What is the best iPage web hosting company for small business and personal websites?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What is the best iPage web hosting company for small business and personal websites? Many thanks for any comment. My other question... First off My friend said he made these sweet sidebars in photoshop an actual program with a CD or something you can download. If it is a program can you please tell me who makes it etc..

Secondly, I"m using Ace HTML to make my web pages but when I have a table and try to put a background picture it appears as it's actual Small navigation bar but big picture..

Can someone tell me how to shrink this picture to fit please and thankyou..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Thank you you guys.

I will try and get photoshop within the next week. And after that I hope to make a good iPage website on The final Fnatsy Series..


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What I expect you don't know is that it will cost you about $600ish..

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If it is out of your price range, just remember there are heaps more programs out there that can do the job, e.g. take note of the free program Kevin suggested!.

Oh by the way, good luck with the FF site!..

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How are you putting the background behind the table?.

You can resize images on the browser by specifying height and/or width...

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Man thats the first time I hear someone trying to buy adobe photoshop for simply resizing a picture .. you could download some demo progs like paintshop pro from.

B'for going to extremes like byin' a softie costin' above $600 for simple pic effects ... dont take me serious buddy ....

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*wonders why Windows doesn't come with a semi-descent image editor - paintbrush is a joke*..

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Yes you can do this, but depending on how much you need to reduce it, you may not get a very good quality image. You would get a better quality image by reducing it properly in a grpahics program...

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They do make Image and Image Composer. I'm not sure if composer is free though since I got it with frontpage <waste of money..

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1) Yes, I know that you'll get a better result if you shrink an image using PSP or Photoshop, rather then having the browser resize it for you. But the question is: Is it worth it? This means you must position all of your elements absolutely, and to a given resolution. The underlying assumption of the Web is that the browser should do this for you. You should be able to say "This image goes across 80% of the page" and relax..

2) Windows doesn't come with an industrial strength image editor because the more packages Microsoft bundle into Windows, the more trouble they get into. Software companies who make CD-R burning software are now screaming that Microsoft will ruin them by including burning software in Windows XP. Imagine the anti-trust suits that would ensue if Microsoft decided to put everything into Windows, thus negating the need to ever buy anything else...

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Here you can find a buttonmaker:.


Create the buttons on your own comp...

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