What is the best free iPage web host out there that you have tried?

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First of all What is the best free iPage web host out there that you have tried? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hi all,.

Okay this is the second time it's happened in the run and I dont know what to do!!.

The money is comming through with people who pay by paypal, but oscommerce isnt logging the order and I dont actually know what they ordered!!!.

This didnt happened for the first 10+ orders but now it's suddenty happend for the last two in the run!!.

Please please please let me know how to fix this as soon as possible or I could have chaos this weekend..

Do I need to install a new module? How come oscommerce isnt logging the order?.

Many thanks,.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Hi, thanks for the reply..

At the moment I am using the standard paypal module that comes with oscommerce, which I believe I shouldnt be!!.

The symptons are, they arent going to checkout_success. Oscommerce doesnt know they have orders, if you look at their customer id it says order: 0. - which isnt good!.

Paypal doesnt say what they ordered, just the total... which again isnt good!.

Need to get this sorted for 8hrs time!.

The clock is ticking or the weekend could go horribly wrong!.

If only the iPage website designer was online at 3am!! noooooooo.

Many thanks,.


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I can only seem to find version 2.8 at:.


Where is 2.9?.



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My mistake! You may download it here:.

Paypal IPN version 2.9.


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Good Evening,.

I too was having the problem of disappearing orders. I would have the money, but the order was blank. Not really good for business. I was able to fix it by changing my session settings. Have you made any changes in the last couple of hours? I switched to a Windows box with IIS, and it seems to be touchy when it comes to sessions and cookies. Let us know what type of box you are on.


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Isn't there a setting which will automatically take the shopper to the checkout_success page without them having to click continue in paypal?.

I read about it somewhere but it may be an IPN setting...

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Hi there,.

You don't need the IPN contribution to get customers to come back to the site. Simply activate "Auto Return" in your Paypal account (Merchant Tools > Customise your Checkout). Set the address to return to as.


This will stop most of these problems. Although I must say that I have been having this happen since Paypal messed themselves up with the new front page a couple of weeks ago, even with Auto Return turned on..

So I would suggest installing the "Recover Cart" contribition - very simple install for such a powerful tool. This will allow you to manually work out which customer had what in his/her cart before the payment problem. I've had to use the recover cart tool 3 times in the past week, having lost only one previous order in over 6 months..

Hope this helps...

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I'm running 2.2MS2 with the standard Paypal module and am having a real headache trying to get it to work..

I added a contrib that sends the cart contents along with (as) the total so I at least know what they ordered. I then have to go in manually and remove the stock..

Have Paypal setup with Auto Return to checkout_success.php....

The orders aren't registering in the shop. This would be a real problem if / when I try to sell a single special item. Without the shop removing the item from stock along with the order, 3 or 4 other customers can pay for the same item through Paypal..

I tried to set up the IPN stuff but installing an sql file is a bit beyond me at this point. Really made a mess trying to get that working and had to remove and replace the original files. Luckily most of that kind of stuff is automated on my server. Is something like that really neccesary to get it working?.

Does OSC use PDT?.

The USPS Methods contrib was a breeze and very useful. Works like a charm..

Can only hope that the Paypal module has such an easy fix. Been digging through this forum and the contribs for 4 days now and trying everything. $& pages to go through on one IPN thread!!..

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Using the auto return feature fixed most of my problems. I installed a master password for the ones that still don't go through (i found that recover cart didnt' show me everything in their carts since I have a lot of small items and therefore long orders). I created a payment source called "payment by paypal" which is just a rework of the COD one (i think I found that idea on the forums somewhere). When I have an order that didn't go through, I just turn on that payment source in admin, log on as the person whose order didn't go through, complete the order using that payment source, and then shut of the payment source (make sure you do this!). My customers still get an invoice as if the purchase had gone through and the order process through my system..

It's a fix until my regular processor is set up.


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