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Last Week's Thread:.

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Yep, there are some Medifast online vouchers available. Great way to save money on Medifast now. I advise you to sign up for their email list so you can use their recent coupon codes. They typically release them once a month or so..

Comment #1

Morning Heather! I LOL'd at the new thread name...

Comment #2

Good Moring, Pin Ups~.

Crazy weekend. I felt like I was living in a snow glabe and every time the snow would settle some cretin would pick it back up off the shelf and shake it up all over again. I was actually looking forward to Monday morning, and now... here it is!.

I was thrilled at the results of my first week. 10.2# (for those that may not have seen it on the old thread, and well, I wanted to say it again... 10.2# WOW!).

It's been a challenge, but it was very doable. I'm so happy!.

On a side note, I was looking through the beauty tips section of the forums here and found information about conditioner only shampooing. I'm giving it a try. So far so good. Anything to tame this mane..

Have a wonderful week, all you sexy ladies..


Comment #3

D'oh! I forgot the new thread!! Here's what I said:.

Good morning my muffins!!.

Angela-That is awesome!! Go you!.

Math sucks. I am just not getting the stuff we're doing right now. I went to the math center on Saturday and will be going again today. I have a test today. I can take it twice, so I'm planning on today, then again tomorrow. You know, after my biology exam? I'm so overwhelmed.

Then I'm free for a bit..

My tattoo is awesome!!! I love how it came out, and I will def be going back to this artist..

He stood back and looked it over when he was done (his name's John), and he wants me to go back cuz he's got ideas for a background type thing to give it more dimension and movement. I'll go back after the holidays and see what he's thinking..

Boxing kicked my booty yesterday! However, sparring with the women in the class is kinda "meh". I don't wanna be all "yeah, I wanna fight dudes" but...I wanna fight the dudes. They are a little more serious, where the women are taking breaks every two seconds and laughing and talking while sparring. I'm there to learn and work out, not talk about my kids and the weather the whole time! I'm going again this morning. Every Sunday, Monday, and Friday is boxing day, whoop whoop!!.

Hope you all had lovely weekends, and I'll pop back on later....after my math torture!..

Comment #4

Again, yes that is a little blood on my side-boob. Yuck-o!..

Comment #5

Morning ladies!.

This weekend was kid of crazy for me as well. I did a lot of school work and fussing with my stray..

In case you didn't see on last weeks post. I came home Friday to find the stray out of his crate. I don't worry about opening the door because mine will run around me in circles. When I saw both heads I was so shocked that I didn't close the door and both dogs went running around the hood. They had one fight after that and are now best friends. You can tell he is still a puppy.

I still don't have a place for him to go tomorrow when I leave. I will be making a lot of phone calls today about shots and boarding. I am really too broke for this but I want him. I talked to the guy down the street and he is going to try to help me out..

Sunday was all school. I finished my stats exam again. I don't care if it is all wrong. I'm done. After that I grade 75-ish exams for the classes I TA for...

Comment #6

Angela - Congrats on the 10.2 lbs!!!.

Dawn - I love the tattoo but I think your guy is right, it could use a little more deminsion...

Comment #7

Morning Ladies!!.

Sorry I diapeared last week. My foot is just getting worse so I was in a bad mood, and work was busy and they fired a few people so it was chaos..


- LOVE the tattoo and math isnt evil...I promise!.


- Mmmmm Pumpkin Martinies sound great.


- Congrats on the 10.2 lbs!!! BTW I'm Tiffany, Single 27 yr old living in Florida. No Kids but a crazy dog that keeps my life interesting..


- good luck with the stray...glad they are getting along now. I had to get rid of my stray last year cause my dog and him did NOT get along...

Comment #8


Dawn-LOVE LOVE the tattoo!.

Angela- WHOOP ON 10.2! holla!!!.

Heather-mmmm pumpkin martinis glad your weekend was good.

Jess- Aw a new doggy! I'm glad they are getting along!.

Im finally liking my cat hahah.

I was taking a shower and when I was coming out I heard alex talking to snuggles (kitty) and he goes IM telling mom, Dont scratch me SNUGGLES!!!! and I walk in and Alex has 2 scratch marks on his cheek, I tell him ALL the time do not put your face down by her...oh well...i guess that'll learn him.

Im excited for a 3 day week! I get to go to a Blazer game this friday against New Orleans. Should be good, Bayless was on the blazers but now that team, I was sad to hear this. He was so cute..

Here is a pic of Alex being...well Alex. He hiked up his pants and took off his shirt to be Airbender...yup thats my boy hahah!..

Comment #9

Argh!!!!! Im calling about shots for the stray. I called the Humane Society only to find out they arent open on Mondays. Then the schools college of Vet medicine but I had to leave a voicemail and then my vet (which will be the most costly) and the phone was busy. UGH!!! I have until 5 pm tomorrow to figure this out!.

