What is a good free iPage web hosting service?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What is a good free iPage web hosting service? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Hi everyone. Been a while, huh! I missed it here..

Well, I'll TRY to get right to the point. I've been so darned busy working my tail off on a new iPage site and you got it - I have hit a roadblock I can't figure out. I've printed so darned many pages of hints, helpers, tutorials etc, studied them till I couldn't see straight and I am still stumped..

I did NOT want to ask for any help - I so badly wanted to build this bugger all on my own from what I have learned and hoped to learn more in the process. But, I am defeated..

I am using backgrounds and I can't "fix" the images and text so that it doesn't scroll into the black side of - right side, that is. There is a black border on either side with the links in the middle. When you have the page full size it looks all right, but when you minimize it and scroll it over, it just goes to the black - some of the text is all off center as well - and the buttons disappear onto the black (on some pages, the text). I suppose I could let it go, but you see, it bugs me because it is not right. I want it to look as professional as possible, even though I'm really not a pro - not even close! lol. Anyway, I have played with table coding so much - well, here's the link to the home page, but it's happening on all the pages..


I'd sure appreciate some guidance! Thanks...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I SEE I SEE! I wonder why that little bit of code does that - I sort of like the way that looks on the page but..oh well! I'd rather have it nice to view. Thanks so much. I bet I spent a good 20 or more hours fooling around with my tables and such - knew I should have popped in here first!.

Thanks again...

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Hi Jeni, just a small issue, check out your home page on 1024x768, some of the elements need to be centred (they are currently right-aligned and overlapping the sidebars) I think this would make it "compatible" to both resolutions. I've not checked the other pages, but maybe you could have a look..

Thanks, cheers!..

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Jeni jeni jeni.... how you doing girl.

I thought you would have caught on when we tell everyone to use table widths in the % range. the reason you get the funny page when the browser window is smaller is because you have static tables on there. use width="100% or width="50% that way it will position itself correctly..

I also get a bottom horizontal bar on almost every page, but after seeing you not using %'s that is the problem..

Looking good, by the way...

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Okay - thanks so much for asking! I've been really cracking down here working at all of this. I'm building myself a new iPage site and I'm on my own so it's been quite the challenge..

I know, I know...see, that's what happens when I stay away too long and I am duly ashamed. (head is hanging down in shame..).

This is a new one for me - here we go again - but I'm aiming to learn. So, how does one then figure the percentage? (I stink at math as bad as I do at graphics). I have seen that in coding, but haven't a clue just how to figure it. Any tips on that or anyplace I can get myself a little crash course? And thanks for the heads up..

Aw, gee. thanks. A middle aged gal like me always loves to hear that - although I"m not really blond. I just act like one too often. Sad thing is, I don't do it on purpose!.

I've been nick-named "blondie" in the past so I when I found that icon I thought - hey, why not!.

PS - we need a "blush" face on here, too....

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All you do is make the main table (if you have one) 100%. if you don't just insert a percentage and if it is not enough then add more. there is no real way to figure it out..

See how easy that was.....

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Thanks- I'll do some playing around with it on a test page - that way I won't mess up my real pages - and I know I would!.

I did get everything straightened out on the pages now. Without the dopey scrolling into the black, I was able to see where I goofed some - I was so fixated on thinking my coding was wrong I did things that really made a royal mess! Lol...I really did have to laugh sometimes and the way the page would look on my screen - good heaven's! A webmasters nightmare, I'm sure!.

Thanks again for the tip...

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