What is the best iPage web hosting company in canada?

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Quick question: What is the best iPage web hosting company in canada? Thanks for any comment. Another question... I've just made my first whole web iPage site all by myself and there is an awesome left border background I"m using. I managed to get it looking good, but really fooled around with HTML and tables. I was wondering, is there a trick to this? Or a simple way? When I first added some info, it went right over the border and looked awful. They look great now, even when the screen is minimized, but like I said, I really fooled with the code..


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Hi Don't Know If This Will Help Or Not.

But Try Using.

<img style="left:0px".


<div style="Left:30%;Width:100%;Height:100%;Font-color:#000000; ETC; ETC; ETC">.

Blah Blah.



Hope This Is Of Some Help To You.

Regards Mystic..

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If your just looking for a fast solution (and thats what your post indicates) then you might want to take a look here:.


And then follow the link that reads "If you need help on how to layout your page using these, click HERE.".

Its not fancy... it's not technical... just a few practicle things I learned from working with tables..

Hope it helps!..

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"For instance I made a page that had a logo for Lucent Technologies, and a line under it going to the right. The line ran into a square with nice subtley rounded edges".

Out of curiosity, could you email the URL of that site, please? (I work for Lucent Technologies still.) I'd like to check it out!..

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Thanks everyone! Great Link Dreamer - for both the graphics and tips. I have heard of using a transparent "spacer" gif but don't know how to use them. What I wound up doing was using and empty table cell, but then when I wanted the text centered from the edge of the border to the right side, it wouldn't do it. It centered in the whole page. I used the &nbsp; to get it pushed over and it worked, but I wondered if there was some standard way this should be done. I see by the variety of ways, there isn't and that makes me feel a whole lot better already! Thanks so much.

I was on my own. Tables really threw me and I received some great guidance right here. And I'm happy to report it really helped heaps because although I'm a far cry from a master at it, I'm not afraid of them any longer and the more I work with them, the more I'm learning... on a ramble there, didn't I! I've noted all the tips and the links and sure appreciate the help!.

Stay safe everyone.....

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