Heather The pumpkin martinis do sound good..

Tiffany I had him in the crate until I could get to Young-Williams. I was going to take him right after I ate when I got home. I decided to give him another day after that stunt. They are great now. When is the Drs appointment for the foot?.

Melly Yay for 3 day weeks and going to a game. Alex is so cute, as always...

Comment #10

Rant Warning.

Okay MEN SUCK!!!.

I joined E-Harmony awhile back and then a few month ago opted to no longer get matches cause only the toothless hicks were talking to me. I figured if I lost a few more lbs to be a normal size I would do better..

Well now I am a 14 or 12 depending so I opened it back for matches a week or 2 ago..

NO ONE is talking to me!! I send a message to every match I get unless something in their profile is a big no for me. And yet no one responds. I am getting so down about this!! All my friends, okay my one friend here and several coworkers, all tell me I am looking good. Yet nothing..

Sorry it's just been bothering me a lot lately. AND to top it off I fell way off wagon this weekend. I also feel poopy cause I have not been to the gym in over a week due to my foot and ankle. *Sigh* Sorry to rant..

End Rant...

Comment #11


- that tattoo is rockin'! I love it. how did things go with your lady friend who was supposed to fight a dude this weekend?.


- for some reason, I thought the dog you found was just lost and you were trying to find it's home... do you think you'll keep him? glad they're getting along better!.


- I agree with what the other turkey-butts said. deal with saggy skin when it happens. and aaaawesome sauce on the 10.2 pounds! you are killin' it! and yes. yes, I will come visit you in costa rica..


- good mornin'! sorry the foot is still bothering you. glad to see you on the boards, though!.


- pumpkintinis sound delish! I went out friday night, and the guy next to me ordered a bananas foster martini. wowzers. they can really make anything into an alcoholic drink at this point, can they? glad you enjoyed HP and that the par-tay was a success!.


- good morning, OGP! alex is hilarious. I think it's funny that snuggles photo-bombed the pic. ha! i'll be sure and have some extra fun for you in vegas. I wish you were coming!!!! seriously. pin-ups invade vegas... it's gotta happen...

Comment #12

Tay He was lost and I did try to find his home, but with no luck. So I either turn him over to a kill shelter (the only one in town) or keep him. I decided to keep him. Even if I didnt want him I would find him a home over giving him to the shelter..

Tiff- Sorry about the e-harmony thing. I never had good luck with those types of things either...

Comment #13


- i'm sorry you're frustrated! my experience with online dating, and I recognize that this is a HUGE generalization when I say this, is that.


, the women are pretty awesome/normal/etc, and the men,.


, are freak shows. I don't really know how to explain this, other than i've known several great guys in my life who are dating complete female freak shows, so... it has to even out somewhere? I don't know. now for the positive! nice guys ARE out there, online and off. i've had two online dating stints one was several years ago, and I went on about 10 first dates. NO second dates because every one of those 10 was a complete weirdo.

They were too out there even for me. my second stint was two years ago, and ryan was my first date, and well, here we are. and I was at 200 pounds, size 16/18ish when we met..

Have you tried any other sites? to be honest, I haven't heard great things about e-harmony from a few friends who've tried it. maybe there's a better match for you in terms of what you're looking for?.

Hang in there! you're a beautiful, talented woman and someone's going to realize it!..

Comment #14


, in case you're curious, we met on food for thought!..

Comment #15

Thanks Taylor. I know I shouldnt get down. I just have no way of meeting anyone in person. I dont do bars and I work all the time..

I have a year subscription for E-Harmony. It ends in July. I may try plenty of fish as it's free and I am BEYOND broke right now...

Comment #16

Tiff, Have you heard of

Try that for a bit, it's free.....

Comment #17

I've heard good things about plenty of fish... and I have several friends who met their partners on OKcupid and are still dating after a couple of years. maybe another option?.

I hear you, though. I don't go out to bars really. I can usually be found at a coffee shop, live music show, or hikin' and bikin' around town. have never met someone in any of those venues, although you never know!.

Keep us posted.....

Comment #18

Will do...I think tonight I will look into the Plenty of Fish thing...

Comment #19

Morning Vixenistas!!!!.

From skimming.


Also you can check out.

- It's where I was pleasantly surprised to have met lots n lots of boys for free...

Comment #20

Good Morning/noon ladies.

My weekend was good, Saturday I did nothing but sit on my booty and cook dinner, Ive got a little cold my nose is stuffy, then yesterday the kids and I did a bunch of house work.

Last night we were watching She-Ra with the kids, it's so funny because I watched the show when I was 5ish.

Today I dont really have plans, it's snowing but I told the kids maybe we can go to the Public Library after a bit.

