What is a good weight loss plan-sureslim,weight watchers,Nutrisystem,tony fergusion?

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Got a quick question: What is a good weight loss plan-sureslim,weight watchers,Nutrisystem,tony fergusion? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... I did the math today and discovered that I burn 2000 calories a day at my current weight, vs. only 1000 caloires a day at my goal weight. So I will lose half as fast when I am close to goal than now. I will have to double my exercise every day if I want to lose at the same rate...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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That's one reason for the disclaimer "results not typical". A 6'3" 250 lb Chippendale model with 10% body fat will need a lot more calories to maintain than a 5'6" 165 lb. guy who also has 10% body fat. This does not take into account individual metabolisms either..

NS's 1500 cal men's program hits a good sweet spot "average" for most of us, but obviously is not optimal for everyone..

Robert- You'll only burn 1000 cal at your goal weight? That means you'll be gaining a pound a week on Nutrisystem mens. That's Freaky!.


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Why are the last 10#'s so hard to lose?.


Your right on Robert!..

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Gordo, he means that he will be in 1000 calorie deficit at goal..

This whole concept makes sense. You put down the 50 pound rucksack and calorie needs go down both from less work done as well as the homeostastis of that mass not being done..

I think I kinda see that myself. Have upped my exercise, but recent losing is not much different (prehaps less) than when I was really fat. Nothing wrong with this...I want to get used to everything about being thinner...including losing slower. I'm going to consider that the norm...and how fast I lose if really fat, the abnorm...

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Heh this is why I stayed away from the 10 lb challenge. Still staying on track though...

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I feed my dog McDonalds and root for the evil NY Steinbrenners...

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Not to butt in, but try it when you're a 120-pound woman! And then you wonder why we're so testy. We're HUNGRY...

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I didn't know that women could be testy. Hysterical yes but not testy...

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I think a post in the men's room about how tough it is to be a dame is about exactly what is supposed to not be here. In honor of this I'm going to be misogynistic for the next hour or so. Except to my cat. I love her...

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Oh, I don't know. It does not hurt for us to be aware of what the estro's go through especially for the many of us who have SO's on-program with us. Helps to understand how much more difficult it is for a 120 lb goal-wt gal than it is for most of us. Besides, DogmaTX is pretty much a good guy. Not many sparkies in her sig..

Besides, her post was meant to be humorous per the.

At the end. Not a cry for a pity party like we see on the other boards..


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I like her...just being a bee-hatch.. break is over. Back on your heads...

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What? Look at the numbers again. The -1000 is net per day. I should lose a pound every 3.5 days, or 2 lbs a week...

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Please do not post in the Men's room if you are not a man. Thanks...

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Thank you. Only thing sparkly about me is my personality. (But as long as Poly is nice to his cat, I'm not offended.).

ETA: Sorry, Robert, too late. But I'm going now. I promise...

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Geesh Since when were we an exculsive club...don't remember paying those dues...


I have been stuck at a specific weight now for the last 3 weeks...same diet but more bike riding...frustrating but I do notice that the body is changing and clothes continue to get bigger, and I am getting more defined...I can live with that progress...just waiting for the weight to catch up with the definition!..

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Sorry to disappoint, but as long as you are replacing muscle with fat, you will not catch up. Cloths fit better, that should be the answer you are really lookinjg for!..

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Right you are! It triggered my sense of humor to imagine someone who only needed 1000 cal to maintain. (thinking wee little people here).

The browser I was using when I first replied did not show your chart. That's a really cool analysis! Great illustration of how this thing works!.


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