What is the age to join Nutrisystem?

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My first question is What is the age to join Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Another question... Well I survived the weekend! I have to admit at one point I thought I was going to flip out! I took my daughter to Radio Shack to get her a remote control car and when we left the store I could smell Burger King in the parking lot. I actually saw those flame broiled double whoppers with extra mayo no mustard heavy on the cheese circling my head. You know like the little birds do in the old cartoons when someone hits their head hard. At that point in time I realized that my addiction to food is like an addition drugs.

I even contemplated how much hush money it would take to keep my 9 year old daughter quite..

Gracie, daddy will go back in to Radio Shack and buy you that $175 remote control car you were looking at if you dont tell mommy I went into Burger King and pigged out!.

Needless to say I didnt go into Burger King. My little 9 year old little warrior took a hold of my hand, squeezed it real tight, and then said daddy, lets go home you look weird, I want to go play on our Wii. Now only if I can take her everywhere with me, well at least until I go through my withdrawal symptoms...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good job Scott, congrats on passing your first weekend. Believe it or not it does get easier as you start seeing results. In fact 9 times out of 10 I find the smell of all that grease repulsive now...

Comment #2

I think she was commenting on the crazed look on my face. I was looking at her like she was a big juicy rack of ribs and I think it scared her a little lol.

In her little eyes, her daddy is this pillar of stone that is always in control of every situation. I dont think she has ever seen me in a state of panic before. The only word she could come up with to describe the look on my face was WEIRD...

Comment #3

Children are extremely perceptive. I went through spomething similar this weekend. The local Whole Foods was grilling and selling hamburgers right at the front entrance to collect money for a Haitian Relief Fund. You could tell it was good quality beef and the grilling smelled outstanding. I managed to get my fruit and veggies without giving in. Good job on fighting it off. Those little victiories will give you confidence over the long haul...

Comment #4

Nice job, Scott - Major hurdle to overcome ....

Now, in the future ... would you please refrain from describing fast food and the like in such detail?? It's bad enough we all have to suffer through entire weekends-full of commercials for pizza and burgers, etc ... Thanks, man!!.

I can't imagine how many BK commercials I saw yesterday during my 9+ hours of NFC/AFC Championship coverage and pregame. Those Bastards!.

(and yes ... I lifted for 45 minutes and did 45 of cardio before sitting my a** on the couch for the entire day!!)..

Comment #5

Great job big daddy!.

That is one cute kid you have there! I have a 9 year old too - and a 7 and a 5.....

Comment #6

I've never been a fan of BK, but I have to say those dang BK Double commercials were getting to me yesterday. Last night I went to Walmart to restock on some items I needed. The Carls Jr in front was really calling my name. I had made my wife come with me and I'm glad I did, as I think I would have probably went there..

My biggest hurddle will be next week... We have a new Culver's opening on Feb 1 by that same Walmart (mmmmm.... Butter Burgers.... Sorry guys). I think I'm going to have to start going to Safeway now (they have better fruit and veggies than Walmart anyway)..

Great post Big Daddy, and great job on not giving in.....

Comment #7

Way to go Scott - just a reminder to you, she is also one of the reasons you are changing your lifestyle!..

Comment #8

Thanks for sharing your victory with us Scott. I was addicted to food (still am to a certain degree) and I can definitely relate to your story. The wonderful thing is, with each day that I have remained true and faithful to NS, my cravings for junk food have subsided more and more. I can't remember the last time I craved a burger. It's such a great feeling.

Keep on battling man!..

Comment #9

Nice work!!.

I'm just glad I don't live on Southern California...or I'd be living at an In-n-Out!..

Comment #10

Big Daddy used to be one of my nicknames. Not anymore..

It just occured to me that you were born the year I graduated from high school. I think that I've lost about the amount of weight that you started at. I've just done it over about 4 different times of dieting!..

Comment #11

Great NSV! Keep up the good work. BK doesn't tempt me. Whataburger - that's a different story!..

Comment #12

The few times that I'll actually have a hamburger anymore, it's almost always a Whataburger...

Comment #13

McDonald's is right out..

I have found that because I am now taking the time to plan, coordinate, prepare, and pack food for my day (none of which I did before), I don't need McDonalds and Burger King anymore..

I used to eat at McDonalds every day and most times twice a day because it was the closest food to work. I contribute a lot of it to me just taking the fastest and easiest route to curb my hunger...

Comment #14

Mello, good point. Fast food offers convenience but it also becomes a fall back for our lack of planning. I thought about today's meals last night before when I put out the foods I'm going to eat and selected the veggies, fruits and proteins I would pack for work. I do the same thing every night. No need to think about it any further and no reason to resort to eating crap for the sake of convenience...

Comment #15

Where are you big daddy? did I miss something? is he unable to get online?.

I hope he't not at BK..

Comment #16

I've seen the commercials... remember the one where the new freaky looking Burger King is in bed with you when you wake up???..

Comment #17

I was kidnapped by a clown in a yellow jumpsuit & striped socks and a little girl with bright red hair in pony tails & freckles. They werent happy with me because their establishments have experienced a big lose in revenue during the last week. Luckily a big purple looking monster with a milkshake in his hand felt sorry for me and let me go..

I will be on the program a week tomorrow and I have already lost 12.2 lbs. Im so excited! I cant get over how easy this program is to follow...

Comment #18

Great to hear you're on the plan and doing so well..

12lbs in a week is great, man. Keep it up..


Comment #19

You crack me up, Scott! You've got a posting style uniquely suited for here..


Comment #20

Thanks for making this Fun Scotty!.

Soon you wont be called Big Daddy anymore..

I was with family friends and they decided to bring Wendy's to the house for lunch and you know what it stunk! I was getting sick from the smell of it, It was time for my snack and I grabbed the Brownie, and all of them were getting on me for cheating on my diet! Funny what people think..

By the way, That brownie kicks ass and it fills me up now..

I wish my outside stomach was as small as my inside stomach!..

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