What is DNS (Godaddy domain name Server) ? and its task?
Got a quick question: What is DNS (Godaddy domain name Server) ? and it's task? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... I found this in one of my pop.

Emails I hadent checked for awhile..

I got an email after I reg'd a name,.

Short text asking if I had reg'd that name..

I replied thinking there might be some.

Issues and I wanted to get them out.

If there were any..

Next was another short "you interested.

In making some money?".

It was good pitching for sure, caught.

Me asleep at the flash at all.

At first. I replied a second time, whats.

The straight poop... get to it.....

This is what he got to:.



At least I got a laugh out of it....

Hope you do too..

I am in NO WAY connected to this and.

I dont think they have a prayer in heck.

Launching .WS this way..

(They seem to be building something...).

Hmmm, we've seen these before, in Egypt..

Peace, kp..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably know..

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The only thing that interests me in the whole thing:.

7 Days Free Trial....

LOL. Get a .ws, and sell it within 7 days?..

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Hmm, anyway, I recenly blocked all .ws domains from my mail.

Hope I wont get such spams from now..

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That was quite funny though I am considering to make a blacklist and allow only known mailers..

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It appears he is quite serious.... I however refuse to be imprisoned by the deeds of the greedy and unconcerned. It's like not going outside for fear of being mugged, thats just giving up and then the world loses..

Cyberia is our "go west young man" and while ken and the mit boys were Lewis and Clark, we are the first settlers, building communities (like this one) and developing commerce and expanding the realm, as it were..

We cannot let the Railroaders chase us under rocks, the rules we live by in our hearts will prevail... WE OWN THIS PLACE, and we own nothing. Bottom line no matter how complicated it seems, it's still just 0's and 1's...yes or no, continue or turn, stop or go.Spam is like commercials on television, part of the free service. PLUS... and heres the irony, it works. They sell product and it works, or there wouldnt be any.

If it didnt, Proctor and Gamble wouldnt spend the money..

So turn up your filters,but dont deny yourself the pleasure of the last free social and apolitical settlement our generation will ever see again..

Homo-Sapians are social beings and we love to communicate with each other and I consider us blessed living in this era of man. Look around and see the members here from all around the world, friends from places we never heard of as kids or were taught "they are different" and that was a bad thing, but you know what... we are different, and thats a good thing. We learn from difference and wherever we want to go the world is lightspeed close. Enjoy our freedoms brother xyris, dont let them win. If all the good citizens lock out then who's left? Is everyone you know on your list? This is about interaction, meeting new and interesting strangers...

Dont deny us your knowledge because half the movie is "thick rich lather" from Gillette and "burning pain? that itching sensation?" selling hemmoroid plugs... commercials keep the cost down..

Laugh at them for the joke they are, but please dont let the bastards win..

Lol, I'll be in dutch for this rant for sure...I better stop... just cant help it, kids..

Love you all..

Peace, Kenny..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.