What is Medifast, is there caffine in the plant?

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First question I got is What is Medifast, is there caffine in the plant? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

Last Week's Thread:.

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Hi Sheila!! Thanks for creating a new thread! I am at work, just busy this morning as our big wigs from Germany are in..

How was your weekend?..

Comment #2

My weekend was nice!.

Dinner at friends on Friday was fun, we played a board game and just sat around and chit-chatted..

Saturday J had his hockey game at noon. For some reason, half of his team didn't show up (2 had good reasons and let them know in advance, the others were just MIA). So J's team had NO subs at all. They had a really good game, they only lost by 2 points. If they had even one extra skater, I think they would have won. But oh well, no more hockey until Spring..

We ended up going out to dinner with Kristie and Nate, then went back to their place and played Halo Reach..

Yesterday I went to an Apple Butter Festival. It was PACKED! Just a normal town festival with vendors and crafts and stuff, but on steriods and on a HUGE scale. Last year there were 16000 people, and I'm sure they broke that record. I had fun with my girls and bought two different Stephanie Dawn* purse sets for myself. For $25 I got a purse, a wallet, and a coin purse (the other set was also $25 but had a makeup bag instead of a wallet). I also got some Apple Butter, but didn't get anything else other than the food that I ate there..

*Stephanie Dawn is the granddaugter of Vera Bradley and items are very similar. SD is made in Ohio, and the factory used to make VB items before production was moved to China. So if you like VB and enjoy their products, consider buying SD instead. All products are "Made in the USA"..

Comment #3

Sounds like your weekend was fab, Mer! Stephanie Dawn?? I'll check it out..

I had a good weekend as well. Of course, I worked at AT Friday night and Saturday midday. Then I went to the 101010 Explcit Lyrics event last night. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo much fun and definitely explicit. I hope they have more of those events because it was such a wonderful experience. The girls were modeling while there was spoken word going on.

I was pretty drunk by the time I left. There were complimentary hor d'oeuvres and pink panties drinks. Wooooo!!!!! I was feelin' real nice by the time we left there. Great time!!!.

EDIT: Mer, what is Halo Reach?..

Comment #4

Morning Lovelies!!.


..I was wondering what Stephanie Dawn was and thought it sounded very VB. Nice stuff! What pattern did you get? Apple Butter Fest sounds like fun. The weather here was gorgeous, I'm guessing you had the same..



! Thanks for starting us out. One of my kids has off the other doesn't. It's a drag for poor Iz. Hubs is off too but he's working from home (as usual)..

How AT going?.

AFM: My weekend was busy w/ all the party prep. I make myself nuts!! (and everyone else). We were also getting a lot of last minute rsvps for coming and I was starting to freak about the food. I didn't want to prepare anything else, I was tired of cooking by Saturday afternoon and I burnt myself. Iz was helping me and the butter/flour combo started to burn (not her fault) and I threw it into the sink and some of it splashed out onto my neck!!! Thank goodness it didn't hit her. I've got some blisters...just lovely.

Anyway...we decided to order some chick-fil-a nuggets from their catering menu because that's easy and everyone likes them. Soooooo..... we cooked the Cabernet pot roasts all day in the crock pot and then left them on the counter to cool but never put them in the fridge overnight. I woke up and realized that so we took an early morning run to Trader Joe's for more beef, this time buying 3 of them! It was getting expensive!! It might have been ok but I didn't want to risk it w/ all those people coming over and eating it. We didnt' have time to crock pot it, so we cooked them in the oven and then transferred to the crockpot.

The day was beautiful and we spent a lot of the party out on the deck. Iz had a lot of fun too..

I have a bad cold...

Comment #5

Sheila- sounds like a fun night!.

Halo Reach is a first person shooter game for Xbox. It has been dubbed Halo 4, as it is the fourth game in the series..

Hi Heather!.

The weather was also beautiful here, very warm, near-record highs if not record breaking!.

One of the purses is Kiwi blush. the other French Quarter which I am currently carrying..


Boo on your cold and burn, and that stinks about the meat left overnight. Glad your party was successful even with all of the issues before-hand!..

Comment #6

Hi, Heather! You never to cease to amaze me, girl. Glad things went well even with all the earlier drama. I hope you heal without a scar too. AT is going great. Friday night I got a $50 gift card because the store did well in August (even though I wasn't there). I think my manager may have found out I was thinking of transferring to the Loft so she's trying to keep me.

Then she told me that the third week of this month we will all be getting more great gift cards because the store did well in September. So, there are these two coats that are being launched the same week and I plan to use the cards and my discount to get one of the coats or both if I can. One is a houndstooth fabric and is absolutely beautiful. The other is a red wool/cashmere feel type of coat that is so "diva" I have to have it too. But THEN I was thinking maybe I'm being selfish.....

I would like to maybe buy my mother or my sister something with the cards I received. I've had to learn to spend $ on myself which I'm able to do more of now but I sometimes feel guilty because I know my sister can't always afford to buy herself nice things like those from AT because she has my nephews and they never go without anything. I like to spoil her when I can. Oh well, we'll see..

Oh, did you all see that Melly's nephew finally made his debut yesterday??? I saw the pics she posted on FB and he is just the cutest little thing!!!..

Comment #7

Morning, ladies!.


