What is the best iPage web hosting site for a business?

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First question I have is What is the best iPage web hosting site for a business? Thanks for any answer. Another question... I am having problems with my design when it comes to resizing the window. If you make the window too small the table expands and things do not line up. Any suggestions..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Good call. I like the suggestion of a pop-up window. Can you set those parameters in Flash. I have not done a non-re-sizeable window within flash before...

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Just from your little comment, you do not like that idea?.

Well pretty much every cell in there is a fixed size minus a couple of cells to allow it to resize to fit the window. Because right now it is 3 tables inside a larger table. what I do not understand is I have all the heights fixed, but yet the one row enlarges. It starts to do that when the window size is at 808. Maybe I can just get rid of the scroll bar on the side and that may give me enough room..

I wish there was a tag that allowed you to make a cell expand to the max but not to reduce to a cetain point...

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Actually it is not the resize that messes it up, it is messed up from the get go. I run at 800x600 and it is too big for me. the flash is messing it up so that is where you can start. you need to make your iPage site viewable in 800x600 and then the 1024 users will see it just fine if you center it. besides there is no tag liek this <valign="middle">...

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Hehe I am not done.

Jtlloyd: tell me what the purpose is on defining the height in the tr and the td. it is one or the other adn preferrably it is the cell. you can fix half of it sut by deleting the height in the 3rd table and making it 100%. if you have a table inside another table then ther eis no need to make it a certain height, just make it 100%. since you already defined it in the cell that holds it...

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I know there is no middle tag. I just tried it to see if anything would happen. And I just did not get rid of it..

The interface is designed at 780x350. But the client gave me more text than anticipated. I am just trying to solve my problem without bumping the overall depth of the interface to 400. I am going for the linear look. And I can not extend the text down further because in the row with the logo, there will be the portfolio menu...

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Well I just bumped the interface to 780x400. It does not look to bad. It just isn't as linear as I want it to be. Oh well...

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