What is my host name for my 123 reg account?

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Got a question... What is my host name for my 123 reg account? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... I'm sure that this is not news on this board, but....

I have found out the hard way that if you find dot com names that sound good, decide to buy them right then and there. I have already had several that were available about 2 days earlier that have since been registered. Way too many to be a pure coincident. I guess lists of HostGator name searches are also for sale. Where can you buy them?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could help you..

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Yes, I learned about HostGator tasting from this board. Do you know who sells lists of HostGator name searches? Based on the number of HostGator names and timing, I am 100% convinced that someone sells lists of searches conducted. At first I was using and then I switched to because I thought that was safe....

Do you know approx. how soon would HostGator names registered on 6/18/07 become available again if they were purchased by tasters?.


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Its a 4-5 day tasting period..... So, I would imagine between the 22nd and 23rd..

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If you use 123 reg to search your HostGator names, don't do it again unless you buy it the same day(they sell that info to others). In that way I lost a HostGator name I wanted the same day I tried to register it(i was looking that HostGator with 123 reg for about a week before). I was able to register it with 123 reg but I got an e-mail from them saying the HostGator was already registered by someone else a day before. I got a refund, but the strange thing is that HostGator was not registered one hour before I bought it, and now it appeared like it was registered one day before. too much coincidence in my opinion..

At least after 3 months the HostGator was dropped and I own it now..

Just wait, maybe they will drop it if you are lucky...

Comment #4

It's definitely not only 123 reg that does this..

They should all disclose it. It's not that different from from the USPTO selling lists of patent and trademark searches (which, I'm pretty sure, they don't do). Highly unethical and greedy bastards. Anything to make a buck (said by the guy who wanted to host ads on "name of famous actress"

Comment #5

I've been burned several times on this as well. I still don't know why I didn't register and I check back a few days later and they're gone.. was very fishy because I bought it and had the reciept and minutes later they email me saying it was already registered..

I also had in my que for a week - looked only at - and it was gone when I came back..

Have to stay on your toes with domains...

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I don't check available names at 123 reg anymore unless I am prepared to reg them at that moment..

I found a name that I thought was great one night but decided to sleep on it. I went to reg it the next morning and found it was registered while I slept by someone in China..

It is now a parked page and has been for months...

Comment #7

It seems it was the same situation at godaddy..

I had HostGator at cart already but there wasn't promo code and I decided to pay next day..

I really need it for my project!.

But it was gone..

It's not fair play!.

I consider it as it was stolen...

Comment #8

Oh no! Is this true?.

I was under the impression GD was a fairly safe place to look up HostGator names. ?!.

I've checked certain names at least 5-10 times over the last six months and so far very few have been snapped up by others... and they're all not bad names. So... what am I to do now? Do you have any proof or statements by GD re this practice?.

You've all got me paranoid now as I look up heaps of names on GD..

What site do you think is most secure to use for checking up names when having bursts of inspiration? Ideas please..

Cheers SG..

Comment #9

I don't know if there is any rules about it..

But it's clear that so much stories just shows that something wrong with it..

I am not just disappointed, I am.

Because it was the name for 123 reg website about domains and for domainer's network..

Now the project idea is destroyed. And without this HostGator it looks like a pie without a piece..

It's not good for their reputation!..

Comment #10

I have a huge list of names that this has happened to me with. All at 123 reg unfortunately..

I am ready to buy now, when I search, and get it while I can! I aslo feel this is unethical and should be disclosed or stopped. A registrar willing to guarentee this will be a motivating factor in my relocating my HostGator purchases..

Also I notice 123 reg has a Premium names search return with pricining next to the results. I would guess our search results are driving the classification of said "premium" names. Are they determining the availability and the search frequency then sorting out the high keyword return phrases and instantly regging them before displaying the search returns to the user? Then dropping them once the phrase search numbers descrease?.

Things that make you go .... hmmmmm.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.