What is the best free iPage web hosting site to make a free website?

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My question is What is the best free iPage web hosting site to make a free website? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hello All!.

I need to dynamically generate some form fields depending on the choice of a radio button already present in the main form. This information will further decide some more information to be elicited. Eg. main form has a choice(radio button) -.

Transport Required : Yes/No. If the user selects "Yes" I need to collect Arrival Details - whether he/she is arriving by train or flight. Depending on the choice I need to gather info. about either train or flight details..

Is there any way of displaying the appropriate additional form fields on the same page under the main choice? I am not keen on using frames. In case I design 3 seperate pages asking user for the additional info. (1 for arrival details,1 for train details & 1 for flight )how do I trap the values from those pop-up windows? Will all the 3 pages have the same form name? My form is already emailing the results of the main form page successfuly to the recepient. I need to trap the additional info. as well & mail it as part of the main form..

This is rather urgent, so if I can get a solution or some useful links, I shall really appreciate it...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Well it all depends on how you do it. if you ahve popups for your forms it will be a little harder as you have to send the info to the parent all the time. if you just make it 3 pages it is easy. all you would need is hidden input fields that hold the info from the last page and then when you are done you can send it using this. from.


Or you can write your own and do variable checks to see if they completed a certain part of the form. so a lot of avenues to go, it all depends on how you want to proceed..

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Hello Scoutt,.

Am already using to email the results of the main form successfully..

I am not clear about the distinction you make between pop-ups & 3 diff. pages. What I was trying to do was define a form(with a diff. name) in each pop-up to collect all info. relevant to the parent choice. Now, I need my main form to simply pass on these field values with it's own submit button.

Also, with this approach I land up with 2 levels(main form opens 1 pop-up which in turn will activate another). How do I use hidden fields here? I define a hidden field with the same name in may main form?..

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Well I am not clear on how to use hidden fileds in popups and have them goto another popup, not even sure you can do that, but I am sure that our resident javascript guru Jon Hanlon can help in this section..

Even with hidden fields you would need to use javascript, unless you go serverside language all the way, that way it will keep track of teh variables in the hidden fields...

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Stay away from pop-ups - they're annoying..

[It's also hard to go back and change data once the pop-up's gone.].

What I'd do is have an 'extra' area with nothing in it, and have html moved in or out of this area depending on the users choice:..

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Getting error "hiddenCarrier is null or not an object".

When clicking the added "save" button ;.

<INPUT id=SAVE type=button value=Button name=SAVE LANGUAGE=javaSCRIPT OnClick=" return button1_OnClick()">.

Here is the code for SAVE button :-.

Function SAVE_OnClick(){.



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This is all invalid.

<INPUT id=SAVE type=button value=Button name=SAVE LANGUAGE=javaSCRIPT OnClick=" return button1_OnClick()">.

You can't have type=button and you can't have language in an input and what function is button1_OnClick() ? and then you show SAVE_OnClick() function ? .

If you want a button then it is like this.

<button name=SAVE OnClick=" return button1_OnClick()"> Something</button>..

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Sorry that was typing error!!.

Question is How do I save Carrier value typed in by user, into hidden variable "hiddenCarrier"!!.

By Using SAVE button!.

When I did that it says "hidenCarrier is null or not an object".



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You answered your own question (read your post carefully again)..

The object name is 'hi.


EnCarrier' (not hi.



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I am sorry again in typing, it's a mistake!.

Here is the question again.

If I add a SAVE button like this.

In the Form "arrival".


<button name=SAVE OnClick=" return button1_OnClick()"> Save</button>.

Function button1_OnClick(){.




You will get [object] Message!,.

When placing this line in loadhiddens function.


How do I get the value for hiddenCarrier variable! after clicking save button!.



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I did find the solution for hiddenCarrier..

Instead of this line in Function loadHiddens(formObj).

FormObj.hiddenCarrier.value = getObject("carrier").

I used the following line and it works :-.

Var obj1 = getObject("carrier");.

For (var i=0; I < obj1.length; i++) {.

If (arguments.length > 1) { // we are setting.

If (arguments[1] == null) {.

Obj1[i].checked = false;.

} else.

If (obj1[i].value == arguments[1]) {.

Obj1[i].checked = true;.

//return true;.



Else { // we are getting.

If (obj1[i].checked){.



If(i==0) {.


FormObj.hiddenCarrier.value= obj1[i].value;.




NOte that this needs to be done for all the hidden variables; Crate a function for this..




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Function loadHiddens(formObj) {.

Var obj1 = getObject("carrier");.

FormObj.hiddenCarrier.value= obj1[0].value;.

//commented out below one line..

//formObj.hiddenCarrier.value = getObject("carrier").


//needs to do as above for below lines..

FormObj.hiddenFlight.value = getObject("flight").

FormObj.hiddenPlatform.value = getObject("platform").

FormObj.hiddenMake.value = getObject("make").

FormObj.hiddenModel.value = getObject("model").




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