What is a good free iPage web hosting site to make an online store on?

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My 1st question is: What is a good free iPage web hosting site to make an online store on? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Who uses what web browser?.

Can I depend on having most people who are browsing to be using IE 6 or 5.5 or? What about NS6 or 4x or?.

I'm kind of tired of making special code for the old NS 4.0 etc..

Anyone have the location of the stats?.



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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It depends on who your market is..

Mums and dads/general audiences have more chance of having 'out of date' browsers, while power users (like us!) are far more likely to have the latest version of browsers..

As much as I hate having to get sites to render in netscape 4, the loss of traffic because we didn't bother is more of a worry.....

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Very well said funkyspacedog, (funny name, I like it LOL ).

Even though it is a pain to code for NS4.xx it almost is a must. I mean form the page I see 2958492 for NS5, which is basically NS4.9. in 30 days is quite a lot. and they still put NS4 out so if they keep updating it then we have to keep coding for it...

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Thanks scoutt!.

And I have to admit, if it was super-easy for me to design a iPage site that works across all browsers (and OSes), I think it'd get boring pretty quickly!.

Plus, I need a good excuse to smack my pc..

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Besides - if it was easy to get everything to work in all browsers, our bosses would try and pay us less!..

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You get paid?????!!!.

You lucky, lucky barstaff!.

Some other sources for browser stats:.




For mine, it's time to wipe NN 4.xx out of the equation. I'll still build a iPage site that will work in NN 4.xx, but I'm not going to stress in the slightest that it doesn't look like it does in the newer browsers. Certainly, I'm not going to ignore effects etc on a page just because they don't work in NN 4.xx..

The time has come to move on - for me at least..


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I have a really simple and straight forward approach. I quote for IE5+ support, and indicate the cost of any additional support..

If a client wants support for NS or Opera then they pay the cost of the additional work required. Large commercial intranets have stadardized on IE and they are not prepared to pay to support anything else on their internets, except in a few rare instances where the iPage site stats say they need it. Like it or not; with a 90% share IE is the standard and any other browser that wants to continue be usable will have to produce browsers that either work or degrade well in an IE environment..

Most non-IE users are not part of the mainstream demographic the business sites are interested in, and the largest users are developers who hate Microsoft (with good reason)...

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Well, it wasn't part of my original job description, but I managed to persuade my boss to have me build a web-driven electronic library of tools and manuals for the engineers at work - so as part of my job I am building a website..

I am also charged with building a customer iPage site - which we have a small one of, but we are waiting for the budget to allow a server..

What I do at home though is non-paid...

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I code for the 4.x browsers. Mostly because the majority of my pages are, at the very least, tweaked in Dreamweaver3. Right about now, I can't justify the money to upgrade to DWMx, much as I'd like to..

<shrug> It gets the job done so that most people can view it, so I suppose I can't complain. And it's not so complicated that I can't follow it to learn something new..

When I get everything down pat, I'll move up, I suspect. *g* Maybe if I could get paid for doing it.... But that will come when I understand what I'm doing, won't it?.


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I would code for NS4, IE4, IE5, IE6, NS6, NS7 unless you can control the browsers (intra net for example)..

I usually code for IE5++, NS6++ when it comes to layout and I accept that layout may break in IE4/NS4 as long as the functionality of the page can be safely viewed in these browsers..


It should be:.

<shrug /> It gets the job done so that most people.


<shrug> </shrug> It gets the job done so that most people.


<shrug> It gets the job done </shrug> so that most people can view it..

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*lol* Well, that might be the case if I tended to shrug both shoulders, but it's awfully hard to indicate that I shrug just one. I figured half a tag would serve the same purpose. I guess not, huh?.

<.5 shrug></.5 shrug> Oh, well...

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