, sounds like the party was a success! so nice that you were able to have part of it outside. it's been gorgeous in austin for the last couple weeks, too 60s and sunny "chilly" for us!.

Where do you live? I noticed you mentioned trader joe's... I think if whole foods wasn't headquartered here, we'd have one by now..

Loooooooove TJ!.


, your weekend sounds fun, too! weird about j's teammates just not showing. does he play any winter sports while waiting for hockey to start back up in the spring? wait... isn't hockey a winter sport?.

Love the SD bags! paisley is one of my favorite prints..


, daaang, your weekend sounds fun, TOO! y'all are a fun bunch. the explicit lyrics thing sounds very cool. modeling during spoken word! I love that idea..

AFM: my weekend was super relaxing. the austin city limits music festival was going on. i've gone every year in the past, but this year, I decided to sell my passes and just RELAX. friday night had a lovely dinner with ryan and watched the extended version of "the exorcist" with another couple. spoooooky! I love creepy/scary movies..

Saturday ryan and I babysat a 1-year old. I was a bit nervous because it's the first time her parents had left her, and we were watching her for 9-10 hours. but she was SO good. seriously, the perfect baby. i'm sure she has her moments, but wow she was a breeze. and it was fun to play house with ryan..

Yesterday, just more relaxin'! I got sucked into this documentary called "the staircase" about a writer in north carolina whose wife supposedly fell down the stairs, but he was accused (and convicted) of murdering her by pushing her down the stairs. I love true crime..

On a lighter note (tee hee), I repotted all my plants for winter and re-arranged my apartment. i'm very pleased with it! ordered some new fall scents online from i'm ready for pumpkin spice and cinnamon in my house!..

Comment #8

Sheila- it's not selfish to spend your hard earned money on YOU. People make different choices in life, and it's not our job to make up for it. Of course, generousity is always appreciated, but thinking that buying yourself things with gift cards you earned (or your store earned) is wrong is, well wrong..

Hi Taylor!.

J plays roller hockey, and it's played Spring-Fall here..

He only plays the one sport, I honestly don't think he could handle any more with work and school!.

I was a little scared before baby-sitting my friend's almost 3 year old for a couple hours, a 1 year old for that long would have REALLY terrified me! Glad that everything went well..

I also love fall/winter scents! When I was at Walmart I picked up Coffee Mate creamer in pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha. The peppermint mocha is DELISH!!..

Comment #9

Hey sexies!.

I'm rockin' the C25K! Yeah! I love movin' my bod again...finally!.

Watched the Crazies this weekend. I really liked it. And Mr. Woodcock. That was funny too..

Heather-Dang, burns hurt sooo bad. I can't imagine one on my neck. Ouchie! Sounds like the party was stressful. But I'm glad it worked out..

Mer-You like Halo Reach? I'm thinkin' for Mark for xmas..

SheShe-You are not selfish, girl! You work hard and deserve a treat!.

Tay-I remember that staircase show. You like it? I never watched it but it looked interesting...

Comment #10

Thanks, Sheila! My face looks all washed out, but....I am really really white anyway, but the flash bounces right off. I gotta learn how to take better pics. It's at that angle too, cuz I'm hiding the gigantor zit on the other side, LOL!!.

Ice Cube-"You Know How We Do It" takes me baaaack! It just came on Pandora. Now it's "Sexy B*tch" by that David Guetta....not so great..

Comment #11

~Monday Questions of the Day~.

1. What's something on your bucket list that you think you could accomplish before 2010 is over?.

2. Are you a fan of accents? If so, what's your favorite?.

3. Someone is buying you a $25 gift card. Where do you hope it's from?.

4. What's something that made you laugh recently?.

5. Do you ever adjust collars or pick hair/lint off of someone else's clothing? Is there a limit to who you would and wouldn't do that for?.

Bonus- L&G/Main Meal?..

Comment #12

Hi Dawn! I like your new avi too!.

Halo Reach is the best Halo ever IMO. Halo and Halo 2 were both excellent games, Halo 3 was awful...

Comment #13

1. What's something on your bucket list that you think you could accomplish before 2010 is over?.

Learn to crochet!.

2. Are you a fan of accents? If so, what's your favorite?.

I LOVE Scottish or Irish accents, especially Sean Connery..

3. Someone is buying you a $25 gift card. Where do you hope it's from?.

Old Navy or Lane Bryant. Or Amazon..

4. What's something that made you laugh recently?.

The Good Guys, J and I watched it last night. That show is hilarious!.

5. Do you ever adjust collars or pick hair/lint off of someone else's clothing? Is there a limit to who you would and wouldn't do that for?.

One of my coworkers adjusted my coller for me today which is what made me think of it. I would do it for friends and family for sure. Close coworkers I would probably tell them so they could do it themselves. Everyone else is on their own..

Bonus- L&G/Main Meal?.

Salad and leftover chicken..

Comment #14


I like the new avi too and yay for getting your body movin' again!!.


..that slideshow was crazy! It's so cool you get AT gift cards on top of your discount! The coats sound nice. You shouldn't feel guilty about spending it on yourself but it is fun to generous too!.

The party was major stress and I really wasn't up for having one this year but that wouldn't have been fair to Iz. I do it to myself..totally but I want to make it special. The day I was planning to do her friends party is not going to work because she just got an invite to another party that day and it's most of the same girls. I'm glad I hadn't written them up yet. I don't have much time to get it together but that might be a good thing!.


