What is the best free iPage web hosting/ website builder?

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Question I have... What is the best free iPage web hosting/ website builder? Thanks for any answer. Another question... I'm making a iPage site that I'd like a (seeming) curve on the left side. I've managed to do this with making the document a table, and using different backgrounds in the table cells (backgrounds because I need to place text over them). And it looks fine initially..

The problem is if the document becomes lengthy, the table cells sizes I specify become "suggestions" that it prefers to ignore/adjust [on both netscape, internet explorer, and most browsers that I've tried]. This leads to an unpleasant repeat of the background in the elongated cell..

The page that seems initially fine is prototyped at:.


On that page is also a link to an example of how the cell sizes distort:.


I'm looking for (best case) a solution to keep this from happening (since the page will have dynamic data generated for it, I can't know what the length will be). Failing that, if anyone has any alternate suggestions as to how to get something nice working. Otherwise it's back to the drawing board to find a simple repeating shape for the left side..

Thanks for any help you can give..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Or, you can put the left side in a table by itself. and then the main content a seperate table so it doesn't pull the left down with it. I have run into this problem and that was teh only solution I have found that would work in all browsers...

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Close but I don't think NS4.xx will recognise this.

Background-repeat: repeat-y;.

But could be wrong. also if the pattern1.gif is only so big Netscape will tile it if I'm not mistaken...

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NS4 does accept.

Background-repeat: repeat-y;.

(according to TopStyle Pro, which is my CSS editor)..

The tiling you mention is a problem when setting the graphic as a table background. The solution I gave would tile down the page but as the width of the graphic is only the width of the menu it would only show on the left side therfore giving the desired effect (with very small file size as well)...

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That makes alot of sense. it will support that but not.

No-repeat, but I know of the table tileing but if you load a graphic in a browser as a background it will tile if the page is longer than the picture. and that is what you set it as as the background of the page..

Or maybe I need to kick my brain....again......

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To stop you kicking your brain and making a mess all over the forum I have attached an example. I don't have access to NS4 where I am but I am fairly certain it works..

Let me know if you have access to NS4 and it doesn't work. Tx...

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Thanks Torrent. I will let you know tonight as I don't have NS here at work. they just say no to that for some reason. says it will mess up the network, dang administrators..

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You need.


To be a.


Size; and.


To be a fixed size. I made a new table from scratch, boiled it down to the basics. Even in this simplest example, I have trouble locking.


To a specific size. Once it is locked, however, I'm pretty sure putting.




Will do what you want... But, how to lock it.. Arg....



Well, if you can't control the cell height, then stick something in.


That you.


Control. Another table. Put.

<table height=230 width=102>.



Fill the new table to the rim with the curvy left.gif. Merge 1 and 3, you don't need those two seperate anymore..

Put the long rectangular leftbg.gif as the background for the.


Cell. The new table will overlap it. I'm not sure if this will work in elderly browsers, but I think it should..

Make sure to set valign of this.


Cell to.



It seems ridiculous to me. Why have a property, height is equal to some number, inside a TD, if it doesn't work? Is it.


To? Do we actually know for a fact, somewhere it says, putting height=# inside a <TD> is supposed to do something???..

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What I just described works in Internet Explorer 5.5..

However, there is a serious bug in Netscape, 4.xx, I'll show you a picture below..

The only way to fix this is to insert a invisible GIF to fill up the space..


Of web pages do this...

(Personally, I think the HTML code is faulty for needing a transparent gif to wedge open cells.. Like it's a short sight-ed-ness of the original programers... Arg. Well, if it's not the Markup Language's fault, is it Netscapes'?)..

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This works properly in.

Netscape 4.73.

Internet Explorer 5.5.

You won't be able to see it working until you put the pictures in the proper directory..


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Thank you all. I took the suggestion(s) to break the page into two side-by-side nested tables. A few other problems came because of it, but fortunatly, there was enough example code and suggestions that I was able to get what I needed done..

Thanks again.


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Cool good job..


: that does work. if you take the background-repeat: repeat-y; out Netscape4.79 will tile the picture the rest of the page, not just the side. dang that makes 3 right for you this year, you almost caught up with me...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.