Tiff- Hang in there girl, I met my Husband when I was 200 lbs or so and also in a size 18. I met him when I had pretty much stopped looking for a guy, I was just looking for a friend at the time, we've been together over 10 yrs..

Comment #21


- I like your new ink! The design really translates to your family & your interests!.


- I can 100% completely relate to your rant. I have been rejected from eHarmony & paid like $60 to to only find that NO ONE had a paid account to communicate with and was really frustrated. It's very discouraging to put yourself out there and get nothing in return but all I can tell you is that you HAVE to just keep on trying because you gotta kiss a LOT of online frogs to find your prince. Since joining OKcupid in September of 2008 I have met in person and gone on at least 25+ dates with boys I met through the site. I've made some AMAZING friends and met some real whack-a-doodles but in the end, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I highly recommend it and I'd say to try both Plenty of Fish and OKCupid as most people double profile same info on both sites to double their chances lol.

Ash's weekend of non-stopped-ness!!!!.

Friday I went out to dinner for my Uncle Charlie & Aunt Carol's 27th wedding anniversary. My Aunt Carol is the relative that passed away this summer after a valiant battle with colon cancer for over 4 years. My Uncle is my mom's brother & there are 6 bros n sis total so we all gathered together to celebrate what would have been a very happy 27th year together for them & made sure Uncle Charlie wasn't alone on such a milestone event..

Saturday I slept in for so long I woke up with a headache but went to my friends house to play Lego Rock Band! SOOOO fun! I then met-up with one of my ol' boytoys for a cup o' joe & to catchup on what's been new since we last saw one another. It has been quite a long time so it was nice to see him again. I told him about my first date with M on Thursday & he gave me some advice which I greatly appreciated..

Sunday I got up extra early to meet a dif ol' BT for Harry Potter's earliest showing & then dropped him off before going to a Friends Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone brought a fixin' & the hostess made the turkey. So much fun! I watched a couple football games with everyone & kept my portions small plus chose only OP stuff for my plate. I also tried that FOUR Loko drink (which was GROSS.


I too am excited about a 3 day work week but even more jazzed that I planned my mandatory 5 day-in-a-row vacation for all of next week so I have off until December 6th after Wednesday! WOOOO! I have no actual fun or vacation-like plans, other than to really hardcore work on making my house buyer friendly!!! I need to sell it ASAP I want out of NJ so bad! I might pare down my worldly possessions to just the bare necessities too! That means lots of giving away of shoes & handbags, etc etc..

In other news, I am really thinking if I am moving away I am looking EVERYWHERE! I might end up in England or Canada or even New Zealand!..

Comment #22

Hey ladies!.

Tiffany-Those sites go either way. My sister and I tried it together (I pretty much dared her). I had no luck, a few lame dates with no second dates, but my sister met her husband!! So you never know. Hang in there..

Ash-I missed you so hard when you were off the boards on your hiatus! I just want to say I'm glad you are back!!!.

About the paring down, I'm reading a book by Brad Warner on zen buddhism that is really really interesting. It just reminded me of it when you were giving stuff away. I'm really grooving on the buddhism right now..

Jessica-Yep, the ink could use a little something, so after the holidays I'll go back. I tipped him really well, so I'm hoping he gets creative. He seemed into it..

So I show up for boxing and the class got bumped to 1030! Grrr....I looked all over and there was not ONE SIGN anywhere about a class change. So I politely asked the guy behind the counter, and he had major attitude. He told me, all curt-like, that signs had been up for 2 weeks. Really?? First of all, I just started back up yesterday, and secondly, why the hell would you leave signs up for 2 weeks then TAKE THEM DOWN 2 DAYS BEFORE THE CHANGE????? Sheesh. I was smoldering when I left but then I got over it, cuz if I let that ish get to me, then couchbags like him win. And I am not letting that dude punk my a s s. But it did cause me to want to punch stuff even more, LOL!!!..

Comment #23

Thanks Ashley and Amy..

Amy - I've never even seen real snow before..

Ash - WOW you had a busy weekend. Never heard about 4 loko until Friday and then I heard about it like 5 times this weekend. Crazy. Good luck with the house repairs!..

Comment #24

Youve never seen real snow before?.

Come to Oregon!!..

Comment #25

You've never seen snow Tiff??? that is soooo crazy. Im not a huge fan but some of my best memories as a kid were my parents taking us up in the mountains to go sledding.

Ash- If you like rain Oregon is very nice.

When I was younger and trying to date, I always met the guys that wanted to be friends grrr.

Or wanted to mess around in private but not want anyone to know in public type thing, it hurt alot..

Comment #26

I LOVED She-Ra as a kid...she was my hero..

