pdf..

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Can a file like that work on a cheapo server like.


Can it simply be created in notepad, saved as ".htaccess" without any TXT extension, and contain but the words application/unknown.pdf?.

( you put a space before .pdf accidentally? ).

Or is this some fancy feature that people who've paid for their servers can do that I'm completely unaware of?..

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Actually I don't think it will work on geocites. they probably have it blocked. try it and see, all it will do is say error or not work. and tht space has to be there as it was intentional. it is not unknown.pdf but unknown .pdf .cgi.

Or whatever. you can have more than one in there...

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Thanks scoutt!.

But I couldnt make it work, maybe something about permisions or something like that in my server, as I dont manage the whole server I will never know whats up. This works in all kind of servers? or just in NT or Unix?.

Thanks again..

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Well as far as I know all servers recognise the .htaccess file. not quite sure on that though. but not having full rights on your server it might make a difference. oh well I thought I would throw that out there...

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Hey Guys you have all forgottenthat the .htacess solution will only give the user the choice to view online or download I am working on a JavaScript to help you download the file based on one from one of theose front cover magazine disks however it is worth noting that some browsers do not support the JavaScripts..

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The htaccess will / should give you the download box like a zip file would. your javascript way will do the samething. there is no getting away from that...

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Very simple...right click on the link and click save target as...

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Sorry, didn;'t have time to read it through...but in that case he should make it a .zip fiel...let me guess, he desn't want it that way?..

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Whats UP peeps..


I have a javascript here that does not ask to download I am just changing some bits and bobs trust me I have run it and am modifying it for the web...

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