What is the best place to buy cheap web space ? iPage web hosting?

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First of all What is the best place to buy cheap web space ? iPage web hosting? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Firstly, hello to you all i'm new to this forum.

I have created my iPage website using java script but this has shown a few problems, such as whenever a page is refreshed it goes back to the index page and also the full URL is not displayed in the browser...

I have made a test page and have recreated my index page using tables to see if I could rid of the java out of my iPage site and replace with tables to have my URLS displayed & rid of the other problems java brings...

My problem is that my iPage site is hosted by Tripod's free service and in my test page where I am using tables instead, whenever a link is clicked on my menu the damn pop up banner shows up.

Every time.

A new link is loaded in the page content frame, unlike my index page which currently has the java in it..

Surely there is a way to solve this? And I won't have to result to the Kill Add banner script I found (which I cannot get to work!?).

Tables/frames & java script is something new to me, I am self-taught with HTML and learning all the time, would appreciate some help with these problems! I hope that I am making sense.

My iPage website is:-.


And the test page is.


Many thanks in advance,.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Tripod use a java script that is automatically insterted into your html on generation of the page..

As such since each page is a new one each page will load the script causing a popup to occur..

Your java and non-table pages only gave the one banner as they used a frame..

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Frames is an aspect of HTML I am not not too familiar with.. does anyone know an online frames tutorial? Or can just give me an example?..

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That would be true if the links where normal HTML however these are going through java and after the inital index.html popup thats all your going to get unless you refresh the page...

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^MeM^ if you can help me solve this problem we're taking.

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Dosn't matter what the link is going through. it will still load a html page and that page will have the tripods script in it...

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There is a javascript that you can put on your pages to stopp thier popups from coming up..

However I stopped using. Virtualave kicked me off iPage hosting thier reason: My iPage site didnt promote commerce...

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Thats true but if you've tried their iPage site then you'll notice that it's only the.



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Akialoai, sorry mate I've been looking into this for you but, as I am not too familiar with your servers popup banner techniques there's not really anything I can help you with. The guys above seem to have a better idea as to what to do......

Sorry bud..


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The reason is you are using frames. if you load each individual page you will get the popup ads. but if you load the page in the frame you don't get it. apparently it goes by url so if you don't want the popup ads then leave it in the frame state...

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Loading it in the frame, that deosn't give me the full URL in the address bar and when the page is refreshed it goes straight to the index page... thats the problem..

Appreciate the help guys..

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