I grew up in Gulf Shores, AL so yeah we had snow fluries about twice in my life and last year here in Florida I saw one or two bits of snow/sleet. But thats it...

Comment #27


- Aw! Thank you! I am so not joking when I say that having someone tell me they miss me really touches my heart. You should ask for like electrical crackling or "kirby crackles" which are comic book style dots that go outside of action words like "ZAP" or "BLAM!" lol I think it would complement the electrons lectricity & make it look like it POPS off your skin or has some motion in the orbits. As for Zen Buddhism books, I too have been wandering into the New Age section lately. I've been learning about astral planes & spirit guides. It's fun! I take e'rything with a grain of much needed salt but I also love to believe! lol I think between the new agey info I am soaking up and the meditation I try to calm my brain with instead of being a walking ball o' anger is definitely not for everyone but I am enjoying the ride!.


- Thanks about the ol' house and you are welcome! Good luck. Try to find the fun in dating & looking at boys again and you will enjoy meeting boys via any outlet online or through friends..

Speaking of couch bags I hear so many new ways to say that on the radio. Last week I heard juice bags, slouch bags, deuce bags...

Comment #28

And to clarify by bits of snow I mean flakes...nothing stuck to anything here in Florida. Back in Alabama when it snowed twice it was like a very light frost on the ground. In Elementary school I think we had a whole inch. In middle school it was basically frost. All of it melted by 11 am...

Comment #29

I am starting to become crazy annoyed. I broke down and went to the doctor for my foot. Then I had x-rays done that same day (1 pm on Wednesday). The x-ray place said my doctor would have the results by Friday. I called today and they STILL dont have the results. My foot is killing me! They didnt give me anything for it on Wednesday either so I've just been walking on it and enduring the pain. Now I am angry!! Very very Angry!..

Comment #30

Hey girlies! Just popping in on my lunch!.

Dawn- love the new tat!.

Angela- which is worse- looking fabulous in clothes but having extra skin that only shows when you are nakie? Or being overweight and having that skin filled with fat?.

Heather- love the thread name! I thought Melly created it at first..

Hey Jessica! Glad the new doggie is doing well, but that stinks that you don't have a place to keep him while you're away..

Hi Tiffany!.

I know two couple who have used Plenty of Fish! One is getting married in July and the other is my bf who lived with me for a couple weeks between boyfriends..

Hey Melly!.

Aww, poor Alex (about the cat scratches). LOVE the pic!.

Hi Taylor!.

Hey Ashlee!.

Four loko tastes NASTY. I've only had a couple sips of it, couldn't stand drinking any more..

Hi Amy! I LOVED She-Ra growing up..

My weekend was super busy but really nice. Friday we had dinner at my bf's house with her boyfriend (who she met on Plenty of Fish) and just had a blast. Saturday we ran errands then went to a church dinner at a church we really like but is an hour away. Then yesterday we became members of our church, and my mom came up for the morning service! We went to the evening service too (because the minister asked if we could do the becoming member thing at both) and stayed for the potluck dinner after (we brought pies). It was a great weekend but VERY busy!!.

Well, my lunch is over in 2 minutes, but I will post QODs ASAP. I hope you all have a fantastic day!..

Comment #31


1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you (if you saw 30 Rock on Thursday you know what I mean)?.

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one (Melly)?.

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful..

4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

5. L&G/main meal?..

Comment #32

Hi Mer!.


1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you (if you saw 30 Rock on Thursday you know what I mean)?.

Well People already call me princess, so I'm good..

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one (Melly)?.

Princess stuff.

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful..

Pin Ups!.

4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

Pizza or french fries smothered in ketchup and seasoning salt..

5. L&G/main meal?.

I dont know!..

Comment #33


1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you (if you saw 30 Rock on Thursday you know what I mean)?.

My Mom calls me Spud, and my relatives call me Y-ma because I use to write my name backwards.

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one (Melly)?.

Im not a decorator, probably just pics of my kids and family.

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful.-.

My Family.

4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

Pizza, since being on Medifast all I crave is Pizza, oh and Beans & Tortillas.

5. L&G/main meal?.

Not sure yet, made chicken last night..

Comment #34

YAY! Heard backs from the Doctor. Its not broken just really badly sprung. It is swollen 1.5 sizes bigger than my normal shoe size. So I have to keep it iced, elevated and an ace bandage...

Comment #35


1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you (if you saw 30 Rock on Thursday you know what I mean)?.

An ex-coworker used to call me the FRX Ninja...I liked that.

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one (Melly)?.

I have a pic of my dog and my BFF. I also have a few pictures taken by a blind artist who I've known since I was 2..

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful.-.

My Family.

4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

Tortilla chips and that white cheese dip at the mexican resturants. I could eat that from here to judgement day and never be tired of it..

