What is better Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, or Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is What is better Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, or Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. A funny thing happened on the way to getting fit. My wife and I can now bear to be in the same room together..

Without my inches of blubber, I find myself getting chilled easier. As my wife has started to work out and get her metabolism moving, she's more cold tolerant. She no longer has to bundle up in sweaters and blankets when I'm comfortable and I no longer am dripping sweat and miserable when she's comfortable..

So... between the two extremes, we've met in the middle!.

Anyone else notice this?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Hey Gordon!.

You better believe it. It's bad, I'm cold all the time now, when I used to think I was just "warm blooded". Turns out, take the fat suit off and your body has to work to stay warm...

Comment #2

I do find I am cold all the time now...not just because it is winter - my wife had enough of me bichin and got me gloves :-)..

Comment #3

Sounds soooo familiar!!.

That will be a pleasent "side effect" when I get there!..

Comment #4

I used to be one of those guys that ran around in t-shirts most of the winter around here. Now I own a drawer full of sweaters and a coupler of leather jackets that I use all the time...

Comment #5

There has been a big change in this area for me..

I had two drawer full of sweaters that I never wore. (Alright that was six of them because they were so big.) Now I have to wear a sweater every day here in NE Ohio. Each day in the office I either wear a sweater or leave my sports or suit coat on the entire day..

I also had a rule that it had to get down to 25 degrees or below before I would dawn an overcoat. Not this year, it got to below 40 and I could not wait to get that thing out..

I've acutally wore wool socks to bed a couple of nights...

Comment #6

This is not good news, I'm cold all the time as it is, I'll be an icicle 80 pounds from now!!!.

But then it won't be winter!!..

Comment #7

Yep I used to get the paper in short sleeves and sometimes shorts! Now I get cold all the time! Damn winter...

Comment #8

This is a great thread! Another one for the category "Good Problems To Have"..


Comment #9

I hear you, Gordon. Just today, this really cute chick at work told me I was hot. Not sure how she could tell, I wasn't even sweating...

Comment #10

With the Wife going thru the change, I'm always moving the temp up and down..

And yes fat is a great insulator, I'm always cold now, wear sweaters, and long sleeves. A really new experience for me...

Comment #11

I'm still pretty warm (at least I don't have the fat guy sweating problem anymore)...looking forward to being cold..

Comment #12

I am looking at the bright side here maybe this summer I will be able to step outside even if the thermometer says it is over 80 degrees. I used to stay in the AC any time it got warm outside...

Comment #13

Tom, I was thinking the same thing, and maybe I can up the thermostat and sleep more comfortably at some energy....

I just got my drivers license renewed...and the old license picture is from 4 years ago. I look 10 years younger now than then..

Comment #14

I get cold easy as well - much more than in the past. It's not a fat loss thing for me I'm sure as I haven't lost that much yet. I think it's because my metabolism has slowed (I feel fine though)...

Comment #15

My sweaters have come out for sure. Plus I look like Mobay in an add now...something about having the right shape to wear certain clothes!..

Comment #16

I agree, saving on the A/C in the summer is going to be great. But here in MN, it's D@#N cold right now, and I have to keep my house at 72 (up from running it at 68 last year) AND I just bought a space heater to run at night in my room. Also had to use a space heater at work...I used to make fun of the women in the office who used them! What a great problem to have..


4/24/09 Starting Weight 231.

2/2/10 Weight 155..

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