What is the best free (or relatively free) iPage web hosting/domain site?

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Got a quick question: What is the best free (or relatively free) iPage web hosting/domain site? Hoping for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Okay, I'm new at this job and they throw these terms around and I'm not completely familiar with them. (And I couldn't possibly ASK them what they mean, because I have to look like I know what I'm doing.).

My boss wants me to use an "include" file for our nav bars, because so many changes are being made, and "include" files are easier to work with, rather than edit 15 pages of nav bars..

My question is, how do I do this? Do I create the nav bar alone on a page and then link to it like I would link to an image?.

Pls advise, if you understand..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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This is exactly what I need. I'll let you know how it turns out..

Thank you, also, to Goldilocks..


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I can't seem to find in the default page source where you linked to the outside nav.txt file?.

I see how you created the nav.txt, but I just need to know how you linked it to your pages..

Pls. Advise...

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Here is the source code for the left column of the main page:.


<td width=141 bgcolor=black valign=top align=center>.

<!#include virtual="nav.txt" >.


<td>......middle column</td>.


If you need more then I can post the whole page here...

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You can use javascript for this. If it's just a navigation graphic (i.e. imagemap) or anything like that using plain HTML, you can use a nice tool at.


To convert it to javascript..

Then, just take off the <script></script> tags, save it as whatever.js, and include it in your HTML file like this:.

<script language="JavaScript" src="whatever.js"></script>.

Hope this helps..


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Goldilocks, you sounded like you knew EXACTLY what you were talking about to me...

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I hate to say it, but my left nav include attempts have been fruitless and unsatisfying..

I tried both the js converter technique, which added a bunch of plus signs and strange formatting to the whole thing, then I tried the virtual include script. Neither worked. The space remains blank, taunting me with each view in the browser..

So, if anyone has any advice, a link to a complete explanation of how to properly use includes, I would be eternally grateful..

Much love...

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Here's a bit of the script with the virtual include. I don't know where the foul up is, but it's in there somewhere..

Any ideas?.

<table align=left width="130" bgColor=#669966 border=0 cellPadding=2 cellSpacing=2>.

<TBODY bgColor=#669966>.


<td >.

<!#include virtual="leftnav.htm">.



If you want me to send the file it's pulling in, lemme know......

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Sometimes it's overlooked, but depending on what dir level the virtual file is being accessed from can sometimes cause problems. if your leftnav.htm and your main file.shtml are in the same dir, this will work. when accessing it one level up, it's done like this....

<!#include virtual="../leftnav.htm">.

And so on...

Your code is correct, now it's just file location.


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In fact, I've tried just about everything..

So, to get this straight:.

The file which I'm calling up the include should be called ".shtml". Does the include file need to have a special extension as well?.

This seems like such an easy concept, so why is it eluding me??..

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No, the file nor the extension need to be anything special, nav.txt will do fine..

I'm suspecting your server is not setup for SSI commands. You need to check with your system administrator or webhosting company and see what instructions or information they have about using SSI's in webpages. Without that info, it's gonna be a guessing game..


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One more problem might be SSI is not enabled on your server. Do you have access to the server (stand in front of it and poke it with a stick) check to see what version of IIS is installed and what options are enabled..

As for the virtual file, it can either be .htm or .html.

One last idea if none of those would be....

<!#include file="yourfile.html">.

It works for me that way on a NT server....


NOTE: and what kevin said too!..

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Or you could just do it this way. have a table and a cell on where you want to be and you wouldn't even need to have SSI...

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Iframes dont work in netscape tho. it's one of those wonderful things by microsoft...

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I don't have NS at work so I couldn't check it before I posted it. thanks Insyder16..

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I learned that the hard way with my site. the scrolling news (the thing everyone hates by the way) can only be made with and iframe. but it messed of the whole layout when I put in the center for netscape. trish, did you get it figured out yet?..

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If you haven't figured it out yet email me at.

I will be checking this today..

I have an intranet iPage site set up at work using the javascript include technique... and I've also used it on other sites, it rocks..

I'm *sure* I can get it to work for you if your server doesn't have SSI enabled..


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Step by step:.



<title>save this page as something.shtml</title>.





<td><!#include file="header.htm"></td>.



<td><!#include file="main.htm"></td>.



<td><!#include file="footer.htm"></td>.





Save the above as something.shtml.

Then include files like this with the extention of .htm.






<a href="http://123">link1</a> |.

<a href="http://415">link2</a> |.

<a href="http://734">link3</a> |.

<a href="http://925">link4</a>.



Once you get everything active and your server is configed to handle SSI pages that will work!.

NOTE: the best SSI usually include text content and the bare minimum script content!.


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The Monkey rules over all of us, in a tree, in the middle of HTML Forum land.....

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