What is a good site(no web sites from geocites,123,ECT.)for bubblegum alley?

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Quick question... What is a good site(no web sites from geocites,123,ECT.)for bubblegum alley? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... Bloody hell.....not only PayPal froze my accounts.....but Sedo is taking ages to get this payment for $330......look at this:.

3 August :. auction at SEDO ends at $330.

5 Aug :.

Sedo rep. Ara writes me.....

Dear Mr. Cesarei,.

Both parties have now confirmed their contact details and the sale of can now proceed. A payment request has been placed in the buyer's user account and an email has been sent asking them to make payment for this HostGator as soon as possible. We ask buyers to make payment within 10 working days..

Should the buyer not make payment within the first 7 working days they will receive an automatic email reminder and your transfer agent will make every attempt, both via email and telephone, to contact the buyer in order to determine when payment will be made. You will be contacted once your transfer agent has received confirmation that the payment has been received and processed..

Please rest assured that every effort is being made to ensure that the buyer makes payment promptly, and we shall contact you when there are further developments to report..

This is an automatically generated notification. Please do not reply to this email..

Best regards,.

Ara Zusky.


Sedo GmbH :: Im Mediapark 6 ::50670 Cologne (Germany).

Tel +49 221.34030.170 :: fax +49 221.34030.109.


:: mailto:.

And I know what I`m talking about..

I also understand that you are not the SEDO director but maybe it`s good to forward to him some of our complains and not only to read all the good news about the millions of names Sedo has for sale..

Thank you.

Best regards,.

Lorenzo Cesarei..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

I knew that Sedo was not the fastest option, that why I sold here a couple of as you know.

(damn I just have been informed on what steal you got with that adult term...if I knew it I was charging you double! You smart fox!) but when I offered here for sale no one offered more than $100 just a month ago while on Sedo I knew I was going to get more. For short .com, Sedo is better than here...

Comment #2

A lot can depend on your Sedo rep. I had an sell on Sedo and got an email 3 days ago that money had been received and for me to push the HostGator into Sedo's 123 reg account. I've done this but Sedo hasn't taken it yet the account change is still pending at godaddy. With another rep I had for another HostGator sale I got the email to push the HostGator and I did and within 15 minutes the money was in my paypal account. Like anything else, it can be the luck of the draw re time of payment even once the buyer has paid..


Comment #3

No matter how digital it gets, at the end there is always a person behind the screen....

I have personally no problem at all with my sedo reps. They are always very helpfull...

Comment #4

13 days is not unreasonable; why go flying off the cuff over that?.

What's more, the email you sent was full of so many spelling and grammatical errors that for your sake I hope it isn't forwarded to the "director" of Sedo (And I know that is the pot calling the kettle black, but on anything I send that isn't for entertainment purposes only I at least look over the text before sending.)..

Patience, and then some more patience..


Comment #5

Alright Allan...I`m just pissed off by PayPal.

As far as my typing....well yes...reading it again , it was not good but was too pissed off when I wrote it to read it again..

Comment #6

Re the buyers paying, Sedo has no control over that. But, they can and do ban the accounts of non-paying buyers and kudos to them for that..


Comment #7

I can understand your frustration but I would suggest not relying on one sale so much. Good luck and I hope it works out soon.....

Comment #8

Auctioned a HostGator at sedo yesterday and got payed today. Guess the buyer was fast, just as my push was..

Comment #9

On Aug 7, a HostGator I sold through Sedo was "successfully transferred" to the buyer; unfortunately, Sedo would not pay me until the buyer updated the whois information. The whois info was updated today, so I'm hoping to be paid this week..

When dealing with Sedo, and when a transfer is done (not just a push), be prepared for some time to pass before getting paid..

But it's not just Sedo. Last week I sold a name using TDNAM (GoDaddy). While the selling process was pretty quick, I received an e-mail notifying me that payment would me made in 30 days. Go figure...

Comment #10

It is not Sedo's fault if the buyer does not pay. I have experienced this on my last three sales with Sedo! Yes I was pissed...very pissed!! At the time wasting deadbeat bidder"s, not Sedo..

At the very least Sedo will give you a 30 day featured listing for free. You never know with the extra exposure you may get a higher price anyway...

Comment #11

Add another 8 days,.

And we are now at 21 days , same situacion.....Ara did not even reply to my last e-mail..

Sedo is doing great!!..

Comment #12

If you get them before 30 days you ll be lucky.

I forced to pay before getting money for buyer..

