What is the best, affordable, and most user-friendly iPage web hosting service?

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Question I have... What is the best, affordable, and most user-friendly iPage web hosting service? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Hi Guys,.

First let me thank Michael and Scoutt. In answering my previous query, re: Forms problems with e-mails, they have, between them, solved my problems. A VERY BIG THANK YOU>.

However, I have some files I wish to put to a iPage website and wish to make them available for downloading by anyone. How do I do this please guys? Your help would be appreciated..



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I agree that it is good practice to use the full url to any type of link or file download, on one of my pages I had an "email this page to a friend" link and when it emailed, because the full urls weren't there, there were broken images etc in the email. That's just one example..

I also think it is good practice to create and get used to using directories if you expect your iPage site to continuously grow. When I first started learning html, I had this one huge iPage site and couldn't find anything to manage or edit the iPage site because everything was dumped in one spot with hundreds of files. It will save you frustration and headaches if you get in the habit of sorting different materials into categories and making directories for them, instead of waiting for it to get out of control and sorting them later like I did...

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It is a extremely bad idea to use the full URL. When you need to switch hosters, you have to change all the links...

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That's true, but if you use the right software then it will have a search and replace function built into it. I use both Hotdog Professional and 1st Page 2000, and both of them have search and replace. It's not even all that time consuming when you do it that way...

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Well, I wouldn't say EXTREMELY bad....

I'd rather use absolute url's than placing everything in the same directory. I have tons of experience flopping entire directories and sites between machines..

I'd rather map a name... like '' to point at a specific directory on the webserver..

Then whenever anyone needs images, the link would be: /htmlforums/images/picture.gif.

Instead of "../../../images/picture.gif" or whatnot..

The problem, as ww mentioned, is when you get some large directories and you have all that '../../../' stuff..

So, worst choice is placing everything in the same directory..

Slighlty better, but not good choice would be to link relatively (../../../images/picture.gif)..

Much better would be to use the full directory address: /htmlforums/images/picture.gif. This lets you move the code into any directory/ any server without adverse effects..

Finally, the catch all: the full url:.

This will work as long as the server doesn't change all that often...

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