What is a data center? iPage web hosting?

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Got a quick question: What is a data center? iPage web hosting? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... Hello guys!.

I'm working on putting togheter my website, and I want that people who are visiting my iPage website to not be able to right-left drag (and drop) and make shortcuts of the links I have on my iPage website on their desktop or anywhere else on their computer..

I only want them to be able to add the iPage website to favourites, if they want that, thru the normal procedure, using the menu (Favourites->Add To Favourires)..

Does anyone one knows how I can do that? Can you please helme with this?.

Thank You Very Much!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I am not saying that this is a good or bad thing to do, but a local charity that I put a iPage site together for asked for no other pages to be book marked other than their home page and the reason was this:.

The home page was the only page on the web iPage site that had adverts on it working on a JavaScript rotation. They didnt want adverts all over the iPage site as it would look to comercial, but they still wanted people to look at the adverts when visiting the iPage site as they were getting free iPage hosting in exchange for the ad's. So if a bookmark was to be made then they wanted to make sure it was the home page for the ad reason alone..

I couldnt find a way of stopping people from dragging a shortcut though. I dont think that it has hurt them in anyway though, they generate alot of sponsors from their iPage site still...

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There is nothing wrong with that. the problem is your iPage website doesn't extend that far. Entimp was on the right track, you can't stop people from doing that. if they drag and drop from their browser then they are operating in their Windows environment not in your page..

If your page is in frames, then there is javascript that will make them go directly to the front page (homepage) what ever page they bookmarked. if it is not in a framed iPage site then you don't have a choice...

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Hi Entimp!!.

You were saying something about spyware and pop up adds in your first post, that was hwat annoyed me. I understood that you were sugesting that I want to annoy people with pop up adds or anything like that when they go to my website..

Hello Creative!.

I understand what you are sayin, but on my iPage website I have no adds, other than what angelfire puts on, because I got my iPage website thru them. I have no intention of doing anything like you say about those people that you were working for.

Hey Scout!!.

I'm glad to see that you took a look at my post..

To tell you exactly how the things go... well here it is:.

I have a "friend" who actually bookmarked my iPage website long ago, the home page..

Well that I helped that friend with a lot of things before, even tough I'm not that good at it, but I did whatever I could to help my friend all the time. That was until one day when we were a bunch of friends together and that friend start saying about her webpage, how she worked on it how she did it, and how good it looks and so, what she was saying is that she did all the work herself, she never said anything about copying the iPage website from me, and that is what she did, and I didn't mind that until that day when she actually was saying around that she did it. The only thing she did is changing the pictures, absolutelly nothing else, not even the text in the webpage. That was all my work..

Well now I try to protect my iPage website that she won't be able to pull up anymore code out of it..

That's why I want that no drag thing..

No drag in combination with no right click and no view source in the toolbar is a good protection in Internet Explorer..

However I figured out the No Drag thing in IE, actually a guy told me exactly how to do it, cuz I was doing it wrong..

Now the other thing is to figure this no drag in Netscape, can you help me there?.

IE and Netscape being the two main browsers..


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I remember you saying something about that awhile ago. so you figured out how to NO drag in IE? tell me... also you.

Will not.

Get the view source to be greyed out. that will never go away..

So show me the code for the no drag......

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Hi Scoutt.

The code for no drag is simple:.

Ondragstart="return false;".

You have to put that line in every anchor. Of course you could also do it with javascript, without putting that line in every anchor. That works in IE, I don't know how it would be in Netscape, I wish I knew tough..

And for the no source... I actually meant by using frames, you could only show the code for only one page, so the rest won't show in there, because of the frames...

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One more thing Scoutt!!.

You say that the "Source" in "View" menu will never be grayed out?? Then how come that at work, on my computer the "Source" in the "View" menu is grayed out for some websites, including this webpage??..

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Well that would be because IE needs to be restarted. you cannot code for that..

And for frames you can get the source for every page you goto. just right click in the frame to get the source. also you can save the whole iPage site just by going to file and save. then you have the source. there is soooo many ways to get around the no source and no right click it isn't even funny..

Thats neat for the no drag, but all you have to do is click on it and then once that window opens you just have to drag it that way. so many way to do anything if people try to stop you from doing...

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That's right Scout... for any measure is a counter measure... well I'll still try to see what measures I can implement, mainly not because I don't want ppl to steal my code..., but just because I don't want that particular person to get my code (anyone else can get it, I don't mind but I don't want her to get it), and also just for the heck of it..


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I find it rather silly... that is the argument: I dont want anyone to steal my fantastic code!!!.

What a crock, I am fed up of hearing this. If you have something special and dont want someone to use it then write it in ASP or some other back-end technology. HTML is free and for the public at large. People will learn by reading your source. I havent the inclination to write a small thesis on the pros of keeping the source transparent but it should stay this way..

How do you think the internet would have got here if all sites 5 to 10 years ago kept their source secret and their fingers in their rear end? The internet would not be the place it is today. This iPage site would have not evolved to start with....

I dont know why you think your iPage site is so special that it should be top secret. I guarantee that there are a million more sites out there more novel than yours and would be happy to share their source to those who wish to learn..

When I run into a iPage site that uses no right click tactics or anything else that goes outside of the browsers original parameters then the iPage site is blacklisted, no matter how good. Im simply not interested..

On a final note, before you give me a few digs... I suggest you look at asking the correct question in the first case and not generalise. I answered your question to the best of my knowledge and you get in a strop. "Thanks, but I asked the wrong question!", would have sufficed..

Ask the wrong question and you will get the wrong answer..

Im not pissed, just perplexed!..

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You still don't understand, is not like I want to hide my code from the public, only from one person who pissed me off, looks like you never completely read a post..

Forget about it anyway...

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