5. L&G/main meal?.

Not sure yet. Prob Chicken and green beans as that means I dont have to cook and I dont feel like cooking tonight. (my foot hurts)..

Comment #36


...I did the thread in your honor today!! Alex is too darn looks like he's got personality plus!!.


That sounds painful..I hope you heal up soon. As for the on line dating, I don't have much to add but I do know two couples that met and married on

Sounds like everybody had busy weekends!!!.

I got my nails done today and of course the school nurse was calling me to say Isabel didn't feel well. She's never been allowed to go home when she goes to the nurse, she felt nauseous. Luckily they got hold of my husband but I felt awful that I didn't hear the phone ring!!! I think her crazy weekend caught up w/her. I hope she's not sick again!.

So at the nail salon the woman asked if I wanted gel manicure and that my color would stay for 2 weeks. I was all for that but they dont' look good, she did this light pink color and it looks like I don't have any polish on at all, they aren't shiny. by that point I got the phone calls so I had to leave but I might go back and have them re-do them. I'm really not happy and it was a lot more expensive!..

Comment #37


..that is awesome on your first week of loss!! Wow!!..

Comment #38

Heather - Totally go back. I had one horrible nail experiance and it was with my natural nails. I had worked sooo hard to grow them out all pretty and long and she was shapping the first nail and cut the WHOLE thing off. I freaked. They gave me a free manicure coupon though and had someone else finish my nails...

Comment #39

Hi Heather- Sorry to hear your not happy with your nails.

Thats a bummer. Ive only had mine done once for my wedding.

A friend of ours called and invited the kids and I to go sledding but I said no, I wanted to go but I have no snow boots and dont want to freeze. I need to look around this weekend for some boots, I hate spending the money on them but think it's about time I get some.

Its been snowing alot, I really hope my Brother can still make it for Thanksgiving, my kids are so excited to see their cousins..

Comment #40

Im going to take my kids to the Library and get them some lunch, Need to get out of the house for a little while. See you all after awhile..

Comment #41

I have a plan for Major!!! I have been calling him that cuz he is a Major pain in my tush. I called the kill shelter and told them the deal. They said that they would put him on a new 3 day hold for found dogs (although since I filled out the form 3 days ago it should be up) and with them closed on Thursday that will get us to Sunday. I will pre-fill out the adoption form and they will call me once he is cleared to be adopted. Then I can lay claim to him which will put him on a 24 hour hold until I get there Monday morning. I have to pay the adoption fee but that is about as much as the shots were alone and I get him microchipped and boarded while I am in FL!.

Hey! Lay off us FL girls. Tiff Dont feel bad. I had only seen snow once before I moved to TN two years ago minus the flurries that Fl has..

Hi Mer!.

Tiff- Yay for not being broken!!!..

Comment #42


, where does your bro live? I hope he can make it, too! I haven't had to deal with snow stopping me from traveling (yet). have fun at the libes!.


, stinks about your nails! was it the shellack thing? I feel like someone was talking about that on here sometime in the last few weeks... what shade of pink? I love nail polish colors. I used to get "nantucket mist." HA! I like dark purples and browns these days..



Sighting! love it. hi, mer!..

Comment #43

Heather- When I first read the thread name, I was like thats my saying! Get those nails redone girl and I hope iz feels better!.

Amy- My dads nickname for me was Spud..

Comment #44


, yay for adopting major!!! i'm so glad he'll have a happy home with you. that makes my day...

Comment #45

Taylor- My bro is living and working in Salem, which is about a 3hr drive from my house over the mountain pass, right now it's packed snow, We arent suppose to get snow wed or thurs so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Ok leaving now, bbl..

Comment #46


1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you (if you saw 30 Rock on Thursday you know what I mean)?.

Ashtastic (which is only funny if you have seen Couples Retreat!).

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one (Melly)?.

Pics people mail me of their kids (think holidays and milestones/new babies) and a Twilight calendar in my "cubby" at work.

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful..

My general health (despite being this obese lady).

4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

Rolls/bread I just think it's more habit than anything else, but I enjoy bread with meals & wrapped around my meats! (like a hamburger roll - OUTTA THE GUTTER LADIES!).

5. L&G/main meal?.

Lowfat mozzerella cheese/tomatoes/cucumbers marinated in my fave lowcarb italian dressing over a bed a romaine..

Comment #47

Aw! We have a couple.


! My daddy calls me Lil Buns, Pumpkin, Squirrel Child, Gumby & my personal favorite - Squeaky Butt. I don't think I heard my dad say my actual name until I was like 10 and even then it was only because he was talking about me to someone else! LOL..

Comment #48

1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you (if you saw 30 Rock on Thursday you know what I mean)?.

I wanna be called the P.G.O.A.T. (Pretiest Girl Of All Times).

