What is the best option for domain registration - any feedback on 123 reg?

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My first question is What is the best option for domain registration - any feedback on 123 reg? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... I registered all numerous HostGator names and they're somewhat crappy I guess. I'm a newbie to this and I'm "living and learning" - I guess the hard way, broke!.

I finally found a 3 letter acronym, widely used American word in our dictionary, but (you know there has to be a "but"), it's a "" extension. Would this be worth anything?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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Not bad for a noob, at least there weren't any dot mobis !!!!!.

Nevermind, I saw a few...

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Leslie, if you move to a registrar who is in the UK, like or others, you won't get those frustrating false positives...

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The names are not too bad, and you did buy many either, this is just a lesson to be learned, should.

Not make you broke...

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Most of your names are not bad at all. If a domainer can form a basic development plan by just looking at a domain, then it's a good one IMO...

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If your broke how are you gonna sign up for classes?.

And they arent that bad, but remember investing in almost anything is a risk and becoming broke is one of those risks. Just be happy you arent 100% broke and poor now...

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Well I don't know where you're located, but here in NYC if you're broke and can prove it, you can get all the financial aid in the world and go to school for free. You just have to have the time put put in...

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Do you mean that you are completely broke? As in bankrupt?..

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I think matches that extension very well. Try and sell that one first..

ELBROKO.COM is available! lmao..

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You're off to a good start with your name selection.One can't really expect to buy names one week and sell them the next.If that was the case and it was that easy,we would all be well off.Have patience and map out a plan on how and who you are going to sell them to...

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I've seen worse newbie registrations (err, like my own ones!).

My advice would be to pay closer attention to the suitability of the name to the extension ( who would watch tv about tablecloths? ) vintagefashion is a nice name, but I'm not sure it's suitable to .mobi ( unless you're prepared to hold it for a few years until mobile internet really takes off.

), heck I'd register (available) myself, except for the horror stories I've heard about the .eu registry...

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Hmm. I think what would be 'really intriguing', is if someone here ends up 'buying' one of those names! (...of course, in the interest of.

'helping one out!'.


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Thanks everyone - you've given me GREAT ADVICE, each and everyone of you. I'll take everyone's advice and thanks to YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (I'm not sure if you want me to mention it) for giving me a donation - I haven't read the rules or I'm not sure what NP is or means. I'll read the rules shortly. Thank you sooooo much!.

Oh I forgot to mention that one of the other names I've entered into the Moniker auction is "FREEGAMBLING.TV" - perhaps this will sell. But when one of the above names takes off, all of you've who responded I will let you know. Thanks everyone...

Comment #13 is the best of the lot. You should make money on this one...

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