What is the best blog/iPage web host for me?

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Question I have... What is the best blog/iPage web host for me? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question... Hi I run my own server on adsl,but I have logged on to my web iPage site via modum dialup and I have noticed that the pages are very slow to load up with thumb nail on the pages. I have also noticed that the actual image loads as when you click on the images they load up straight away..

This would not be good for customers running dialup as they would get sick of waiting for the pages to load..

Would any one know if there is a fix for this..

My Website..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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The slow load woudn't have anything to do with the 75 kB images as thumbnails, would it?.

Install an image thumnailer...and then optimize the queries...

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Your page took forever to load on my 3Meg/s cable connection...I would suggest cutting your thumbs down to at least 12-15k each...80k each is outrageous...!!.


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Thanks for the advice I have been trying automatic_thumbnail_for ocs-3 contribution but cant seem to get to get it working but I will persist.I am also resetting image files size to about 20kb and thank for the advice...

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Don't skimp that much on the large image - ie 20K..

70-80K, even 100+K, is not bad for a.



When a customer clicks a page, they expect it to load fast - including thumbs..

When a customer clicks a thumb for a large image, they are expecting just that - large and detailed..

Most people don't mind waiting a few seconds for the big picture(s), just not all the thumbs..

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: 21 September 2004, 02:01..

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Web Page Speed Report.



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Date: Report run on Mon Sep 20 21:32:28CDT2004.


Global Statistics.

Total HTTP Requests: 25.

Total Size: 160969 bytes.

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HTML: 25019.

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External Objects.

External Object QTY.

Total Images: 23.

Total CSS imports: 1.

Download Times*.

Connection Rate Download Time.

14.4K 124.96 seconds.

28.8K 62.58 seconds.

33.6K 53.67 seconds.

56K 32.28 seconds.

ISDN 128K 10.02 seconds.

T1 1.44Mbps 1.05 seconds.

*Note that these download times are based on the full connection rate for ISDN and T1 connections. Modem connections (56Kbps or less) are corrected by a packet loss factor of 0.7. All download times include delays due to round-trip latency with an average of 0.2 seconds per object. With 25 total objects for this page, that computes to a total lag time due to latency of 5 seconds. Note also that this download time calculation does not take into account delays due to XHTML parsing and rendering..

Page Objects.


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1 5859 CSS.


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25 ^ 160969* Total (^unique objects).

# This iPage site is not using HTTP compression, otherwise called content encoding using gzip. Consider compressing your textual content (XHTML, JavaScript, etc.) with mod_gzip or similar products..

* CSS alternate stylesheets may be referenced in the HTML but are not actually downloaded until they are needed and are therefore not included in the total page size..

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TOTAL_OBJECTS - Warning! The total number of objects on this page is 25 - consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Combine, refine, and optimize your external objects. Replace graphic rollovers with CSS rollovers to speed display and minimize HTTP requests..

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