What is the best commercial iPage web hosting script?

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Quick question: What is the best commercial iPage web hosting script? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Hey guys,.

My iPage site isnt quite working the way I want it to in Netscape. It works perfect in IE but when I view it in Netscape the javascript menu moves up several pixels. Can anyone suggest a way to fix this? The iPage site address is.



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Here is the code to the menu, this is actually a menu that was pre-written for download where I changed variables. The menu also includes mutiple *.js files that change the menu for different browsers. I will add those if you need them.


Var menuALIGN = "left"; // alignment.

Var absLEFT = 150; // absolute left or right position (if not center).

Var absTOP = 85; // absolute top position.

Var staticMENU = false; // static positioning mode (ie5/6 and ns4 only).

Var stretchMENU = false; // show empty cells.

Var showBORDERS = true; // show empty cell borders.

Var baseHREF = "resources/"; // base path.

Var zORDER = 1000; // base z-order of nav structure (not ns4).

Var mCOLOR = ""; // main nav cell color.

Var rCOLOR = ""; // main nav cell rollover color.

Var keepLIT = true; // keep rollover color when browsing menu.

Var bSIZE = 1; // main nav border size.

Var bCOLOR = "" // main nav border color.

Var aLINK = "blue"; // main nav link color.

Var aHOVER = "darkblue"; // main nav link hover-color (dual purpose).

Var aDEC = "none"; // main nav link decoration.

Var fFONT = "verdana, arial, helvetica, sans serif"; // main nav font face.

Var fSIZE = 10; // main nav font size (pixels).

Var fWEIGHT = "bold" // main nav font weight.

Var tINDENT = 0; // main nav text indent (if text is left or right aligned).

Var vPADDING = 0; // main nav vertical cell padding.

Var vtOFFSET = 0; // main nav vertical text offset (+/- pixels from middle).


Var vOFFSET = 0; // shift the submenus vertically.

Var hOFFSET = 0; // shift the submenus horizontally.

Var smCOLOR = "#123D94"; // submenu cell color.

Var srCOLOR = "#397DF3"; // submenu cell rollover color.

Var sbSIZE = 1; // submenu border size.

Var sbCOLOR = "#ffffff" // submenu border color.

Var saLINK = "#ffffff"; // submenu link color.

Var saHOVER = "#ffffff"; // submenu link hover-color (dual purpose).

Var saDEC = "none"; // submenu link decoration.

Var sfFONT = "verdana, arial, helvetica, sans serif";// submenu font face.

Var sfSIZE = 10; // submenu font size (pixels).

Var sfWEIGHT = "normal" // submenu font weight.

Var stINDENT = 5; // submenu text indent (if text is left or right aligned).

Var svPADDING = 0; // submenu vertical cell padding.

Var svtOFFSET = 0; // submenu vertical text offset (+/- pixels from middle).

Var shSIZE = 0; // menu drop shadow size.

Var shCOLOR = ""; // menu drop shadow color.

Var shOPACITY = 75; // menu drop shadow opacity (ie5/6 only).

Var keepSubLIT= true; // keep submenu rollover color when browsing child menu.

Var chvOFFSET = 7; // shift the child menus vertically.

Var chhOFFSET = -20; // shift the child menus horizontally.

Var closeTIMER = 200; // menu closing delay time.

Var cellCLICK = true; // links activate on TD click.

Var aCURSOR = "hand"; // cursor for active links (ie only).

Var altDISPLAY = "title"; // where to display alt text.

//** LINKS ***********************************************************.

// Welcome.

// add main link item ("url","Link name",width,"text-alignment","_target","alt text",top position,left position).

AddMainItem("","Welcome |",70,"right","","",0,0);.

// define submenu properties (width,"align to edge","text-alignment",v offset,h offset).


// add submenu link items ("url","Link name","_target","alt text").

AddSubmenuItem("index.html","D<sup>2</sup> Devoted Design Home","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("about.html","About D<sup>2</sup> Devoted Design","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("contact.html","Contact Info","","");.

// Web Design.

AddMainItem("","Web Design |",80,"right","","",0,0);.


AddSubmenuItem("design.html","Corporate iPage site Design","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("redesign.html","Site Re-Design","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("personalpage.html","Personal Webpage Design","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("designquote.html","FREE Design Quote","","");.

// Graphics.

AddMainItem("","Graphics |",60,"right","","",0,0);.


AddSubmenuItem("","Web Graphics","","");.


AddChildmenuItem("graphicdesign.html","Web Graphic Design","","");.

// addChildmenuItem("banners.html","Banner Creation","","");.

AddChildmenuItem("logo.html","Logo Design","","");.

// Portfolio.

AddMainItem("","Portfolio |",60,"right","","",0,0);.




AddChildmenuItem("whsweb.html","Woodinville High School Site","","");.

AddChildmenuItem("motopro.html","Moto Pro Suspension Site","","");.



AddChildmenuItem("graphics1.html","Graphics 1","","");.

AddChildmenuItem("graphics2.html","Graphics 2","","");.

// Current Projects.

AddMainItem("","Current Projects |",105,"right","","",0,0);.


AddSubmenuItem("east_library.html","Eastridge Elementary Library Site","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("whsfbla.html","WHS FBLA Site","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("whsasb.html","WHS ASB Site","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("current.html","Other Current Projects","","");.

// Web Hosting.

AddMainItem("","Web iPage hosting ",75,"right","","",0,0);.



AddSubmenuItem("domain.html","Domain Name","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("packages.html","Package Details","","");.

AddSubmenuItem("hostingfaq.html","Hosting FAQ","","");..

Comment #2

Here is the file for menu_ns4.js.

The file is at.


Comment #3

Did you try ajusting the values for the top position of the menu?.

Var absTOP = 85; // absolute top position.

You could dynamically assign this value dependant on if it's explorer or netscape..

If (document.all) //IE4,5.

Var absTOP = 85; // absolute top position.


Else if (document.layers) //NS4.

Var absTOP = 85; // absolute top position.


Else if (document.getElementById) //NS5.

Var absTOP = 85; // absolute top position.

'Your NS5 Choice.html'.

Else if (document.images) //NS3,IE4.

Var absTOP = 85; // absolute top position.


Else //NS2,IE3.

Var absTOP = 85; // absolute top position.


Comment #4

I have changed the abstop in all trying to get it to work but none will change it. the abstop in the menu file is where it is located, the other files for different browsers when I change them it doesnt do anything..

Any ideas?.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.