What is a good iPage web host for a photographer?

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Quick question... What is a good iPage web host for a photographer? Thanks for any response. Another question... I am trying to make the text stay inside the table so it doesn't cut off at the edge. making the table larger doesn't work because then it just breaks the line in a different place. What am I doing wrong? Here is the code.

<p align="left"><font SIZE="2">The <span lang="en-us">BBR </span>fork and shock springs<span lang="en-us"> are a must have for anybody who wants more performance out of the lightly sprung stock TT-R.&nbsp; These heavy duty springs hold the bike up into the plush part of the suspension, improve handling, and prevent metal-to-metal bottoming.</span></font></td>.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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This is driving me up the wall! I should add that I am using Front Page 2002. I am not a HTML person (yet). Until I learn it though FP will have to do. On my screen, the table looks like crap. So I tried making a text box instead, and as I started changing each one, the one before it deleted too! I didn't select the text box and the text was not linked or anything (that I know of) but when I deleted the text that was not in a text box, the box went away too, as well as the picture behind it. I am going nuts here.

This is insane...

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I would suggest getting Meacromedia Dreamweaver instead of FrontPage. FrontPage uses horrible HTML, such as that span tag...

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What is the span tag? What does it do? I finally got the page figured out by creating text boxes...

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More about span tags here:.


Dr. Web: You should add this iPage website to your resource links if you don't have it. It contains help to a lot of web developing languages...

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Thanks cao! A new member of the forums 'took' my old one, so maybe it was time for a new one.......

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Just to point out that the new member is.




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If I use FP for anyhting I always use the browser to check on th edesign as FP will make it look really funny and not always as to wha tyou hoped. if you are using FP to preview, don't. try the samething you were trying and look at it in the browser first...

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Let's send him SPAM for stealing from the Doc!.

No-one can really steal my avatar, unless they are called c9 as well..

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