..I'm in PA. We have a WF and a TJ's right near each other. They are about 20 mins away so I don't go every week but I really do love my TJ's!..

Comment #15


I like both of the patterns you picked out! Do you have someone to teach you crochet? I think that helps..there are also lots of good youtube videos out there. I used to one teach myself how to make a crocheted flower..


..the one thing I've learned to make my photos better is to turn off the makes such a difference. Of course you need enough natural or incandenscent light so the photo is not too dark. Can you put your camera on Manual mode?..

Comment #16


..I want to try those Scentsy things! I have a Yankee candle in Harvest that I'm really enjoying for fall...

Comment #17

Heather- Yep, I play with flash on/off all the time. I am scoping out some digital photography beginner type books. I wanna learn a little...

Comment #18

Heather- a friend said she would teach me to crochet but I'm sure she has forgotten. I need to bring it up to her..

Grr. I am getting really frustrated with the VP of Finance. He sent me a request by e-mail last week, and I immediately responded and asked for clarification. After not hearing back from him, I re-sent him my question on Friday. Today he asked me if I had finished it yet. Um, no, I'm waiting for you to freaking tell me what you want!..

Comment #19

Hi ladies,.

My extended birthday weekend was a blast. I had such a great time and got a bunch of cute new stuff from my mom for my birthday. I got $25 gift card from a friend which I am going to use at Ross to get a few things I couldnt find in FL..

I went way off plan but I am ok with it. I am back op today. So far it isnt bad, a little headache and a little hungry. I am chugging the water to get rid of any water weight I might have..

Mer, Shelia and Taylor It sounds like you all had a lot of fun..

Heather Sorry about the stressful weekend..

Dawn Yay on working the C25K..

Comment #20

Hey Jessica! Did you have your usual seatmate on the way back on the plane? LOL.

This is an article on my Dad from my hometown paper..


Comment #21

~Monday Questions of the Day~.

1. What's something on your bucket list that you think you could accomplish before 2010 is over?.

Hmm. I'm not sure. I don't have a lot of small things on my bucket list..

2. Are you a fan of accents? If so, what's your favorite?.

I love, Love, LOVE accents. Most of the guys I have dated or at least had a big crush on had accents. There were a British, Australian, Belizean, Ukraine, and Jamaican guy. I also love Irish..

3. Someone is buying you a $25 gift card. Where do you hope it's from?.

Old Navy or a Visa gift card so I can go where ever I like.

4. What's something that made you laugh recently?.

Being with my family this weekend.

5. Do you ever adjust collars or pick hair/lint off of someone else's clothing? Is there a limit to who you would and wouldn't do that for?.

Yes, but only for very close friends or family..

Bonus- L&G/Main Meal?.

Tex-mex stuffed green peppers..

Comment #22

Mer - No, I only sit next to him on the way down. I didn't sit next to him on the way up last time either trip...

Comment #23

~Monday Questions of the Day~.

1. What's something on your bucket list that you think you could accomplish before 2010 is over?.

Nothing. I don't have a bucket list..

2. Are you a fan of accents? If so, what's your favorite?.

Yep. I like Russian/Polish, Irish, Haitian, Jamaican....basically it's just fascinating to hear someone speak differently. British and Scottish are good too..

3. Someone is buying you a $25 gift card. Where do you hope it's from?.

Sourpuss or PinUp clothing.

4. What's something that made you laugh recently?.

Something on fb. It was a link to this crazy cartoon about bad days. It was very funny!.

5. Do you ever adjust collars or pick hair/lint off of someone else's clothing? Is there a limit to who you would and wouldn't do that for?.

I actually flipped someone's tag in that was in line in front of me at the grocery store. Weird, I know, but she appreciated it and it was buggin' the he** out of me!!! I did say something before I touched her..

Bonus- L&G/Main Meal?.

We're having meatballs, creamed kale, and some other veg, maybe a salad?..

Comment #24

I beautiful girls!.

How have you all been?.

Im in an amazing mood and will continue to be..

Yesterday was the most amazing day of my life, I got to be in the room when they performed the c-section (didnt pass out, didnt see much blood) my sil chose me (her hubby couldnt cuz he would have fainted even thinking about it) and not her mom or anyone LOL so I was the first one to hold the baby. Im going to try to watch er shows and medical shows that show blood, I got to get over the blood thing because I want to be a nurse for babies!..

Comment #25

1. What's something on your bucket list that you think you could accomplish before 2010 is over?.

Get my first tat..

2. Are you a fan of accents?.


If so, what's your favorite?.

Italian, French, British, Jamaican, I could go on and on.....

3. Someone is buying you a $25 gift card. Where do you hope it's from?.

Shoe Woo.

4. What's something that made you laugh recently?.

Something Hubby was showing me on the Squidbillies last week really made me laugh. HARD!! I just can't remember what it was so I could tell you..

5. Do you ever adjust collars or pick hair/lint off of someone else's clothing?.

Sometimes. I always warn them first so they have a chance to fix it first..

Is there a limit to who you would and wouldn't do that for?.

Not really..

Bonus- L&G/Main Meal?.

Do I ever know though??..

Comment #26


~Monday Questions of the Day~.