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one (Melly)?.

I have recently moved into a cubicle... I have plastic voodoo dolls and a red swingline staple and a picture of my boy kid..

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful..

I am thankful that I have a brain and I'm not afraid to use it..

4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

Potatoes. I am having a hell of a time not having potatoes in my life. But I will survive..

5. L&G/main meal?.

Chicken shwarma and spinach salad. Mmmmm.

So, I have a question... What are everyone's plans for Thanksgiving? Are you gonna stick to it, behave within moderation, or throw caution to the wind and live a little?..

Comment #49


1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you (if you saw 30 Rock on Thursday you know what I mean)?.

I really like the nicknames I have taytay, tay, tayo, and T. and my mom calls me taylolita. ryan calls me sweet berry and sugar, both of which I love..

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one (Melly)?.

Pictures everywhere! and toys. I have a lot of finger puppets, crayons, and weird little things on my desk. when kids are in the office, they always end up playing in my office..

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful..


4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

Pumpkin pie. because it's my favorite food ever. EVER. ash, can I come over and eat your cal/carb free breads, plz???.

5. L&G/main meal?.

Already had turkey and turkey day sides (we did thanksgiving yesterday since my fam's heading to vegas for t-day)...

Comment #50


, I love PGOAT! that's fantastic. what is chicken schwarma?.


, I hope the snow holds out so you can see your bro and his kids!..

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Can I whine? Please?? I can? Okay......

I am about to cry (again). I have been spending so much time on precal, more than my other 3 classes combined, I just spent 2 1/2 hours taking an exam that I got a 54% on.

I am scared that I'll never finish this class, it's my second time taking it, and I won't be able to get in to the education program. Right now I'm just in liberal arts and taking the classes needed for the program b/c I need the math prereqs (precal 1 and 2). So basically, until I get through precal 2 with a decent grade, I can't get in to the program! And that will hold everything else up!!.

I got 2 Ds, then a C, then I worked really hard and finally got a B (all on the tests), now this stupid 54??? It's making me feel dumb and worthless..

I get to take it again tomorrow, but I have to study for my bio exam tomorrow morning now. So I don't know when I'm going to get to study for the precal test again!!!.

I'm just really really super duper discouraged and feel like giving up. I even spent 2 hours in the math center on campus today as well as Saturday!.

I'm gonna go pout for a while then go study bio. I feel like I haven't spent time with my family or anything all week..


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Just popping in before heading home!.

Jessica- that is AWESOME you are going to be Major's forever home!.

Dawn- *hugs* You can DO this!!.

1. What's a nickname for yourself that you wish people will call you ? .

I really just like Mer or Merz. It's weird when people call me Meredith because it hardly ever happens. I feel weird introducing myself that way. At church I would tell people my name and it would go like this:.


No, Meredith.


No, MereDITH.

Oh, MereDITH..

Grr. But when I introduce myself as Mer that confuses people even more..

2. How would you decorate your cubicle if you had one? Or how is it decorated if you already have one?.

I have only been in my cubicle a week and it is very boring. The only fun stuff I have is a Staples "easy" button, a panda stressball, a pic of Jason, and these really cute Crayola markers for toddlers that are a walrus and a polar bear. I want to get some Seamonkeys after New Years..

3. Name one thing you for which you are thankful..

My family.

4. If you could make one food calorie/carb free, what would it be and why?.

Chocolate because it is delicious!.

5. L&G/main meal?.

Chicken and veggies..

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Dawn - Have you thought about getting a private tutor. I tutor on teh side and my student thought she was dumb, she is not! She is very bright. She just didnt understand the professor and didnt understand just reading the book. A good tutor can talk with you and get a feel for your learning style. IT IS SOOO WORTH IT!! I advertise on craigslist. YOu should check it out.

If she is comfortable with the subject we skip a week. And this is WAY more helpful than a tutoring lab at times cause they are focused on JUST you..

I wish you luck. If you ever need help during the weeknights you can always call me on skype or something. I'm a nerd and I LOVE math...more imporantly my favorite thing EVER is to help someone who hates math learn math. It gives me such great pleasure to share my math withothers (yes I am aware I'm a dork.) Just let me know...I think (I will check when I get home) my skype id is judgirl83...but I'm not 100%..

Comment #54 busy. Didn't have time to post all my initials thoughts. Blah! Weekend was good...not long enough, as usual. I love you girls! Dawnlove the tat. Tiff Don't get discouraged! Hi Merz, Heather, Tay, Jess, Amy, Ash and anyone else I may have missed!.

Biggest news of the weekend: Xavier needs glasses..

He has astigmatism so hes apparently not focusing that well. I ordered his glasses for him. He looks like a little business man. Picture to follow...

