What is better nurtisystem weight watchers or Nutrisystem?

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My question is What is better nurtisystem weight watchers or Nutrisystem? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Well, ok, NOT..

Anyway, the last auto-delivery I had was in February, because I lost my job the end of March..

On the 21st of this month, my auto-delivery that I've had to delay for about 6 months is going to ship. They are even going to keep all the discounts in place that had built up on that particular order for me..

So it's almost like starting Nutrisystem from scratch. I'm really looking forward to it, because I miss the level of energy and not being hungry without being stuffed if you know what I mean..

Going to time it with going back to my workout program, if the VA can knock this neck pain down a few notches for me..

I gained about 11 pounds over the past 5 months, and once back on the food and exercise program it will take me less than a month to take it back off and off we go to the races after that...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Congratulations on getting back to the healthy lifestyle that will make EVERYTHING better...

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Hmmmm I'm not sure the first time even took 16 seconds.... but I'm older than dirt so that memory is all shrouded in nostalgia and heroic mythos...

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I agree 100% Tom. The nutritional values in Nutrisystem food are better than anything I can produce on my own without a) spending a whole lot more money and b) spending way more time preparing it than I have available to do it..

Plus, the "new" Nutrisystem has fantastic protein values and even better slow carb content than ever before..

Perfect for the kind of intensive resistance training I like to do, with very little need for supplements. Well, still around $100 a month but thats relatively minor..

I do want to claim a win for the "muscle mass is the most efficient destroyer of body fat" premise, because I only gained 11 pounds in almost 6 months off Nutrisystem and didn't workout at all for the last 2 months due to an injury. My calorie intake was probably double my actual daily calorie needs..

Yet my resting metabolism due in large part to the large amount of muscle mass I've added over the last year, and the conditioning, has done a good job. If I had less muscle mass, I would have gained twice as much weight..

Now I have to get it all working again, which means two or three weeks of being sore. Oh well. No pain, no gain..

Who ever thought we'd get excited about starting a "diet"?.

Oh, and being out of work sucks! I spend my workdays helping other veterans find work and/or training so they.


Find work. Every day I see guys and girls who served the nation, and can't get work. So complaining about being sore for a couple weeks while the muscles get retrained is such a whine on my part.......

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Welcome back, Privateer3..

I guess summer is the season for returning customers to Nutrisystem (me too) and January is for the new resolution customers. This time I hope to make my goal by new years, instead of starting then. My new year resolution will be to keep everything I've earned...

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, Good luck with the restart. Slow and steady wins the race. I have had good luck buying Nutrisystem food on EBAY for about 50% of what Nutrisystem sells it for new...

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Welcome back to the Men's room Privateer. Losers and Lifters unite!.


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I never left..

Just suffered by being out of work and dirt poor, no Nutrisystem possible, and then, bad things sometimes like to gang up on me, I got an injury that stopped my weight lifting cold..

Still not sure how soon I can lift again, have another VA appointment on the 21st, the day my Nutrisystem auto-delivery starts again. A week ago they took about a dozen x-rays of the part of the neck where the injury is (or at least, it's where the severe pain is) so I expect they will have some idea of what to do when I go in on the 21st...

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Restarted my weight lifting program today.....

1/2 weights, 3 sets, 12 reps, medium cadence, lots of water and Intra-Vol between sets..

Actually got a burn on final reps with 1/2 weight. Heh..

Will do each of my 4 day routines at least twice before I ease back to my last weight levels. I might have to drop a set the first round at full weight. We'll see..

NS ships on the 21st, so my high protein, low carb, lower fat food program will be back again thank goodness..

The neck is hurting a little, but I decided to man-up and lift anyway, and let the medicine I take for my knees plus two Tylenol dull the pain enough to do it. Gawd I hope the x-rays show something that can be easily resolved when I go in Friday..

Anyway, I guess I'll get to eat something at around 7pm, not much though. Working again makes 2pm workouts impossible, so I have to do it as soon as I get home, around 4:30pm..

I might switch Nutrisystem dinner with Nutrisystem lunch on workout days, and have the soup after my workouts. Will try it at least .....

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I do 2 sets, 10 reps. Alternate muscle groups push1, pull1, push 2, pull 2. Keeps heart rate up, while muscle recovers. I do a one count hold at point of maximum exertion (bottom with bench, top with shoulder raise) each rep. Find that I can get a good burn even with lower weights that way. Feels safer...

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Everyone in body building and sports/strength training is agreeing now, doing lower weights / less reps / fewer sets when you.


Do more is worse than reaching a plateau from overtraining or muscle adaption..

In other words, do as much weight as you can possibly do, and as long as the pain isn't from an injury, tough it out. In the end, the results will be light years better than taking the "easier" route..

I'm at 75% weight full reps full sets now, with about two weeks to go before I get back to 100% weight, and maybe even three weeks..

VA is providing a pretty improved anti-inflamitory (-1 spelling) pain-killer and sending me to physical therapy for my neck. Unfortunately, when you get past 50, things like discs can start to wear out. Being in good shape with good posture and muscle tone will delay it..

Like I was anywhere close to that for the last 10 years or so. Sigh......

So, it's nice to feel the pump and burn again, but it sucks to be weak even if it's just relative to where I was before my neck decided cause problems. So I am not doing shrugs or dead lifts for a while until VA decides if we can do anything or I just have to live with deteriorating disc(s) in my neck..

And it sure is nice to have Nutrisystem again, which reminds me, it's off to make some soup. I eat the entree (dinner) at lunch and the lunch (soup usually) after my weight lifting because by the time I can eat, it's too late to eat much and I don't feel like eating anyway until I wake up in the morning, starving. Heh..

But at least I can full dose Probolic SR at bedtime without worrying about the calories...

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What's up Man. Nice to see you're still around. Take care of that neck...

Comment #12

Never left, but thanks!.

Still able to ride my superbike for many hours, which I'm happy about. But eventually I'm going to put convertibars on it, which will raise the clipons about 4" and pull them back about 1", making it easier on me, while still letting me have good handling in the twisties. Also seriously considering hard side bags even though my softies (RKA 33 liters, GREAT soft bags) are very useful and reliable. But it will take a while, I'm not a rich guy anymore. Heh..

So off to sleep, Probolic SR full dose has been drunk, so time for nightime muscle growth. And dreams no doubt, working out hard always gives me the strangest dreams...

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I have a right shoulder that is messed up from a dislocation. Knees have pattela cartiledge loss both aeas. I would gladly go hard core, but I have to balance it all out. If I can't train from getting hurt that sets me back too. I get a pretty good burn even with the limits...

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