1. What's something on your bucket list that you think you could accomplish before 2010 is over?.

Going to vegas, which I AM NEXT FRIDAY!!! OMG![/.


2. Are you a fan of accents? If so, what's your favorite?.

Austraillian, I can do ALOT!.

3. Someone is buying you a $25 gift card. Where do you hope it's from?.


4. What's something that made you laugh recently?.

Everything, I am so high on life right now. But if I had to narrow it down, it would be alex covering his ears when my SIL got a contraction.

5. Do you ever adjust collars or pick hair/lint off of someone else's clothing? Is there a limit to who you would and wouldn't do that for?.

Close people I do it for LOL.

Bonus- L&G/Main Meal?.

Taco salad, today is a 2+ hour gym day.


Comment #27


, yikes! I somehow glossed over the burn part of the story...ouch! I blame it on not having coffee this morning. for this week only, i'm doing green tea instead of coffee. it ain't the same..

I love the scentsy warmers because I can leave them on all day and don't have to worry about a candle burning that i'm going to forget about (which i've done frequently...). the only thing I don't like is that it's all online. I like to sample scents first..


! I loved "the staircase." ryan and I talked for a long time afterward about what it would be like to be on a jury and have that kind of responsibility for someone's life. it happened in his hometown (durham), so he was fascinated by the whole story as well...

Comment #28

Jessica- how do you do your peppers? Tex-mex sounds yummy!.

Dawn- I don't think I have ever had kale, what is it exactly? I've heard of kale chips..

Hi Melly! Congrats to your SIL, that's awesome you held the baby first!.

Taylor- any reason why you are switching to green tea? Just curious...

Comment #29


Nurse melly.

! so good to hear that you're high on life! awesome about the baby, and about finding another option for school..


, what kind of tat are you thinking about?.


, i've heard green tea has all kinds of health benefits, and i've been pounding lots of caffeine the last couple weeks... we'll see how it goes. what I miss the most right now are the seasonal flavored creamers! I looove the pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha. YUM!.



! so glad to hear your birthday weekend was FUN FUN FUN! you deserve it. I was driving behind a car this weekend, and the first part of the license plate was BT1. I thought of you and had a good giggle!!..

Comment #30

I'm not sure. I made stuffed peppers once before so I am going to get out that recipe but I'm going to make the stuffing with chicken, motz. cheese, cauli rice, diced tomato, diced peppers and salsa. I don't know the amounts but I will mess around until I get to my 3 greens...

Comment #31

~Monday Questions of the Day~.

1. What's something on your bucket list that you think you could accomplish before 2010 is over?.

Camping trip to new mexico! going to try and go in mid-november..

2. Are you a fan of accents? If so, what's your favorite?.

Oh, yes. accents are one of my favorite things to do onstage..

My faves are new yorker, irish, british, scottish, french, and anything latin american!.

3. Someone is buying you a $25 gift card. Where do you hope it's from?.

Amazon! or this great local shoe store goody two shoes..

4. What's something that made you laugh recently? michael kors saying, "that dress is sadness personified" on PR last week..

5. Do you ever adjust collars or pick hair/lint off of someone else's clothing? Is there a limit to who you would and wouldn't do that for?.

For friends & fam, i've done it. if something was seriously awry about a stranger's clothing, i.


Mention it. but probably wouldn't just go for it..

Bonus- L&G/Main Meal?.

Morningstar burgs and greens!..

Comment #32

Taylor, I'm going to get my logo tatted on either my lower back or right above my bikini line on my right side...

Comment #33

My proud aunt-ness is coming out.

Here are the pics, he is SO white for how dark his mama is LOL..

Comment #34

Shelia - That sounds like a cute tattoo..

I don't know what to do with the 1.5 hours I have until class. I feel as if I should be busy but I don't have much to do...

Comment #35

I wanted to put lotion on his feetsies so bad but they are cute regardless..

Comment #36

Melly, he is such a sweetie! I could almost reach through the computer screen to kiss his little footsies, crackly skin and all. Babies are such blessings...

Comment #37

LOL, thanks Sheila. It was hard for me to leave yesterday...

Comment #38

Melly- I wanted to be a NICU nurse originally! I learned a lot when Ivan was sick and it wasn't as scary anymore, and I figured I'd be a good support/resource to parents going through the same thing! baby nurses ROCK and are so important. They can make you smile when you want to cry, or let you cry and hug you while you fall apart. I think you've got the right spirit and heart to do it. DO IT..

Mer-Kale is a dark leafy green, kind of between cabbage and spinach, I wanna say? I used to juice it, but now the kids like it with a cream sauce. It is one of the most nutrient dense veggies you can eat! It's bitter when juiced, so I'd always throw just a leaf or two into a sweet juice. It covers the taste...

Comment #39

Taylor- I have also heard of the health benefits. I drink it every so often, but I prefer my coffee with flavored creamer..

Jessica- thanks for the "recipe". I also just throw a lot of stuff in when I cook..

SheShe- I'm with Jessica, that's definetly a cool tat!!.

Melly- aww, what a cutie!! Yeah, his poor little feet look really dry!.

Dawn- I will have to look around and see if I can find kale, now I want to try it!..

Comment #40

Mer-If you do cook it, just remember it won't cook as fast as spinach, it's like collards. They need longer cooking time. I'm sure you can find a recipe for it on recipezaar or allrecipes...

