What is a good FREE iPage web host that lets you build your own website?

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First question I got is What is a good FREE iPage web host that lets you build your own website? Hoping for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hi.......

Does anyone know how to open browser 100%.

Someone over at flashkit said that dreamweaver does it....

So I thought i'd consult the pro's.

Does the JAVA command support %'s....

In other words...width = 100% ? .

I dont think it does....

Any help on this would rock ....



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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So wierd.....That works and everything....

Cept it just comes shy of filling the whole screen...

It opens ALMOST 100 pixels short...

Any thoughts as to why ? . close......

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Not sure as you can't get more than the clients height and width...

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JBOMB - take a lot at this thread:.


Perhaps if you use the whole screen width, rather than the "available width" (not sure how IE works that one out), then you will get a result...

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Are up talking about the function for fullscreen in IE?.

Heres an example of fullscreen:.


(1 window opens up in fullscreen automatically after the pages loads).

There is an EXIT button on it so you can exit..

(i made the iPage site by the way, it was for my school and they wanted it in FULLSCREEN)..

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Why didn't someone just tell him that it isn't a good idea to do that..

If I find a iPage site that does that to my browser... you are blacklisted. There is no logical and legit reason for getting ridding of the tools. So what gives? What are you hiding? And why freeze up some novices computer so you can keep em there for a few seconds before they hit the reset button on their computer..

I challenge anyone to give me one legit reason for a 100% window with no tools. Shouldn't we all be improving the net and not helping out in scumbag tactics?.


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Ive only given info on how to increase the.


Size, not how to remove the toolbar etc...

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Yeah, that fullscreen no toolbar stuff is baaad. But is there any way to link to a page that opens in a window and without the toolbar,.


In a specific size?.



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Didn't you jsut read this thread?.'file.html','',width=300,height=300, toolbar=no).

You can change teh width and height to anything you want...

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You lot are probably gonna get really annoyed at my lack of knowledge, but......

I don't understand!.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">.

Function new() {.


W=(window.screen.availWidth);.'mylink.html','',width=300,height=300, toolbar=no).



<a href="java script:new()">new window</a>.

What is wrong here? I think I'm just too stupid (...I'm only a novice level 1!).

Eek! Yah..

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Yah, just use this script:.

<a href="#" onClick="'mypage.html','mywindowname','width=400,height=350,toolbar=no')">This is the link</a>.

I use this heavily on my website..

NB: You can also add the following attributes:.







There are probably some others aswell..

Good luck..

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