Comment #13

I sold a HostGator on Monday and was paid today via Paypal through Sedo. They aren't all bad...

Comment #14

No, it's not Sedo at all. Its the person buying the name who is dragging their foot. But then again, blame can be put to Sedo for not having close contact with you..

For instance, " dear sir, we are not happy with the way this certain buyer is dragging their feet on payment. Do you want us to continue working with this buyer? You have full control over this. It is up to you to proceed or at your request we will issue credit for the long stall in closing this. If we do close this rest assured the buyer is going to be banned from purchases at for months, or years"..

Yes in a way they are at fault, they need to be in a open communication mode with you the seller. Just left wondering is not right..

Spelling properly has nothing to do with having upper management aware of your letter. Seeing your letter should only cause one effect, that is to open their eyes to these long delays and how mgt, has not openly made contact and in explaining why everything is being held up..

That should be done if it is a $60.00 sale or a $600,000 sale...

Comment #15

I am at 14 days and counting, and whilst I do not blame Sedo for non paying buyers, I think there should be something in place where the buyer must make payment with 72 hours..

I find it incredible that people take this long to pay, and quite frankly it is extremely rude and bad business etiquette..

Sedo need to have terms stating people should make payment in 72 hours or the bid becomes null and void..

At least this way you are not messed around by non paying morons..

I can not see an argument for why it should take longer than 72 hours to make a payment for a name that you have bid on..

Just my 2 cents..

Comment #16

Agreed. Why not have the buyer select a date upfront and have the money automatically taken from his CC or Paypal? I purchased a name not too long back on Sedo and didn't pay for it until a week later BUT, I had the decency to tell the seller upfront at the time I made my offer that payment would have to wait until payday if he should accept my offer. To purchase a name, not pay for it shortly thereafter, and give no explanation for this whatsoever is rude and inexcusable...

Comment #17

SEDO is getting lousy with their services..

I think the management should take some kind of action against lousy transfer agents..

Its sellers/buyers money they are playing with,If they delay the transfer so they earn big money on interest..

Its been nearly seven weeks for me..

I hope they are not on their wayout?.


Comment #18

Lorenzo, I wanted to let you know that you're not alone with your PayPal problems. They have a tendency to lock people's accounts for little to no reason (it's thought that they use the money for investments, as in their user agreement they can keep your funds for 6 months-then when it's 6 months and one day they can keep the funds permanently by stating that the user abandoned the account when in fact, they were locked out of it by PayPal in the first place). It's also in their user agreement that they can lock your account for any reason whatsoever-even if they don't agree with your viewpoints on your website! It's a nasty thing they're doing, but you can fight back. Call them, then call them again, then call again until the problem is resolved. I don't like them, and try not to use them often at all. There are other great alternatives like e-gold, and bidpay (for eBay purchases) just to name two..

If PayPal is keeping a large sum of your money, call and threaten to sue-in a very professional manner. This may help speed things up for you. Good Luck..

I also think that newbies should also be made aware of the dangers of doing business with PayPal and should read the user agreements thoroughly before agreeing!..

Comment #19

Quit Complaining, once you get to TWO months + then you have a case. Standard Sedo Transaction time is around 1 month for me. I have just learned to deal with it. It's not like you need the money ASAP. (Unless you love living on the edge)..

Didn't you already have another thread complaining about a mere 2 week delay?.

Not that $330 is a lot of money anyways. Just forget about it and eventually they will send the money. Hell I waited 3 MONTHS + for.


Comment #20

I had to wait for more than 60 days. I was also tired of waiting and do not try to sell HostGator names any more because of these problems. If the procedure was more streamlined, it would be better for all concerned...

Comment #21

I just received $1,700 USD from sedo today from one of my auction HostGator sold from 25 days ago. It was a long period of waits...

Comment #22

Yeah, it may happen to you guys that it took three weeks, but this guy is not getting any knowledge of whats going on, correct me if I am wrong. If Sedo for instance emailed and said, " we are waiting for your clients check to clear and this may take up to two weeks to clear so be patient", then I can understand he needs to be patient. If not, then cancel the sale and let Sedo know it is because of poor communication..

Like I say I don't know those facts. I think that is the bottom line, were you kept in the loop?..

Comment #23

Hello Sam,.

First of all I have the right to complain for many reasons , but the main one is that they make a lot of money and they said between 2 and 3 weeks. Also you may spend few minutes reading the forum and you can learn that I`m not the only one complaining about SEDO..

Second: how do I live and what I do , is not your business so if I want $330 today , I decide it..