Comment #41


..forgot to mention how great it was that you and Ry babysat a one year old for 9-10 hours!! Do either of you have baby experience? You liked playing house, eh?.

Is she walking yet? I babysat my 15 mos. old niece on Friday for 2 hours (who is walking and running everywhere) and was so tired! That could have been the cold and stress coming on that I think about it. She had a cold when I saw her yesterday too..


...your nephew is so beautiful! That must have been amazing to be in the OR. You'd be a wonderful baby nurse!!!.


I liked the article about your dad! You can tell you come from a great family!!.



...welcome home! Glad you had a good b'day!..

Comment #42

Melly, I agree with the masses here. You would ROCK as a NICU nurse. You have such a giving and caring spirit any NICU unit would love to have you. Go for it!!!! I am too emotional for it. I wanted to be an OG/GYN at one time but I just couldn't handle the thought of losing a baby. I know it happens but like I said I am sooo emotional when it comes to little people no matter the age. I know you would be great at it though..

Comment #43

Heather, take care of yourself, honey! Your body is probably stressed which is what may be making you sick. ((HUGS)).

***going to check out your blog for today***..

Comment #44

Thanks..I think I'm going to go rest for an hour until Iz gets home...

Comment #45


, we had so much fun with baby sarah! he's so good with kids. yes, she is walking and moving like the speed of light! it's amazing how fast they move when they're that small. we make a pretty good team, actually..

We both had fun playing with her, but he was SO good at making her laugh, and he played music with her for hours. she was mesmerized! i'm good with babies when they're having tantrums, helping them calm down, etc. it was so sweet putting sarah to bed. I rocked and bounced her for about 20 minutes and sang "fly me to the moon," which my mom used to do for me. she was out like a light!.

Enjoy your rest, and feel better!!..

Comment #46


, little shriveled up baby feeties!!!!!! those pics were so precious. I may have totally missed this, but what's his name??..

Comment #47

Thanks Heather.

I hope you feel better!.

Taylor- aww, that's sweet about your babysitting experience!.

*yawn* I'm sleepy. I didn't even work out this morning, we were up late last night so decided against it...

Comment #48

Anyone doing anything fun tonight?.

I don't have much going on. I hope that we can finally watch Prince of Perisa, we've had it for over a week. J wanted to watch it last night, but it was already 9pm and the movie is 2hrs long...

Comment #49

Tonight i'm volunteering at ten thousand villages after work it's a nonprofit, fair trade retailer. everything is handmade from sustainable materials, and it's fairly priced, too! there are stores all over the US, actually (and a few in canada). we just got in a bunch of new stuff for the holidays, so I can't wait to poke around the store! after that i'm going for ice cream with my friend lauren..

Hopefully getting a good night's sleep, too! I was on a roll last week, averaging 8 hours a night, but last night I couldn't fall asleep til 3 or so, and I was up at 7:30. urgh.....

Comment #50

Taylor- sounds like a cool company! I will have to check it out!.

I'm outtie, have a great night!..

Comment #51

I want to join!!!! I love the intro! I don't always post a lot, but I love reading others and will contribute when I can. Thanks for creating such an awesome group!..

Comment #52

Thank you so much guys! Ive never had so much nice things said about me (that were appropriate, jk) Talking to you guys and to some friends, I think it's my calling. I feel 100% sure about it too which is weird. I gotta practice, wednesday ill take in my college papers and finally have something I am sure of that I want to do..

Thanks girls, you are amazing..

Comment #53

Bye, mer!.

I just went in the kitchen to fill up my water bottle, and someone left two huge boxes of fudge-covered mint oreos on the counter, for the community. aaaaaaaaagh! mint chocolate is my faaaaaaavorite. having some gritty mint choc soft-serve to fill my craving...

Comment #54

Melly, the picture I saw of you holding your nephew looked so natural. REALLY! I thought that the very moment I saw that pciture. I'm so glad you have a desire to be in that field. You certainly fit!.

I am sleepy! Too many pink panties last night and my hangover headache just started kicking in around 1p. I need a nap. I'm going to try to do some reading and research tonight. I also would love to get a design or two sketched. We'll see what happens after my nap..

EDIT: Taylor, it sounds like you are great with babies too. Glad you and Ry had a great time with little Sarah.

Imma holla at you chickadees tomorrow!!.


Comment #55

'Night Mer!!!.

Melly-I know that feeling of it being "right". The more I get into this biology stuff and helping others in my class, I am so sure it's the right path for me. It feels awesome, doesn't it??.

Okay since Mer's not here, I'll step up (WWMD...what would Mer do?):.


, I know for a fact someone farted on those cookies, and then another dude came in from the bathroom, didn't wash his hands, sneezed, then put his mitts all over those yucky cookies!!!..

Comment #56

I'm surprised we didn't see ****** for "farted". LOL..

Comment #57

Aaaaaaagh, I KNEW it! I totally smelled a fart in the kitchen. good thing I didn't eat any! gerrrrrross! thanks, dawn..

Welcome to the pinups,.


! just hand your bra over for virtual freezing and use the word "skunk" in a sentence..




Comment #58

Aw SheShe, idk it did feel so natural, thank you sweetie, that means so much!.

Pink panties were a drink am guessing LOL! Get some rest!.

