What is the best iPage web host out there and why?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What is the best iPage web host out there and why? Many thanks for any comment. My other question... Hi, I have a problem with the tables on one of my Kendo Club's Sites..

The first two tables on the Page look fine in IE but.

Netscape 4.7 streches them out to 500 or more % width..

And my (limited) HTML knowlege has come to an end..

Would appreciate any help you could offer..

The Link to the Page :.


Thank you in advance..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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The main problem is your css..

LI { FONT-WEIGHT: 400; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; MARGIN-LEFT: 15pt; COLOR: #000000; LINE-HEIGHT: 18pt;.

MARGIN-RIGHT: 15pt; FONT-STYLE: normal;.

FONT-FAMILY: Times New Roman;.

LETTER-SPACING: 0.2mm; align: left.


For one use px instead of mm and that whole line is cause the table to go real wide..

Font-weight: bold //no number..

Remember NS doesn't do css like IE does...

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Scoutt > I have changed my CSS to this:.


{ font-size:12pt; color:#000000;.

Font-family:Times New Roman;.



Margin-left:15pt; margin-right:15pt;.


Now the width did reduce somewhat but it's still way to wide..

Entimp > <il>???.

You mean I cant use Lists /or NS doesnt like them?.

And I need the Image at 100% width of the Page -.

But I tried what you said and it didn't change anything with the Tables..

What realy bugs me is that only the first 2 Tables are streched out so wide, while the remaining are normal..

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The margin-right is killing it. take it out and it make the cell go to normal. but it will mess up your list..

Now he means you can't use </li> as there is no such tag. just delete it..

All images should have a width of the image not 100%..

The reason the other ones work is because they are only one cell and not 2..

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Well I deleted the "align:left" and it turned out ok..

Just to be shure I deleted the "margin-right"..

Now the width looks ok in NS :-).

First off all THANKS!.

But you fot me realy confused with the <li> Tag..

All of my reference lists it as a valid Tag, I also found it on th W3C iPage site under the Tags..

So is there something I don't know??.

But you solved my Table Prob :-D..

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< LI > Identifies an item in an ordered or unordered list..

< /LI > Is considered an optional tag that is not needed but is proper form to use it...

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Thanks KWJams!!!.

Now I get it.

Learning every day..............

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The LI tag is optional, and you are correct in saying so. However it is not proper to use the close tag. W3 gives the correct usage of this tag and should be used as such. For usage of LI visit this URL.


There are many reasons for excluding the end tag but the most simple one is that that it is optional, and thus should not be used. If you can give me one good reason for the use of the end tag, then I will use it from here on...but until then.....

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The conclusion is left up to a diverse world of antique PC's and the semantics they may or may not be able to deal with..

The same can be said about the < P > tag being followed by a </ P >.

Slang terms have a tendency to *******ize languages, by conforming to proper html etiquette the language will remain sound. No matter how much we hack it up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.