What is a good iPage web hosting website?

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Got a quick question: What is a good iPage web hosting website? Hoping for any comment. Second question of mine... I'm using onmouseover event to change the background colour of a cell in a table. There is also a word centered in the cell which is being used as a link (using <a href>)..

How can I make the whole cell an active link, rather than just the word placed in the center?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I thought you were going to help me for a second

You need to make a table inside the <body> tags, heres a simple one.











Then apply the code inside any of the opening <td> tags...

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I also thought he was gonna help you!.

Add an onclick event handler in there, you'll still need the mouseover to see that it an active link..

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Thanks Leoo,.

I tried this, but it deosn't work.

<td width="25%" class="menu" onmouseover=.

"'#0099cc'" onmouseout=.



I would be grateful if you could tell me whats wrong!!..

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Oops, it does work, what threw me was the cursor pointer not changing to a hand..

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Put 'cursor:pointer;' in your .menu style - should bring up the hand...

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Oops, fotgot about the pointer seeing as it's not a normal link!, glad someone sorted it our for you though..

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I spent ages reading stuff about the web safe palette recently (last week I think). Is it still relevant? I got the clear impression - no. Quite an in depth article here.


Then, somewhere among the threads I found this tool, brilliant I thought..


Enthusiastic intermmediate here and I'd welcome brief thoughts on the web safe palette...

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Hey Bummy,.

I live in the same place, how you doing. One or two are rightly well strict on code and practice in here, so I do what I can can to tow the line, I know what you mean about colour tho..

Great link for colour matching there; cheers. Drop me an email, if you want to chat some more.


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And please stop calling me "Bummy"..

Aw jeeze m8, didn't glance at your locale when posting. How goes it m8? I'll be in touch my friend - tonite..

Yeah, soon becomes obvious dunnit, many sticklers for legit code here, must admit tho I'm much the same myself. Am currently taking my first steps into xhtml..

Web safe palette? Forget it, this is 2003 innit. All those outdated screen modes and the like, a very healthy percentage of all the articles I read said it was more or less ancient history now. Be in touch soon m8...

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Web safe colors was meant that in some browsers (early Netscape) would show colors really wierd. one color looked fine in IE and in NS it would be different. yes most of that has gone away but remember there are still quite a few people that still have old monitors and use old browsers. not as many as before but still quite a few...

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What about the difference between laptop and desktop? I ue a laptop to design, and I go to a desktop and find the colors look terrible - too luminous, other times too dull. I guess this is the difference between lcd and desktop. Any coping strategies out there?..

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Yeah, I'd like to know that as well? I read a whole load of stuff about this and I really got the impression from what I understood to be several gurus, that web safe was a thing of the past. As scoutt says, I can appreciate old.


Browsers okay but this is all about screen depth/resolution isn't it? Or is this just another of the webmasters turmoils? Why do a billion and one sites not adhere to web safe any longer then. I guess this is down to the individual designer, know your potential audience - right???..

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That's an easy one, don't design on an lcd.

You could go about giving your lcd a color profile to try and match that of the crt..

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Do the colour selection with a CRT and layout and content with your laptop.

I used my laptop just once and ran into the same thing. For now, I think that since most sites will be viewed through CRTs, I would work that way. I.


Like the way that LCD and plasma makes some shades glow (even grey, in it's own way!)..

I wonder what the stat's are for Monitor type popularity?..

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The stats would certainly be interesting - surely with the advent of flat screens, and the drop in cost, the lcd is going to become the more popular option, in which case it would be better to choose the color scheme on the lcd. I have to admit (though probably just biased because I'm used to it) I much prefer the way colour looks on lcd. They look much deeper, and you're right about the glow..

Anyone know of anywhere they have stats? Going to try the, w3schools uses that for browsers...

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And by what means do you expect to be able to detect lcd and crt screens?..

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Well you also have to factor in the users video card. we have come a long way in todays technology that video cards produce 32 million colors and more as it was back then you were lucky to get 16 colors let alone 256. so yes in a way it is a thing of the past but as I said there is still some old stuf out there..

Personally I wouldn't worry about. jsut code liek there is no tomorrow...

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That's me sorted then, lord scoutt is correct - code like there's no tomorrow..

Guess I'll just leave these other folk to chat about this laptop thing...

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You're gonna give scoutt a big head with all this lord stuff..

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Lord scoutt.

Just the other day I was sarcastic on everything I said, today I am a lord so does that make me a lord sarcastic scoutt?? LOL..

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