Dawn- Yes, I just feel so sure. Your amazing for understanding biology! Its so confusing but I guess I would have learned if I paid attention LMAO.

Oh funny thing Alex said this weekend, Joses younger cousins were talking and they asked Alex "What would you do if a creepy guy in a van came up to you with candy" Alex's reply.."I say trick-or-treat!" LMAO! Funniest thing ever!..

Comment #59


That is so cute about your adventures in babysitting! She did sound like an easy baby! We had 4 little ones at Izzy's party and 3 of them were under 2 so it was funny seeing their interaction (or lack there of!). The slight difference in ages is really noticable...

Comment #60

Yay! I have plans with BT1 tonight. He must have missed me this week. He called me Friday night on his way home, which he never does, just to say hi. He also made plans to hang out tonight, which he never does. He gets up 3-4 am to drive into work on time and normally just passes out after work but he called me at 3 this afternoon to make plans.

Taylor I love the special time when babies are falling asleep or waking up. I used to put my ex (two exs ago) daughter to sleep and wake up with her every morning. Ten thousand villages sound awesome. I will have to look it up..

Dawn LOL @ WWMD.

Melly Alex is too cute for words..

Hi drsteph I am Jessica, a 25 y/o Environmental Engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee. No kids, one dog, recently single and enjoying having boy toys (BTs)..

Tell us about yourself..

Mer Below is a better stuffed pepper recipe. I made two servings at once but I wrote it out for one..

1. Put a pot of water on to boil. Cut the top inch off the top of the pepper. Remove the seeds. Boil the peppers for 3 minutes..

*For 5&1 after peppers are cooked weigh to see how many green servings the pepper is. Mine was roughly 2 servings..

2. Place a skillet on medium heat with olive oil (one healthy fat). Cut chicken into inch chunks. Once chicken is cooked add taco spices (1 condiment) to the chicken as directed by the package..

*I used 5 oz chicken because I eat part of my lean for breakfast but 7/8 of your lean would be 5.25 oz.

3. Cook 1 green serving of cauliflower and make into rice..

4. Stir rice, chicken and 1 condiment serving of salsa together. Stuff into the pepper..

5. Preheat the oven at 375. Place the pepper into a glass baking dish and add about 1 cup of chicken broth to the bottom of the pan. Bake in the oven for about 30 min..

6. Transfer the pepper to a plate. Add one condiment serving of fat free sour cream and 1/8 lean reduced fat motz. (0.5 oz)..

It was really good and a lot of food. I could barley shove all of the filling into the pepper. I am going to have to make this again soon...

Comment #61

Rockabilly at heart! I am waiting on my first shipment of Medifast should be here tomorrow. Am eager to start so am getting some motivation from the boards. Your pretty lil pin ups title tugged at my heart, love all things rockabilly!.

Heres to hoping this will be a successful journey...

Comment #62

DrSteph- Welcome!.

Dawn-LMAO on WWMD.

Melly- ha ha on Alex with the van (but he knows after saying Trick or Treat and getting candy he should run away, right?).

Thanks Jessica! I haven't riced cauliflower yet, but I have mashed it..

Hi Bailey! We'd love to have you! Just hand over your bra for freezing and use "skunk" in a sentence. Tell us about yourself!.

Good morning ladies! I had a good night last night, finally watched Prince of Persia. I really liked it. No, it wasn't the best movie ever, but it held my attention and I liked the story and the ending..

Wasn't feeling the gym today, so I slept in until 5:30 (is that an oxymoron? It should be) and worked out at home instead...

Comment #63

Morning magnificent madames of Medifast!!!.

I completely spazzed on saying hi to the new girls! Hi drsteph and bailey! I'm Dawn, 35, mama of 2 boys (3 and 7), and I live in NY and am going to school to teach biology..

Mer-Of course P of P held your attention. Isn't Gyllenhal shirtless for most of the movie?? That would hold my attention.

I'm off to bio lecture and lab today. No workout today. And as usual for Tuesday, I haven't planned dinner. D'oh!!! I'll just whip something up. Maybe a crustless quiche and a salad. That's super easy..

Also, I was talking to Mark's mom last night. Well, I mentioned that now that my shoulder was better I was going to get back to boxing. She was so shocked. She's old-school, and she kept trying to talk me out of it. "It's so violent, it's not feminine...." All reasons why I like it:P I felt kind of bad. They probably think I'm some sorta weirdo.

Which, btw, I have set an official date to go boxing again. Next Monday!!! Yes!!! I'm so excited. I will take it easy and make sure I take my anti-inflammatory and stuff before I go. I won't do any hard punching with the left arm until I see how it's doing. Mark thinks I'm crazy. I probably am...

Comment #64

Morning ladies!.

I had a productive night. I got a lot of grading done. BT1 (he is the only one left) didn't come over last night. He didn't get off of work until 10pm and was beat. I totally understand. I was surpised he made plans to start with.

Mer - I had a food chopper that I run the cauli through..

Dawn - Yay for boxing. I would love to start boxing but I have no time or money. I will just box through you. ;-)..

Comment #65

Hi Dawn!.

He is shirtless a lot, but not the whole movie, lol..

You shouldn't feel bad about liking boxing! Who cares if your MIL thinks it's not ladylike? When she tries to talk you out of it, just keep telling her you enjoy it and it's good exercise..