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Alex is adorable Melly! He and X would be awesome playmates...

Comment #56

Ash it rocked your mismatch colored socks :P.

Ha, I know they mustve taken that pic when I didnt know, I didnt know I was a star of a movie either but I'm not that suprised, I am awesome! :P.

Xtina- Well at least itll be easier for him to focus, and who knows if it was causing headaches and stuff so this is for the best..

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Alright girls...I'm heading off for the day. Feeling a bit sick...I hate the headaches when you go off plan. I know it's my own fault but I still hate them..

See you girls tomorrow...

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Xtina-Ivan will join him in May! He's got astigmatism, and the doc wants to wait for 6 mos. to see if it corrects itself. I'm pretty sure it won't. I can't wait to pick out some hipster specs for him.

X looks awesome!!!.

Oprah just gave everyone in her audience a new redesigned 2012 VW Beetle. Wow..

I just hired myself a tutor. His name is Joe and he's coming every Friday til the semester's over!! Mark is totally up for it...and even better: he's paying. Which is always a plus..

So shout out to my girl Tiffany for hooking me up, or at least trying to!! xoxo.

And I got myself all worked up for nothing:.

I looked at the program again. I have to get a combined GPA of 3.0 in ENG101 and MAT125....MAT125 is Precal 2, which I'm taking next semester in a classroom!!! ENG101 is an A, so now the pressure-cooker is off! So basically, I just need to pass this class. That's it. I got all upset and discouraged for nothing...

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Anyone else think Bristol Palin and Snookie kinda look like sisters??..

Comment #60

Dawn- That's whats wrong with Xavier. Astigmatism...hope he grows out of it. We'll see.... alright girlies, I'm out for the night! See ya'll in the morrow!..

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Melly you made me LOL with that movie cover.

And LOL about Ashlee's Mismatched socks.

Awww Christina those glasses make him look like a little man, to cute.

Guess what, it's still snowing BLAH.

Ive got a headache, Im so tired of feeling like ISH..

Comment #62

Incase anyone was wondering, Yup it's still snowing :P..

Comment #63

YAY Dawn - sooo glad you got a tutor. It really is worth it! Also great news that the pressure is off! Good luck! I know you will rock it!..

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Stayed home to fight a cold and slept much of the day..

From backreading -.


! Great loss! Congratulations!.


, love the new tattoo. Sorry about the math probs.


, even though I dont drink, can I just say pumpkin pie martinis sound super yum??.


, so sweet of you to open your heart and home to Major!.


, LOVE LOVE LOVE Alex as Airbender. Too cute!.


, so sorry about eHarmony. That sucks. Youre adorable. I echo what Taylor said - hang in there! you're a beautiful, talented woman and someone's going to realize it! Hope your foot heals soon..

Ash, good luck with the house. New Zealand??.



! Hi.


! Hi.


! Hi Christina! Your son is darling. I had to wear glasses at a young age. Hell be okay.

Did I miss anyone? I will feel badly if I did..

Saw Harry Potter this weekend and it was awesome!..

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I feel ginormous tonight. And tomorrow is weigh-in. Don't know if I am retaining or it's just my imagination...

Comment #66

Ugggg Im sorry Carolyn, I totally know how you feel I get that way sometimes also.

Good luck tomorrow.

My Hubby got the grout done on our hearth tonight, it looks so good. Now we just have to wait a couple of days and he can seal it then we can go buy our woodstove and start that.

Ugggg, my Husband wants to do it himself, I know he can do it but right now I would love to just pay the place to install it and get it done, why do men always have to save a $..

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I had to drop in & tell you that every time today I have see your thread title come up today I couldn't help but visualize a turkey butt pinned up. Thanks for the laughs...

Comment #68

Hey, Ladies.....

I tried a muffin recipe with the pancake mix... Tasted like a tall pancake. Oh well. ;-).

Good Morning!..

Comment #69

Hellooooo my little lovemuffins...of love!!!.

Angela-Hey a tall pancake is not so bad, right?.

I'm off to my bio test. I am sorta "meh" about it. I feel like I got the gist of what's going on, I studied some of the terminology, and now we shall see..

A girl from my lab friended me on fb, she wanted me to see pics of her shooting. We are always talking about either metal music or guns in class. You know, when we're supposed to be doing other stuff??.

Well, I was checking her out, and she geocaches!! Nobody ever knows what I am talking about and then when I explain they look at me like I'm crazy. So we have been chattering away about geocaching via text. She lives right near me too, and she's found over 530 caches! So if we get out of lab early today (not likely), we are going to find a couple. There's also one right near us that I've looked for 3 different times and haven't found. She checked on it for me yesterday and said it's still there, so we're going Sunday and she'll give me hints and do the hot-and-cold thing. It's funny, she's 23 and I have more in common with her than anyone I've met IRL in forever.

