What is iPage web hosting? Please tell me in simple words.?

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My question is What is iPage web hosting? Please tell me in simple words.? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Valign="top" is now deprecated....

Can anyone tell me the correct CSS 1.0 equivalent to place within a <tr> please..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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He shooooots and it a 3 pointer.

Sure you could run it, but the point would be???.

I know you meant that Neil, just letting you know that you are right..

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Of course I'm right, I'm always right..

BTW, needless to say vertical-align doesn't work in NN 4.xx.


Except when I'm wrong...

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How do you figure, sure it does. works really well just like IE. at least on my 4.79 version..

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Ummm, scoutt I hate to say this, but I was referring to the CSS of td {vertical-align: top} and not the old deprecated <td valign="top">..

I think you just fouled out..

Not that I'm overly worried that the CSS doesn't work in the antique NN, I've pretty much given up on NN 4.xx and while I'll make sure the iPage site is viewable, I certainly won't be trying to make it anywhere near the layout of IE 5+ and NN 7..


This was.


An edit to change "tr" to "td" - absolutely not. Hey scoutt, let's just go to the pub, this making my head hurt...

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Oh sure, css css css.. everybody likes css. hmm where did I hear that from.

I see, I think I read your post wrong.

Gotcha, yeah I see why that wouldn't work in ns4.xx..

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I'm afraid you are wrong scoutt... valign was a legal tag in TR to specify the vertical alignment of the text (or other elements) within cells of the current row. It is now deprecated however..

Have a look here:.


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Oh and thanks everyone including you scoutt.

For helping me out on that one...

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I am wrong huh?? well I really hate to disagree with you and I would admit if I was, think about this and then take a look..

You have a table, in that table is a row and in that row is a cell, correct so far? well each cell is as big as the row, so how can the row have a valign in it? sure it will work but the point is meaningless since it is suppose to go in the cell. valign is for text/stuff.


A table cell, not the row..


Notice how it says CELL data and not ROW data?.

And if you notice in that link you specified that align and valign are in ALL elements of a table..

Look here.


Scroll downa littel bit and see the align in the table tag? do you see that text in a TR tag? no I don't think so..

But you are right, align and valign is deprecated in all elements, even a div tag...

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The above is a very basic idea of the table I am using. One table, one row and two coloumns. The Column to the left contains one table, the one to the right contains two tables. At the moment the ones on the right are populated with enough text so that combined they control the height of their respective parent table. However the one on the left which has little text will always be valigned to the middle by default. Without out wanting to fix the cell height to 100%, I need the left table/cell to be valigned to the top.

And it seems to me that the correct place to put this valign attribute is in the TR which controls the respective row. This seems logical to me and the fact that in W3C (HTML 4.0) it is listed as a valid attribute to <TR> then that to me says it is the correct way of sorting such a problem..

In fact I have tested this, and it seems to work fine. Any thoughts?..

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Look at it this way. if you use cellpadding it makes the cells spread out, correct. notice how the cells are in the respective places? the cells is not moving up or down it is the data in the cell that is moving..

Now take the valign out of the row and put it in the cell. same thing happens huh? the cell is not moving as it is always as big as the row, it is for the data in the cell..

And it doesn't say anywhere in the iPage site that valign in a row is valid. it just says you can use it but it deosn't make sense since it doesn't do any good as align/valign is for data not the cell itself...

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Ok heres my way:.

And heres yours:.

What am I doing wrong then?.

Note that this is a test page not worried about anything else at all...

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In the table that has the text "This months releases at glance" the valign in this tble needs to go up 1 level..

I want the text/table in this cell to be aligned up top so we put it in the cell, not the table that holds the data. this would be different if you didn't nest tables...

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But I need it where it is so the top borders line up squarely...

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Then take the valign out of the other tr tag and insert it into the td that holds it..

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I did that and it doesn't work. Huh??? anyway no worries for now, I will validate it when done, it works and I'm happy, if doesn't validate I will deep fry it then... Thanks for your help...

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Well ok bu tI don't know what you were doing wrong because it worked for me...

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