Hey Jessica! Aww, I didn't know that BT2 and BT3 were gone, and bummer about BT1...

Comment #66

Mer - BT2 was an a s s h o l e. He kept saying things that were insulting in a backwards kind of way. He was way too possesive already. He tried to say that my b you t t was his. I didn't even let my fiance call that his. I really can't stand that.

BT3 never really got started. I never saw him after the first night. We had a few good conversations and it seemed like he was interested but then he stopped talking to me..

Oh well...

Comment #67

Morning Pin Ups!.





...good for you still working out at home! Is P of P a family type movie..was in PG or PG 13 if you remember?.


...yay for boxing!! You can just show your MIL your gorgeous toned arms if she says anything about it!.

My cold felt better when I woke up (I took some night time cold medicine that really dried me out and I slept really well). Now it's starting to run again so I think I need some day time stuff..

Ri is off again today but is at a cheer sleepover (what were those parents thinking?) so I'm car-less until she gets home. We were going to visit a college in Philly today but it would have been too rushed with the sleepover and me getting back for Iz to go to art after school. My neck burns are starting to itch so I'm taking that as a good sign that they are healing (hopefully?)...

Comment #68


...I was laughing at" BT1(he's the only one)"..for now..though right..I'm sure you'll be adding more to your arsenal..

Did you guys see that.


Got married (former Pin up)???..

Comment #69

Morning ladies... backreading since I wasn't here yesterday... then I have a surprise...

Comment #70

Jessica- I don't blame you for ditching BT2!!.

Heather- I think it's a family type movie- there is action and a little blood, but I don't think there is much cursing (if any). There is no nakedness male or female. It's rating is PG-13..

I would feel so trapped without a car! Hopefully you don't have any errands to run..

Glad your cold is getting better!.

I saw that about Manda!..

Comment #71

Hello everyone.

Im back and alive. Oh man I did not want to get up yesterday and get the kids off to school then work but I did, I feel better today thank goodness.

My trip to the coast was really nice, Hubby and I had all day Friday, Sat and most of Sunday alone. We saw Life as we know it on Friday night, really cute movie..

Comment #72

Welcome Drsteph and Bailey.

Oooooo jen a surprise ???..

Comment #73




I'm taylor, 28, nonprofit consultant in austin, dating ryan, no kids, no pets, lots of plants!.


, you ARE crazy, but that's why we love you. i'm so excited for you to get back into boxing!!! just be careful, as in, watch the shoulder! I like to rock things that aren't "traditionally" feminine, too. kick some A!.


, glad you liked the movie! I think I would've enjoyed ol' jakey in that movie as well....

And yes, "slept in til 5:30" is most definitely an oxymoron..



! sorry BT1 didn't come through, but i'm with heather you'll have your arsenal stocked back to capacity in no time!.

Welcome back,.


! how was the weekend away??.





, a surprise??? spill it!..

Comment #74

Oh, also, I don't know manda, but i've only been around a few months. congrats to her, anyhow!..

Comment #75

Hi Amy! Glad you had a great anniversary weekend.

Hey Taylor!..

Comment #76

We had lots of fun Taylor.

We went to a movie, played at the casino, had breakfast with Friends, we looked for rocks on the beach and watched people at a blow glass studio, it was really neat. We stayed up way to late both nights watching tv haahaa I'm so glad we dont have cable or satellite at home we would watch way to much silly tv.

Merz- It was b-day but anniversary sounds good..

Comment #77

Guys, work is wearing me out. I just keep treading water and hoping I come ashore soon!.


1. Do you subscribe to any magazines? If so, which ones? Which ones do you occasionally buy from the checkout line?.

2. Which of the seven dwarves do you most resemble?.

3. What was the last song you listened to?.

4. Are you wearing any jewelry beyond your wedding or engagement ring? Describe..

5. L & G?..

Comment #78

This is so weird, my Medifast process date was 10-4-10 and nothing has happened, it hasn't processed or shipped, I havent even been charged..

Comment #79

LOL Amy- I knew that, but somehow still wrote anniversary..

I would call TSFL. I have noticed some of my peeps have had issues..

Hey Carolyn!..

Comment #80

1. Do you subscribe to any magazines? If so, which ones? Which ones do you occasionally buy from the checkout line?.

I used to get Cosmo, but it bored me. Now I get Women's Health, which I barely read. I got it because it was $5 for the year..

2. Which of the seven dwarves do you most resemble?.

Probably Doc. Funny story- in HS, I was one of 7 (yes 7) valedictorians. It kind of cheapened the honor, but it's not like my school was THAT easy, the next year the only had 1. We just had a TON of overacheivors in my grade and you couldn't get higher than a 4.0. Anyways, we decided to have a 7 Dwarf theme since we all got to give speeches, and somehow I got Bashful. My speech was something about how things are labeled incorrectly (because I was neither a dwarf nor Bashful) and growing beyond titles or something like that..

3. What was the last song you listened to?.

Hmm, it was on the radio and I honestly can't remember. But I have been singing Taio Cruz's Dynomite in my head!.

4. Are you wearing any jewelry beyond your wedding or engagement ring? Describe..

I'm wearing my ring, a watch, a necklace, and 5 Silly Bandz that match my outfit..

5. L & G?.

Going to Golden Corral for dinner (more on that later)..

Comment #81

Welcome back.