Third: you may wake up, and you`ll notice that this thread is that thread, I just asked to a moderator to update the title......and yes I may have been too early to complain after 13 days but after 24 (25 now) I think I can..

Regarding your.

, I understand that you`d have waited even 1 year since the your name is much less marketable than a fully pronunciable

Hello Roderick, yes you are right on my issue..

Ara did not reply to my last question so at the moment I still have no idea if this buyer has done anything else then confirm his e-mail address. I think that it`s pretty little thing to achieve in 24 days..

I may cancel this auction today..

I apologize but I can`t understand very clearly your questions. If you don`t mind asking them maybe in another way......thanks..

Comment #24

And surprise:.

The buyer , which was from France, 32 days later "decided" to pay..

Little he knows that the day before I was going to write to Sedo to delete this transfer....but I was too busy so I thought to do it another time..

And with a further week SEDO answered to my question about the fees related to the payment ( I had to wait 5 calendar days to know the answer that one SEDO rep. asked to their accounting department......go figure: a phone call to their accounting department and the e-mail reply to me took 5 days......

So, after 41 calendar days , this $330 - $33 (SEDO fees) = $297 were in my PayPal account..

I leave to the rest of you the comments...

Comment #25

Patience is key. Getting paid from a Sedo sale also has much to do with the buyer, and how quickly they pay. Also, it can depend where you reside and where they reside. To speed the process along just do all the required, unlocking and authorization code. Calling sometimes helps..

Comment #26

All good points from Sirengirl,.

I was wondering though is there a time frame Sedo places on a sale for the buyer to complete payment?.

If not something is sure wrong with that. I would say 14 days tops and after 14 days a percentage each day for the value of the sale to be added onWhy in the world don't we expect a early payment. If I sell something in Ebay, a person can buy it in France and I can have the money instantly..

There is much excitement in the HostGator world that many registers are implementing a program where names can be bought and the transaction will be immediate. Seems this would be a high priority for a auction house as many of us sellers and I may add buyers want a fast transaction..

Recently a new concept has taken flight, the loaning of money to domainers for their HostGator purchases. How about another new concept, a small fee added to a sale ( a option) that a auction house or a private company insures or provides insurance for the completion of the sale..

With that in mind, still the transaction would end after 30 days even if the buyer claims the dog ate the check in the mail..

Dragon, glad it went thru for you. I think it is good to post this. It seems odd alot of domainers have no problem with a payment coming in over 30 days...

Comment #27

??? I don't get your point. In any case, the point is patience is the key. Does $300 REALLY matter that much to you? You WILL get the money (and from reading your last post you have)..

Also sold for 20 times + more then your "brandable" so I dunno what you are trying to prove there...

Comment #28

It`s not about the amount of money that matter but it`s not acceptable that we have to wait more than a month to complete a sale, that`s my opinion anyway, if you`re happy with that , then good for you..

I meant that , while for a pronunciable you get many buyers these days, it is not that easy to sell a HostGator like.

, despite you managed to sell it fr more money..

Thank you`re right, some people must be millionaires but I`m not and have to pay bills every week...

Comment #29

Oh...I also wanted to add it can also depend on the registrar. If your name is with 1&1 and it is being pushed to a 123 reg account, thats an extra 5-7 days..

Are you in the States and the buyer is in France...thats can add 2-4 weeks becuase of the wire transfer and currency. Did you forget to unlock your name...another 3 days. It's not just Sedo BTW it's the escrow process. I'm just happy to have a sale, and happier still when I receive the monies...

Comment #30

That`s not true..

It took me less than 24 hours for me to reply and push the name to the Sedo account ..

They paid me by PayPal so there would be no delay..

1&1 ? I`m surprised people don`t sue them!..

Comment #31

It is very easy to sell any.


For mid $XXXX. VERY EASY...

Comment #32

What's not true? I try to post helpful information and all the variables as to why there can be a delay and you continue to be antagonistic. It's a process, there are possible reasons for a delay. I know it's frustrating, but yes...sometimes it takes several weeks or even longer..

Porta pazienza..

Comment #33

Wire transfers don't take more than 1 or 2 business days to most countries..

Intermediary banks do slow wires down, but not that much..

Bottom line is, for inexplicable reasons, Sedo often just takes their time when it comes to payments, which is unacceptable....

Another reason many buyers / sellers avoid Sedo to start with, or finish their deal outside of Sedo, since they don't penalize parties that do so beyond perhaps suspending their account, maybe..


Comment #34

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.