What is a good iPage web hosting service?

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My first question is What is a good iPage web hosting service? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... For the few people who still consider notpad the best editing tool. Unite and form a pure-handcoders webmaster union!! Celebrate pure code!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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NotePad is good for hand-coding, but no match to NoteTab for that purpose. For people who don't want to do coding, use Weaver or Adobe GoLive!..

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I'm not sure what size dreamweaver is...after my trial ran out if got the full version..

::cough cough *warez* cough cough::.

I find that Dreamweaver is a pretty good program, I guess when you really get down to hard core HTML, there are some things that Dreamweaver can't do. But damn, when I make sites, it takes half as long in Dreamweaver. When I want to position something using HTML, I have to use trial and error to get it in the right spot, in Dreamweaver it takes half a second. If i'm using a really graphical interface then splice it up, I really have trouble positioning all the images in tables using HTML, it is much easier with Dreamweaver. But is it worth $500? or whatever you pay? I dont know....

Even if there wasn't warez, I wouldn't buy Dreamweaver. As a student I can't afford it. But it is no doubt the best WYSIWYG editor...

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My prefered editor is AceHTML, but if I just want to make a quick and simple change, I'll use Notepad..

And I think that even though less people are using it, it will always be better than WYSIWYG!..

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I wasn't trying to say WYSIWYG editors are better than plain 'ol HTML, they can just do something's a lil quicker. If you've got the time, HTML is definitely the way to go...

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It's all a matter of personal preference I guess.

I've tried a trial of Dreamweaver and didn't really like it. But I guess it's nice for those who can take the time to learn how to maxise DW. I prefer notepad myself..

DW4 requires 110 MB of available hard disk and currently costs $299.00 fyi...

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I'd skip DW if I were you. I know it, used it, liked it, but once I started handcoding...I never went back to it. Anytime you insert DHTML or JS you'll need to go to a editor anyway. DW also writes nested tables and layers.....which can really screw up the layout of the page. My guess is that your already beyond DW anyway. Its for those who don't know hand coding..

My copy of DW sits at 50megs. I mean, it's a good tool....but nothing beats hand coding. Cool graphics are a part of the graphic design, not so much of the tool used. You can design cool looking graphics, and cool pages without DW...

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Thanks for the advice guys - great to hear somne first hand views. looks like I might save my hard earned pennies for flash first (i'm a hard up student too john!)..

Not sure about being past dreamweaver dr web but thanks for thinking so! - *basic* html is the extent of my knowledge at the moment. i'm not responsible or worthy of the guru under my name!!!..

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I love Notepad!.

I use it on my laptop, but all I make are files..

Even so, it's still one of the best!..

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Notepad for me is good and bad. Sometimes it adds little square where the spaces are!.

I prefer metapad the most..

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Notepad doesn't do that, it is becasue you downloaded a file in ascii mode and those squares are where the returns are. so every time you see a square it means hit the enter button...

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