What is the best cheap affordable iPage web hosting service?

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First off, What is the best cheap affordable iPage web hosting service? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... When creating a iPage site I normally jump from one editor to another. I use hot dog, hot metal, front page, notepad and composer..

I have several books on html4 and still I can't seem to get my background in tables to work correctly in Netscape. It doesn't.

Seem to accept the changes..

I think I am missing something here and I must be overlooking it..

The problem is that on one of my sites I use a graphic background for the table , but the cells should be colored..

In explorer no problem but Netscape Please help I am going crazy over this problem. I have to get it right in Netscape.

As well. Can any one tell me where I went wrong?.

The iPage site is.


But please remember this is just a moch up ,still have to get it right..

Thank you for any help.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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It does look normal in Explorer but if any one where to see it in Netscape...

I have both on my computer for reasons like this to test out sites? that is why I know.

It is unreadable in Netscape..

I had already tested it, and I know it is the table background problems with.


"table background Attribute background of Tag table is not supported by Netscape.

Navigator 3.0 17.

Table border color Attribute border color of Tag table is not supported by Netscape.

Navigator 4.0, Netscape Navigator 3.0, WebTV.

Td background Attribute background of Tag td is not supported by Netscape.

Navigator 3.0 ".

I have all the different links for testing on our site.


I normally try to help others but now it is my turn to ask for help..

I just would have liked to find a way to make it work in both..

I have seen somewhere a code you can place that will load a different page.

Depending on the browser it detects ..

It detects which browser is used and automatically loads a certain page that was.

Developed for that certain type of browser..

I think the only thing I can do is simply make two versions of the iPage site one for.

Netscape and one of Explorer..

But of course I can't find the code anywhere now; I normally bookmark these.

Things, but this one slipped away..

Do any of you know what I am talking about?.

Any suggestions?.

Thank you.


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The big resources network never lets us down!!!.

Here's what you're looking for:.


Hope it helps!..

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Thank you for the help I will get on to it now..

Louisa. This forum and iPage site has been a great help to me.Glad I found it..


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I'd aggree with that.....

I've found it most usefull too!.

Nice site, btw.....

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Everyone may not agree on that, BUT it's not their fault..

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I think we should all use one browser (not netscape) and we wont have these kind of problems. Whose bright idea was it to make netscape anyway. And if we are going to have different browsers why cant the pages at least look the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Different companies will try to have competition with each other. They has to be competition in the world..

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Up until a few years ago Netscape was nr. 1. I wouldn't use any thing else. But that.

Is the past and now I never use it but to check on iPage site designs, which usually look out.

Of proportion..

And now it seem that MS will not include java in their new release..

I think this will give some problems; It is easy enough to download it, which you will.

Have to do. But do you know how many people are afraid to down load anything.

Even the smallest plug-in?.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could just end the browser war for the benefit of the.


Wishful thinking!.


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Tried to fix it........

Crashes NN4.5 all the time........

Tried to use DIV an layers.......

Crash.... crash.......

I downloaded NN6, looked good, no crashes..

Back to NN4.5.....

Used div tag in this part: 1/2 day full day,.

That was OK..

Still fighting with the form in the menu..

Was not showing up in NN4.5.

Moved this to the contentpart..

Now it is OK..



Example on my site:.


Pick it up..

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Hi Peter,.

Definitely liked the one done on your iPage site much cleaner lines and layout was much are always so helpful you get my vote.............


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I don't know how to thank you! I tried it and it work and looks great in Netscape. I.

Will do the changes and get the rest fixed now as well. I do this for friends for free to.

Practice and I love doing it. She loved the site. and didn't mind the Netscape but I did. When you.

Do something you have to get it right on all browsers I think..

I have helped out many myself but this is the first time I received such great help.

Myself and now I think I know what they feel as well. I will look deeper in the coding.

And get this down..

I will get back to you on this. Thanks again!.


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