! Glad you had a nice b'day getaway!!! It's cool to watch them do the glass blowing,isn't it? We've done that in Vermont. That movie does look cute..





...what surprise??? spill it!!.


Did you buy anything last night? Do they do a catalogue? If so, I think I used to get it..

I Shredded,even feeling yucky..but it wasn't too bad. I'm done w/ being sick!.


, it is weird not having a car. I told Iz she couldn't miss the bus or she'd be going in really late. lol! I knew I wouldn't have it so I didn't plan anything for this morning...and since we were going to visit a college I told them I wouldn't be in at the school library today...

Comment #82

I will try giving them a call Merz, I wasnt super worried about it last week with going out of town, I got the 4 day until process email and then nothing, crazy stuff..

Comment #83

Morning all yall sexy babes!!!.

Im in another great mood today, did 2 hours on the elip yesterday again..

Did anyone read that I'm going to Vegas next friday? hmmm did you? Did ya did ya?!!!.

Heather, Im glad you felt better! But boo it's coming on again!.

Amy-Sounds fun! I Love lincoln city!.

Jess-boo on the lame boys! You need MEN!.

Welcome new girls!!!.



1. Do you subscribe to any magazines? If so, which ones? Which ones do you occasionally buy from the checkout line?.

I subscribe to Shape cuz it was free (well I have an account of money from doing surveys, it's called e-rewards. I buy like people and those kinds at the checkout..

2. Which of the seven dwarves do you most resemble?.

Dopey, nuff said! Or happy.

3. What was the last song you listened to?.

Check it out by ft Nicki Minaj you know ima beast ya I'm a f*ckin savage, haters you can kill yo selves!.

4. Are you wearing any jewelry beyond your wedding or engagement ring? Describe..

Im not wearing anything.

I dont ever wear my wedding ring cuz j never did. My cat lost one of my hoops and all I wear is hoops, and my necklaces always get caught in my hurrrr. SO I GUESS IM JUST WEARING MY NOSE RING..

5. L & G?.

Yo no se (is that how I write it?)..

Comment #84

Hiya Melly.

I saw that your going to vegas. Didnt you go a few months ago? or am I loosing my mind..

Comment #85

Blah! They are taking me out to lunch for my birthday at the lab today. We are going to Japanese. It will be hard to find something OP but I can do it..

Heather Glad you are feeling better. I am sure I will add other BTs. I am a little less attention starved now so I am being pickier about them..

Hi Jen spill it?.

Amy Glad you had a great weekend..

Taylor I havent been out alone in a while so it is hard to pick up more. I should be able to find one this weekend if BT1 doesnt join me..

Hi Carolyn As Dori says Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swim, swim, swim!.

Hi Melly He isnt lame. I wouldnt have gone to see him if I had a day like he did. I told him not to even call during my last crazy experiment. His job maybe lame, but he isnt...

Comment #86


1. Do you subscribe to any magazines? If so, which ones? Which ones do you occasionally buy from the checkout line?.

None. I don't even buy them occasionally.

2. Which of the seven dwarves do you most resemble?.

Happy, I guess. I don't remember most of them.

3. What was the last song you listened to?.

Radio by Reba. Country, yes but I love that song right now. It is about how the only way her ex will hear from her is on the radio.

4. Are you wearing any jewelry beyond your wedding or engagement ring?.

I'm not wearing anything today. I thought about it but then didn't..

5. L & G?.

Leftover stuffed pepper or whatever I get if they take me out to lunch today..

Comment #87

Jess I meant the BT you dont talk to anymore silly!..

Comment #88



! si, tu espanol es perfecto..

Glad you're in another super duper mooder!.


, all I bought last night was chocolate one bar of dark choc w/mint, and one bar of "very dark" choc. it's 80%! one's for ry and one's for work. the week kinda got off to a rough start for everyone at work yesterday....





, your weekend sounds so fun! i'm glad you got to get away and have some relaxation, while still mixing in cool stuff to do! and sometimes you need to vegg out in front of the tv...

Comment #89

Oh, and.


, they don't have a catalog... at least not that I know of!.


, weird about your Medifast order. I had the same thing happen to me once, and it turned out my entire cart had been emptied! I didn't do it... so it said my order was "processed," but b/c there was nothing in my cart, my card didn't get charged and nothing shipped...

Comment #90


1. Do you subscribe to any magazines? If so, which ones? Which ones do you occasionally buy from the checkout line?.

National geographic is the only one I subscribe to. ryan subscribes to "wired" and somehow ended up getting two copies each month, so I kinda subscribe to that one as well..

2. Which of the seven dwarves do you most resemble?.

Physically or in personality?.

Happy, I guess!.

3. What was the last song you listened to?.

Listening to some classical piano this morning. it's so relaxing at work. I think gabriel faure or erik satie just came on my pandora station....

4. Are you wearing any jewelry beyond your wedding or engagement ring? Describe..

I have three studs in each ear green, yellow, and black. I wear a small gold disc around my neck every day. my mom got it for me when we were in france together several years ago. it's actually a replica of the rose window at the notre dame cathedral, so even though it's tiny, it's got all this beautiful stained glass in it. of course, you can't see that unless you hold it up to the light. it's probably the most sentimental piece of jewelry I have..

5. L & G?.

More morningstar, green beans and cukes..

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.