I hate being an adult sometimes!!.

I cannot tell you guys how much better I feel now that I got the precal sussed out. It's like a weight off my shoulders!!.

Just gotta make it thru today and I can relax!! What are you ladies doing for Thanksgiving? We always stay home and make it really relaxing/chill time, with lots of food. This year our celebration is totally primal, no refined carbs/breads/flours/crusts of any sort. Jackson is going to Florida with his dad.

I am going to miss him so much, it feels weird to celebrate or do something special without him here. He leaves tomorrow morning and comes home Saturday..

Geez, I can yak, can't I?! Thanks for reading, if you made it this far!!.

Love y'all, ttyl after my bio test/lab...

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Morning My Beautiful Muffiny Turkey Butts!!!!!!.

*from backreading*.


- I LOL'd at the Mismatched Colored Ashlee Socks comment! SO TRUE!.


- I am glad it was a false alarm and you can relax now. Good luck with tutor Joe! I am excited for your new friend! If we met IRL, we'd totall be BFF's! You are my soul sister!!!.


- I had glasses at his age. I begged mi madre for contacts at 13 and it actually helped slow the worsening of my vision. Pretty much NO ONE knows I even need glasses that didn't know me as a young child. And I think it makes lil kids look SMART!.


- Sorry you felt like ISH! I hate that..


- I enjoy tall pancakes from time to time! LOL..

Comment #71


- Morning! How's your foot and how's your headacheyness?? Hope you are feeling better...

Comment #72

Ohhhh, Dawn. Wish we lived closer together. I LOVE to geocache. I started in 2002. Haven't been in a while, but come spring, I'm hitting the trails again! Maybe we can plan a cache-a-thon somewhere int he middle of your land and my land. :-) And drink our water and much on a smore bar. ;-)..

Comment #73

Ash - My foot is still a pain. The headache is some better. My Fibro has been really wild since I had to stop excersising for the foot. Been having horrible muscle spasms and such. Anywhoo I was all sick yesterday..

Feeling some better today. Brought my muscle relaxers with me to work just in case..

Horrible thing is that is got so bad yesterday I actually thew up. Whats so horrible about that is I threw up my lean & Green....I dont know if I will ever beable to eat the moring star maple sausage again....EVER. And it was one of my favorite things..

Comment #74

Morning ladies!.

I admit, I didnt back read yesterday. I got so busy after I went to school..

Although Major may live up to his name as a major pain sometimes, seeing him play with my dog makes it so worth it. My dog has a few dominance issues but she isnt showing any signs of that with him. They will play tug-o-war, she doesnt steal his toys, and she will let him pin her on her back which is really big for her. Im so happy I got everything worked out..

I have to get ready to fly to FL tonight so I dont know how much I will be on after this..

Angela You made me lol with tall pancakes..

Morning Tiff Sorry your foot still hurts..

Dawn Good luck on the bio-exam. Yay about the new friend. If my group of friends is any indication, age doesnt matter. We all met at the dog park and there is a 60 something year old hippy child who is a writer and 20 year old college kid. We are like a giant family even including a few of the annoying cousins. I missed the precal thing but yay!..

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Morning everyone, I think we have a foot of snow if not a little more, it snowed like crazy yesterday afternoon and didnt stop until after I went to bed..

Comment #76

I want to see snow!!!.

I dont want to live in it for an extended period of time but I want to see it! For like a day or two to play.

MY IT Team is AWESOME -SAUCE!! They just built me an amazing super computer virtual server to run all my stuff on. (the past month in my reporting computer died). It kicks butt!! Runs all the stuff in like 1/3 or 1/2 the time. WOOO HOOO!!!..

Comment #77

I'll take a picture for you Tiff.

My Grandpa is having a hip replaced today, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers..

Comment #78

The path out to my van.

My front yard.

Front of my house and snow on my roof..

Comment #79

Morning yall!.

It snowed and I hate it. I hate driving in it. I hate the cold with it. I HATE SNOW (unless it snows on a friday night and melts by monday morning).

Anyways I'm at work, I'm alive and I'm cold and going to drink some pumpkin spice coffee.

How YOU doin?..

Comment #80

Omg Amy, I bet your kids are going to have a blast! (I like snow when I was a kid)..

Comment #81

Actually all but 1 kid is still in bed, but they were outside yesterday afternoon for over an hour. Its really cold here it's 15 degrees right now, Its really pretty though.

I will get more pics later today when they go out to play..

Comment #82

OMG Amy - that is crazy snow!!! I dont even know what I would do if I saw that in person. Always loved the idea of snow but having grown up in the deep deep south...I am not thrilled on coldness..

I will keep your Grandpa in my thoughts and prayers. Hope it goes well...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.