What is the best iPage web hosting package that you have used?

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First question I have is What is the best iPage web hosting package that you have used? Looking forward for any response. Another question... On my site.


, how would I move the bottom cell on the table so that it is equal to the other two cells?.

And how would I make the entire table stretch to fit the whole screen?.

And how could I line up all the text to the centre of their cells? (align=center doesnt like me it seems)..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Oh yeah, in re: your other questions:.

Use <table width="100%"> to make it stretch across the screen (keeping in mind that this will NOT override any margin settings, such as the default of approx 10px..

And use <td align="center" valign="middle"> to make stuff align to the horizontal center and vertical middle..

Hope that helps!..

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Hey, you're doing great, actually... there's always stuff to learn and ways to improve!.

Didn't mean to sound mean or anything... just gotta try and keep your code lean & clean! you'll learn a lot from hanging around here, reading webmonkey, checking out various books from yr local library, etc. (small books with lots of whitespace are the best to start off with, since they're real easy to read and don't seem so overwhelming.)..

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Oh, and check out.

For some wonderful tutorials! that's where I got my start...

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Ty for the compliment and tips.

Now the table looks neater (all I have to do is put in the padding or w/e makes it smaller)..

BUT the text in the table still stays to the right! I put in the align and valign code like you said, I put it in right after I declare the <table> right?..

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Oh, yeah... put the align stuff inside a TD or TR tag. DON'T create a new one, unless you want a whole new cell or row! just add.


To an alreadt existing TD (to align just that cell) or TR (to align the whole row of cells)...

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So I have to put the align and valign in every cell?..

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Here are the links to the code checker for your [.


] and [.


] pages..

The answers to all of these errors have been mentioned in many threads over the last few months. Post again if you are still stuck on any of them...

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You could put it in every cell, or every row, or just the rows/cells you want the alignment to take effect in..

You could also use colgroups, but that might be a little complicated for you right now. basically, the idea is to put.

<colgroup span=1></colgroup>.

<colgroup span=1></colgroup>.

Up at the top, BELOW the <table> and BEFORE <tr>. you can span a column group across multiple cell columns (span=2, span=3, etc.), and you can use almost any other attribute that you could use in a <td> or <tr> in a colgroup to effectively format an entire column of data cells..



<colgroup span=2 align="center" bgcolor="red"></colgroup>.






<td colspan=2>(content)</td>.



In your case, you have only 3 cells (2 top, one spanning the bottom row), so it really wouldn't do much to help anything. if you had many rows, it could save you a lot of typing and a bit of bandwidth..

You MIGHT be able to do it in the table tag itself, but I think i've tried that and it didn't work. anyway, I think you're only supposed to put it into the rows/cells/groups...

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