What is maximum character in Godaddy domain name of internet?
My 1st question is: What is maximum character in Godaddy domain name of internet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... Im in, tell me the info if you wanna get serious about it, I suggest .ref for reference. Or something, but Id be in on it most def, for a percent of the revenue of course..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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I think money would make more sense, as NP$ has less value to Ron, for -obvious- reasons..

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Yes, but by buying more stocks of .NP we could increase the value of NP$ for others.

It would be the next Euro of the world...

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I mean, we could have our own lil .np stock exchange.

The possibilities are limitless!.

Does anyone have a link to ICANN TOS?..

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NP$ could become the euro of the internet.


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Pah... suck up.

Nice way to get some extra np$ though!.

Imagine if paypal started using np$ instead of , $$$ & €€€! We would need our own little money symbol though! a combination of n&p..

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With all the graphic designers and coders, programers and maybe ASII creators on here, we could probly come up with somthing..


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The N and P could work really well in a design.....

But arent we going a -bit- over the top there?!..

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This goes over the proposal and such I think.




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Thanks for the link Dan..

Ill look through it all, word for word..

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I added some, I did a google search for "proposing a new tld"..

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Aren't 2-character extensions (like .np) reserved for country codes? I think if you're going to start your own extension it has to be three characters or more. I might be wrong..

Anyway, I'm in for at least $10...

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You need to have.....

C. Technical capabilities.

1. Physical plant.

A. Hardware.

B. Software.

C. Facility security.

2. Data security and escrow.

3. Scalability and load capacity.

4. Registry-to-registrar technical and other support.

5. Registrar-to-registrant technical and other support.

6. Billing and collection operations.


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Yes, for two letter extensions you have to own a country. I guess you could go buy a private island out in the middle of the South Pacific and declare your independence. Be sure to name it something that would translate well as a two letter country code..

That aside, the process of getting a new TLD will take a lot more money than $50k. In fact that is an interesting dollar figure because it's the exact amount required to submit an application to ICANN for a new TLD..

In year 2000, 44 appicants paid $50k to ICANN with their proposed new TLDs. ICANN selected seven. (No refunds for the other 37!) Then you have to have the financial stability to operate a TLD registry which means you need to multiple that 50k by 100 to get started with your own TLD. Considering that, I don't think our new extension would be popular enough to get much of a return on invesment..


New NamePros TLD.

Oh well. Sorry!.

However, it is not out of the realm of reality to see a group of NamePro'rs getting funds together to start an ICANN accredited registrar. This idea of a coop registrar has been discussed before and I think it's possible!..

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Ahh well, was worth the thought!.

I didnt know their full policy.....

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Looks like that idea is out the window.


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Credit to Midano for that one. That's probably the BEST way to get your own TLD at this point...

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I saw that one Midano!.

Im heading out to one of those random Southern Pacific Islands now!..

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Thanks for clearifying that for me RJ.

Appreciate the feedback....

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What about just the registrar then?.

That better than nothing!..

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I like much the idea of $np as an internet currency .....

Buy something... pay with $np .... cool..

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Ooo.. read through it, very nice concept IMO..

Though, how will you find 50 people willing to put in $2k each? =)..

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To your maths Tom, That would work out as 1000 people at $10 each (6ish)..

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Thats if lots of people all put together, and make one strong registrar.....

If you think about it, thats 1000 people that would buy from that registrar, thus, thats a lot of money earned back.... but youd have to find that amount of people to put in, or more reasonable would be say, 250 @ $20 and 500 @ $10, or something along those lines..

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Very good idea, id be interested in donating some cash, it should be fair that we get to choose 1 HIGH LEVEL HostGator name each. When I say I high I mean XXXX..

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I would donate money to anything, as long as I am guaranteed to get something out of it (should the idea be a sucess). For instance, I am not going to put money into creating a np icann accr. registrar, if I don't earn anything from it! lol.

Another idea is a paypal kinda idea. What about instead of trading in , $ & € trade in np$. Our own conversion rates etc... and it's all free, as long as they trade in np$. - lol - make money out of advertising!..

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Just got to find another 9995 people odd now then!..

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Itd be an interesting shareholders meeting, in the top of Rons loft.....

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With 10,000 people, he wouldn't have a loft, just a VERY high first floor! lol!..

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Does anyone have any real data with regards to the cost to start a tld? If it is really as little as $100,000 or even as much as a quarter million I would be interested in speaking with other members regarding a potential venture..

I would be willing to fund $50,000 or more depending on the model and projections and would like to have a limited number of larger dollar investors on the venture..

Are there any white papers on the process / requirements?..

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I wanna help.


(but not for $50,000 -.

- good luck with finding people.


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I would also be interest in a tld. I would suggest .ocm or .cmo. Imagine the number of hits/days we could get with the .com typos! Now imagine the $$$ that will generate only with ppc pages! Not even have to build websites. Only have to add all .com high traffic domains (without trademark...) and cash in....

Income forever....

Ready to put $x xxx (maybe $xx xxx) in such a project..


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Well, we can all keep dreaming.... we know that this prob will never happen LOL......

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50k x 100 = 5000k = $5mil.

I dont think we can raise 5 million dollars....

This would be a MUCH better idea, and at 50k, it's the kind of thing, that we can afford.....

If people are willing to donate to this, it would be much more applicable IMO..

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How hard would it be to Organise Private Corporation and Arrange some Venture Startup Capital. Exactly like every other Business...

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Organizing the corp is easy. arranging venture capital is not, at least not without a solid business plan...

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Would approaching a small country with it's own (but unsuccsesfull) existing cctld with an offer not be a better idea (like what happened with .tv). Then if everybody at NP started to promote it on their own website etc....

Just an idea..

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I Know the perfect underused ccTLd.

.US can't remember the country right now.


.np for NEPAL is Very Under-utilised..

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